Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A White Christmas*

I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas!
Filled with all of your favorite people and traveled safely to and from your special destinations..

I mentioned we were going to the Mammoth Mountains for our Family Christmas this year.
We just got back. Oh my Goodness....Everything was so pristine and white it was truly Magical!!
It was so Beautiful it took my breath away! They had historical snow falls and it was snowing when we got there!!
I thought I would share some pictures of this White Christmas Snow here in the California Resort at Mammoth Mountain. It is about a 6 hour drive from San Diego in good weather.

*The first photo is from my window in the car. It was snowing as we were driving into Mammoth. * I loved the shutters on this House, so Swiss! * The snow stopped and the Sun came out and the Sky was so beautiful. * Pics from The Village.

We stayed right in Mammoth at a lovely place called "The Village", the Gondola is right there.
On Christmas Eve we rode in a Snow Cat {Slope Groomer} up to the top where we had reservations for a quiet and Delicious Dinner, at a beautiful little place called the Paralux..
My Boyz thought it was pretty cool!!

Hope you enjoy the photos!!
Xo, Me

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I Love this Picture I found many years ago.
A little story of why it's so special for me..
First it is painted by a local Artist,whom I had the fortune to meet in person one day. She expressed why she loves to paint "Angels". Her inspiration is a tribute to the memory of her Daughter...
This particular day I was searching for something comforting for my mother who was battling cancer. I knew that I may only have a few more days with her. I saw this and it gave me chills, my heart felt consoled and filled with peace. I bought this and hung it near her bed.

My Mom was a Angel on Earth to many and she loved Angel images as well.. Later that week my Mom passed away, I am certain this was not a coincidence that I went into that store that day and connected with her.
I love the thought that I will always have it our home.
Christmas is the time to hear the Angel's Sing and know that they are close...
Merry Christmas everyone*

Santa Time*

I don't know about you but Christmas is in a few more days and the excitement is getting more prominent..
I wish that Christmas Time would stand still..
Just like this vintage watch I found with Santa's Sleigh on the face..I couldn't pass it up!!!

Today is Winter Solstice .... the Beginning of Winter******
Have a wonderful Day!

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Special Christmas Parcel Post*

Look what a Beautiful Label is on this package!!!
It's so MIDWEST!!!
It's from my Niece Phoebe and Priscilla...So special to get this package today.
I wish they were at my front door instead!

AWE... it's mailed from their new "Coach House" Wisconsin.
I can't wait to visit them there and see the house. It will have to be in the spring.
I don't travel to the midwest in the Winter I don't think I could drive in all that snow!

Absolutely Beautiful in the Winter during the Holidays there. Sure brings back so many wonderful memories to me from growing up there*
Can't wait to see inside, but I will wait for Christmas morning!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Winter Fashion*

I loved this Black Leather Coat and Leather Pants.
It had Bright Yellow Fur lining in the Coat. The leather was soooo Soft and LUX like driving gloves!
Wish I could remember who the designer was now!

NY City It's "Me" from My Modeling Archives*

I wish I had it for the weather today in So Cal. it's nippy and raining.
Thought I'd share it with you!!!
Stay Dry*

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hope is Everywhere*

This season can have so many words,phrases and symbols attached to it....
HOPE is one that I choose to believe everyday*

I love this Glitter little "HOPE" sign and I hung it in these old vintage wood frames. { I just hung them on a nail so they won't get broke until I fill them}
I LOVE Old Vintage Frames. They to me are works of Art!!
Live a Beautiful Life don't give up Hope*

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From Me to You*

Hope you are all getting excited for Christmas.....
There is only 10 more nights before Christmas Eve*
The White Roses I picked from my Garden....
My Home To Yours.... Wishes For the Happiest Of Holidays Everyone*
xo, Gail
{Happy White Wednesday}

Monday, December 13, 2010

*A Sparkling Tree*

The Tree is Adorned with the Ornaments, White lights, Silver Glitter Garland.
Christmas this year will celebrated in the Mountains!!!
We are looking forward to a *White Christmas*

I purposely scaled back and simplified my decorating {I just didn't want to have to come home and dismantle a completely decorated home}...

