Saturday, December 31, 2011

Closing the door on 2011*

This year sure went quickly... it is time to shut the door on 2011!

The best and sweetest memories I will tuck in my heart and all the others I will file accordingly....
I am very detailed and organized in my thoughts!!!
What about you... do you make resolutions? Every new year is a special time for me because I do reflect and step forward and love my journey.

Hmm...This year was a big change for me and I felt I took a lot of personal leaps, got really uncomfortable,worked extremely diligently and it feels good to look back on my year.

The old saying goes... If you don't try... I guess you can't fail! But truth be told, your fearful and lack self confidence.. Personally failure is a component which we can learn from. Not trying is playing it safe and not truly living. You are not successful until you have failure bottom line....
How about you did you meet your goals, did you make any leaps, are you happy about your year as you reflect?

Well, Darlins here's to you... Cheers*** With a grateful heart, I Thank you for taking the time and stopping by to visit me here at Casual Loves Elegance! I am having fun with my blog! I am staying true and honoring my intention of why I first began this blog. I am proud of my self that I didn't get into creating an advertising blog or try commercialize it.
I am olde school and always stay focused on my intention! I enjoy your comments and emails. It connects me to such beautiful people and ya'll are so kind to me! I love to visit your wonderful blogs too!
Some photos here at home...of my son's Birthday hat, my husbands shoes he bought and wore for our wedding and his Tux shirt and Bow tie form past celebrations!

*Happy New Year's eve*
{Be Safe}
You're the Best!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gorgeous outside*

We are enjoying such gorgeous weather here in So. Cal. High 60's... no wind and the ocean is cobalt blue!
I was outside watering all the lovely flowers after we cut the grass! I know... it's just not christmasy, though...
Last year we spent Christmas in Mammoth, Ca and they had so much snow it truly was a winter wonderland. Growing up in the mid west on a lake was fabulous!! Ice skating, sledding, and snowmobiling at Christmas was just what our family did at the holiday's! I never get used to the snowless Christmas. I'm a winter theme gal all the way!!

Though it is Gorgeous! Shorts and flips is all you need!

This is my vintage find from our trip in Nov. to Arizona, a french Flour de Lis garden hose guide.They have the best shopping there.... OH MMMY!!! It is soo heavy, I love it.

Have fun where ever you are and enjoy the Holiday's.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The bell rings for all who believe*

We just finished watching "Polar Express". It is our tradition every Christmas Eve. I love it too. Those who believe will hear the bell...
I wish you a very Merry Christmas*
May an Angel watch over you, Keep Hope and love in your heart, and peace in your soul.
I wish you and your family Blessings and Love.

Merry Christmas, Sweet Dreams*

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas plans*

Merry Christmas* surely ya'll must be ready for Christmas by now!
Your list has been checked off...Your plans must be made, shopping finished,presents wrapped, baking finished, haircuts, manicure, house cleaned, meals planned and everything prepped.
Oh and music selected, firewood stacked....
Oh my... does the list ever end!!!
A few pics from around our house... I love this vintage school flash card that says Christmas plans* I found it several years ago and love to see it each year! The sign I found too and it was so me... because I always forget my list!
Hope your last minute Christmas plan will be beautiful and don't forget your list! Check it twice!! Enjoy singing carols in your car and within your heart.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tin Angel*

Good morning sweeties*
I hope you had a chance to sleep in or cozy up to the fire this morning! I wake up early every morning, my mind starts racing with the days agenda and I can't sleep any more..
I wasn't always so eager to get up early... in my 20's I found it so easy to sleep in! On the weekend if I didn't have a model shoot, I just began life a little later in the day! I call them "the good ole days" when my life was just about me!!! Hmm...Do we ever get those back?

I love seeing all the holiday blogs.. Everyone has such different decoration and styles.
Though what I love most is ....that we all have the same theme.
Spiritual, Love, Blessings and Peace. The elements are in our hearts and become the gold thread that binds us all together for the holidays.

My wish is ... the golden thread be between us every day and be consistent.

Have a beautiful Sunday*
Love this vintage tin silver angel candle holder I found this year, I lit it this morning and it was so beautiful with the Ivy topiary!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

European felt slippers*

Sure hope you're staying warm & enjoying everything about the Holidays!
Goodness... has been nippy here in So.Cal! Rain the last couple days and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it*
It feels so Christmasy!!
I love these White felted Slippers that were made by hand from Europe. I ordered them a few years ago and I got my order 6 months later,the women enclosed a note that said that she makes them each pair by hand! What a beautiful gift she has.

I hope your Day will be filled with warm spirits... and when you come in tonight make a fire and put on your favorite Holiday slippers!

Here's photos of my favorite vintage stool,vintage felted apron and of course Evian's Holiday bottle and my felted slippers!

Happy White Wednesday!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Decking my Halls*

I hope your weekend was wonderful!
We got our tree last night and will be preparing for the holiday's .
Not sure where the tree will land this year!

Every year I think of places like the White House and the European castles and wonder how they will deck their halls!

Our home will be light on the decorating but Enormous in our projects have me limited..

I dream of the day our house will be done! Can't wait till I can decorate it using all my Holiday ideas.
Hope you're having fun getting your home ready for the Holidays*
Have a great evening*

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Got Swag!

We are Soo excited to have our Driveway gates installed and working! The best gift EVER!!!
We spent the last 5 years opening and closing our manual construction gates a bazillion times a day!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE our gates, They are amazing! We are so happy the way they turned out....So thankful to press a button in my car and they open so silently and smooth..
See it doesn't take much to make me over the top thrilled...
We couldn't wait to SWAG the evergreen garland and twinkle christmas lights on them. What a beautiful sight in the evening when the lights go on!

My Design Tip: Really think about products that enhance and work with the architecture of your home. It is not about picking a product you like!

Warm Holiday Wishes from our home to Yours*
Today was my Dad's Birthday...."Happy Birthday Dearest Dad all the way from our gates to yours in Heaven".

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just Lunch? Or Life?

Do you remember when you met your future husband for the first time? Did you know that he was the one?

I didn't have any idea...That a lunch would go all day into the evening!
It all began at 11:30 am November 30th.

That our first introduction, he invited me to go to lunch at a seaside restaurant. It would linger into the afternoon... which would proceed to a another invite to see a movie in the evening {Man from Snowy Winter}. Our lunch officially ended at about 10:45pm!!!

I thought lunch would be a couple of hours! I can't remember if I even changed clothes for the movie!
I remember I had a modeling interview that morning and I had on a white cotton mini skirt and a baby blue long sleeve v-neck oversized sweater and my gold leather ballet flats! Not dressed for a first impression at all! I really was looking for a free lunch! Not a date...
Hmm.. We didn't have a sip of wine, just Ice tea!

Well that is how it began 29 years ago today, AWE ! can't believe we have been together all these years.

A picture is worth a thousand words they say...... Soo true.

Little did I know that this picture of me from my modeling archives would be such a true representation of what would be surrounding me in my future life with him and
our boys today! Gives me chills!

"Happy First meeting 29 years later to my sweetie"
Thank you for a wonderful lunch!
I love doing lunch*


Friday, November 25, 2011

Let the Holiday's Begin*

Time to open my Vintage suitcases and a get out some Christmas decorations, I love all my special decorations that I have collected for a few decades!
I store some of them in Vintage suitcases and I get them first!

Have fun and be careful out there today shopping!
I never go out shopping on this day! I wait for the crowds to be a little more restrained!!

My Design Tip: Find some functional storage pieces that are decorative elements which can be displayed in your house all year!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Vintage suitcases! I started my collection 20 years ago with one from my mother-n-law.
Happy Friday*

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving*

There are so many things I have to be to be Thankful for....
I give Thanks for them daily, not just on Thanksgiving.

It's refreshing to see we are all a little more conscious about relating them in many ways on this day.
I count my blessings faithfully and I am grateful for the opportunity to recognize what they mean.

We've started our pre-holiday!
Last night our friends Mary and J.R who are truly great hosts, have a lovely annual PRE-Holiday gathering. The evening was filled with close friends, fabulous food and even a newborn little boy was the newest guest. I think just about everyone had to get a little time with him..I was happy to hold him and he was a little angel in my arms for a few minutes! His parents were so happy and its was great to see them with such joy!