The Tree being up & Decorated makes everything appear Official!!!
Have a Wonderful evening,
xo, Me

Saturday, December 11, 2010

O Christmas Tree*

O Christmas Tree... O Christmas Tree ... where are thou decorations!!!
We have Our Tree.. Not our usual, so wide we can't fit it in the door tree.. I love this tree though, I wanted to put it on this vintage rail cart and it is so coool...
It has so much Fragrance it's Yummy*
I'll take some more pics when we get it decorated!!
Hope your having a wonderful weekend*
xoxo, Me

Country Shopping*

Robin At Magnolia Creek Atelier is open for "Holiday Shopping" in the Country...
I have known Robin for many years since she and her Mom started their store on Cedros St. in Solana Beach. They used carry some special pieces from my Buckingham Gear Children's Line in their Store Magnolia Creek.

*Robin also was here at my house for the "Olivenhain Grove Sale'' this past spring *

IT was a favorite store that we all loved to shop at.

Now she has a Country setting and is open for events each month. IT's fun to take a drive and visit her Country Shop!!!!
Congratulations to Robin for *17 * years in Business...She has a special Love for what she does and it is Lovely to see!!!
Address: 31339 Valley Center Rd.
Valley Center, Ca. 92082
mobile: 760-846-4843

The Atelier Hours this month*
Sat. Dec. 11, 10-4pm
Sat. Dec. 18, 10-4pm

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Holiday Touches*

Trimming the House with Evergreens & White Roses from my Garden is simple and I love them together...
Here is a few Photos around my Home. A Favorite Vintage Christmas Pillow that sits on a child's red vintage chair bedside, minimal yet Cozy Vintage desk chair for my oldest home for his Holiday break.. It is fun while interesting Decorating in A SPORTY All Male HouseHold!!!

LOOKING BACK Historically****
Newly Married, {Before Children} I loved PINK! PINK LIGHTS OF COURSE****

*First Baby I had a small tree for him. { I probably did it for about 4 Seasons}...Only Light Blue.White & Silver!!
We Loved the idea and incorporated it again when the* Second Baby was born with ornaments selected just for him.

*Around My Home, when my Boyz were young it was Pale Blue- Silver & White mixed Natural Elements {White Flowers}, I use Paper Whites, Tuberose and White Roses with abundance of Evergreens!!!

*In their Bedrooms I had a tree for each of them that they decorated them selves... I gave them a basket of ornaments, helped with the lights and it was so fun to see how they decorated. Truly was better over the seasons.The ornaments graduated from ALL on two branches, to distributed over the tree!!!

Have fun and take lots of pictures!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yikes!!!I'm still....

Yikes... My Son is coming home from College and I'm still Decking the Halls!!!!
I better hurry*****
Hope your having fun and savoring a candy cane or something delicious!!
Some pics coming!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beautiful Music*

TIS the Beautiful Music during the Holiday season that I keep humming.... Amazing how it reminds us of places we were during the past Holidays. I never tire of hearing all my favorites....
Wish I could play the piano.... I have a 1923 Steinway Baby Grand, it would be so beautiful to hear Silent Night on our piano. We have stacks of Vintage Music books. They are so beautiful I just love having them out. They came from the sweet Lady who once used to own and play this piano....

I especially Love Silent Night. It is one that must be recognized around the World****
Don't be shy let your voice be heard!!!!


Friday, December 3, 2010

White Felt at Christmas*

These slippers are hand crafted with Felt. I saw them in "Country Living" a few years ago and I had to have them!!! They are made in Europe, by hand one at a time... I love the look of them and appreciated the quality of the work....
I found this vintage felt trimmed white apron this year at a Christmas Barn sale called "Matilda's" I have another one similar that was my Grandmothers,but haven't found it yet!!
A little Water and I'm off to finish decorating!!
Hope your having fun!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December's Glow*

Welcoming the First of December.... It's the beginning of a special season embracing the Beauty & Traditions for the world.
I find myself as I get older trying to remember what it was like when I was a child, I feel the same...Do you? I hope my children will always remember the reason we celebrate the story of Christmas*
May the glow stay in our hearts all through the year!!!!