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with all that matters most to you, whatever your plans.... just be happy with what that is!!
Be safe in your travels, Blessings,

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Friday*

Hey there Lovelies!
The last few weeks have been soooo busy!
I've missed ya'll!
Our youngest son was on a popwarner football team that had a really successful season! We were traveling the last two weekends to Laughlin, Nevada and then last weekend to Phoenix, AZ. We lost our game in we are officially done with football!
Just the team party tomorrow! Then on to Basketball on Sunday...Just getting caught up on all the day to day from being gone from these mini trips!
I had a fabulous time in Phoenix, we had a wonderful family dinner and it was so nice to connect and be together! Then I was able to sneak away and visit some of may favorite shops.. Phoenix has the BEST shops OOH my goodness! Found some awesome things there.

On the way home we stopped at this darling little place, everything was so delicious & fresh! The restaurant is called "Matt's Big Breakfast". I met the owner and she was so sweet. She even makes the Juices and the Jellies.
I took a picture of the front as we were leaving. It's in Phoenix, Az. Definitely a destination*
It was featured on one of our favorite shows, Drive-ins, Diners and Dives that's how we found it!

Oh*** My Special thoughts & wishes to all of you Fabulous Women and Men who are on the Breast Walk here in San Diego!
Thank you and have a safe and memorable walk*
Love you all*

Have a Fabulous Friday eve*
Missed ya,

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween*

Happy Halloween to to all the Good Witches!

This is a picture I put together in this old frame,every Halloween It hangs with my witches hat!

I hope y'all have a lot of fun and be safe!
A school night so I be it will be a early one...


Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Wisconsin Farm Stand*

Hope your weekend is as beautiful as it here in So. Cal. About 80 degrees today and blue sky s..
When I was on my trip in Wisconsin I was driving to visit my family, Phoebe and Priscilla and I passed the most gorgeous little farms and roadside markets.
I couldn't help but stop at this one.. The farmer had fabulous pumpkins from $1-3. Indian corn, apples, concord grapes, all kinds of vegetables. I bought my niece one of the large pumpkins, the one that is pinkish and looks like it has barnacles on it! I wish I could of brought a truck full home! Also bought some delicious apples and a basket of concord grapes!

After the cute farmer gave me the tour of his farm.... {Don't talk to strangers!!}
He said I have one more thing to show you, but it is in the barn.. Sooo, I held my breathe and we walked in quietly as he put his finger to his lips, SHhhh. I looked over the gate and saw these baby little piglets!!! Oh my they were cute!

I had to take photos to show my son this little farm. How about the huge grain holder! It was fabulous I would use it as a Gazebo in my Lemon Grove it was so big!

My hat is off to the Farmer's they are special people and so proud of what they do. I so enjoyed my tour! {As soon as he asked me where I was from I new it was going to be a long conversation!}
Have a beautiful Sunday*

Friday, October 28, 2011

Philanthropy and Glamour met*

This is why I am so moved by Ralph Lauren, not just because he is a designer and fashion is his world, He embodies humanitarian generosity, he's lived a life that he values others and their struggles.
Oprah, well she is out of the same pattern!
How amazing to be a guest at the once-in-a-lifetime event!! I'm sure you wouldn't of sold your seat for any amount!
This event was billed as An Evening with Ralph Lauren: a cocktail reception, conversation with Oprah and a three-course dinner. The venue was at Lincoln Center-The performing Arts Capital of the World-On a night when Philanthropy was the mission and Glamour was the mode.
A crowd nearly 800 raised a record $7 million Dollars for Cancer! Wow that is so Fabulous... I bet the emotion was overwhelming in that room...
An awesome story that I felt should be shared if you didn't already know.
Have a beautiful Friday*

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pretty blooms from the garden*

Happy White Wednesday!
I was outside early this morning cutting some of my roses. I love to have them all the time around the house. So I took a few pictures, also"Miss Chloe" our dog was laying around in the yard!
A busy day and it's time to make some tea and a fire! A beautiful sunset we're enjoying tonight here in So. Cal.
Yes.. I'll have one of these sugar cookies too!
Enjoy your evening!