Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Pink August....Ending today!

August has Always and For- ev-er will be my Favorite Month as I have proclaimed!!
We celebrated Our Wedding Anniversary, I had My Birthday.. Along with a few friends who share this special birthday Month!!!
I wanted to share my Favorite Color "PINK" with you with all this month. Sharing my most favorite special memories, moments whether dressed in my Couture Pink wedding gown or my childhood swimsuits shots,one of my modeling photos and my favorite things that are PINK.
I had fun getting these scanned and seeing them after many years them being packed away...

I have the last three photos that will close out my Favorite August Pink Celebrations.

*My Vintage Pink Ladder, My vintage french Grape harvest bucket and My vintage white watering can. photo that is taken in my Lemon Grove.
*My pink vintage Sucre can filled with fresh mint in the kitchen.
* My most special gift...My Beautiful sister-n-law Priscilla made this incredible pastel chalk portrait of me when I was about 10-11 years old. She entered it in the fair and won a prize!
She is so talented.. I have never been given such a special gift. She even has me in pink!!!
Enjoy the last fleeting Days of your Summer...
Make them Beautiful*

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday*Summer*Swimsuit History!!!!!!

Today my other Favorite August Day....It's My Birthday!!!!
I have so many fun memories of this Day* My Summer Birthdays as a young girl seemed to be more fun because there were always so many people around. When I was living on the lake it was like the whole month was one big celebration. My Grandparents used to have a little family party at their lake house too. Everyone was treated to a birthday party there. We were big on Family get togethers. My Mom always made me a "Chocolate Birthday Cake" every year and I looked forward to that! I kept the tradition and do the same for my boys too.
I was a happy little girl and laughed at everything!!! It was a special time for me when my family spent time together. There were lots of laughter, games and silliness...I think that is truly what makes my memories so precious.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of my younger years and the last one was from my modeling zed card {pink}.
I promised a lot of Pink for August and I hope I delivered!!!!
Enjoy your Birthday and I hope your Reflections are Lovely and cherished too!

I wish Our Friend Paul a Fabulous "Happy Birthday" today too.
Love xoxo,

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Fairytale Wedding*** Today is My Favorite* Our Anniversary*

When I woke up this morning... It felt just like it did on that August 23rd morning on "Our Wedding Day" Warm So. Cal with clear Blue skies and you could see the ocean so clear....
I stayed the night at my Fiance's home at the beach with my two most Special and Favorite people. My Mom and My dear niece Phoebe {who was 13 at the time}.
I was checking my notes sitting outside with my tea and tying bows on all the center piece bouquets for the reception. I had a lot of little last minute things to finish! You see I was working {Modeling} around the country up until the week of the wedding and I planned the wedding my self!!! I'm a detail girl...The music choreographing, the ceremony etc...The most exciting part was {my secret} Wedding Gown.... I wanted to keep the special surprise a secret because I was Designing my own Gown... I Had dreamed about it my whole life, so I did the sketching for the dress and the head piece/veil ... It was more special and Beautiful than I even imagined!! The most difficult part was I wanted it a secret. Everyone was asking me about My Wedding Gown and I just kept saying ... It's a Surprise!!!

My Bridesmaids and My Fiance had no Idea!!! Getting back to the story, My niece Phoebe asked me, please Aunt Gail now can I see your dress? I said Ok! I told her it was in the Shower in the Bathroom.....
She runs in there and I'm still out side tying Bows, I hear this Screaming!!!!!! She is yelling to {my mom} come in here Grandma it's PINK! it's PINK! It's soooo pretty I have never seen one. Only Aunt Gail would have a Pink wedding Gown..My Parents knew about the secret gown being Pink. I asked for their approval and opinion on the subject... Their response was it's your favorite color and It's uniquely YOU...Phoebe was giggling and I was relieved I could talk about it with them finally after months of My Surprise..My mom was in tears and said it was the Most Beautiful Wedding Gown she has ever seen . {The bridesmaid dresses were also PINK! purposely opposite of my Gown though.. another story for another post!!}
Our Wedding was filled with so many Beautiful moments .. Our Families and Friends came from all over to share the Day with us and we were so blessed by their company and Love.
I Loved seeing the smiles and hearing the voices whisper She's in Pink!!!!!
So I'm sharing a few of the above photos from Our Wedding pages....

I LOVED LOVED LOVED every moment and will Cherish Our Story and memories Always*

P.S. I don't know If my Fiance/husband even noticed I was wearing pink... He was probably nervous I would back out and there wouldn't be a honeymoon....!!!! I was nervous too... Hoping I wouldn't get my heal caught in the carriage getting out!!!!

Happy Anniversary to My Husband*
Love xoxo

Friday, August 20, 2010

I see the weekend*

The weekend already... First week back to school.. All went smoothly! Kids are happy, today was a day off!!! What do we expect they went for 4 days in a row....
The weather here in So.Cal finally resembling Summer. I love it.
My favorite celebrations are coming next week and I promised to post some Pink, I am keeping my word... You'll see.
I'll leave you with a little hint of pink for the weekend.....
Have Fun xoxo

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Today I'm excited to share something I've been designing for you!!!
I'm launching my shop with a STOCK PILE of Fabulous VINTAGE ITEMS for Sale .......If you LOVE,LOVE,LOVE VINTAGE treasures then you'll want to peek inside....

If you follow www.CasualLovesElegance.blogspot.com there will be a surprise coming....
So don't be shy, Followers are extra Special and make blogging fun....

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Email me if you see something you can't live without.
LOTS OF PINK still coming!!!
Thanks! xoxo,me

Monday, August 16, 2010


TODAY my BOYz are back TO SCHOOL! It is hard to believe that another Summer has come and gone...It was busy. My youngest was on the 11 year All Star Baseball team, and they played until August. My oldest Cody was busy running his own athletic workout training sessions for JR. Athletes..We didn't get our annual Family vacation to Bass Lake, Ca. So I've been thinking about the Lake..
Today My youngest Cade is a Sixth grader!! My oldest Cody Starts his sophomore year away in college!!! {Who is going to take his picture on the first day of school?} ha*
I'm posting a couple of photos that are older first, then from this summer!!!


Bass Lake,Cade 6 yrs driving boat!
This summer*
Cade wake boarding 11yrs.
Cade & Cody Baseball game...Cody is umpire, Cade at bat, My husband {not shown, coaching}
Cade this summer motocross 11 yrs.
Cody training 19 yrs.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Pink Swiss Made Musical clock*

This PINK Little Clock was my Grandmother's...She lived on a small Lake too, a few miles away so we visited each other a lot. I remember loving to look at this Beautiful little clock. It was a gift to her from my Grandfather. It is a clock but it plays a song! "Ma Petite Folie" is what the little label says on the bottom. The case is plastic over metal and the color is the most softest shade of PINK.
I was in tears when I received it from my mom after my Grandma passed away... I can't tell you how many times we sat on the edge of her bed and listened to the song.... and we talked about it!!! She would sometimes ask me what would I like to do when I was visiting? My reply was always the same....How about if we look at all your pretty trinkets and jewelry!!!!
She was such a Lady and dressed up with her pretty jewelry, hats matching shoes and coats!!! Great Fashion!! When she and my Grandpa were going into Chicago and got all dressed up they looked so Elegant. I have always loved Fashion and especially vintage Fashion... I must be a old soul!!!
Have a Beautiful weekend*
xoxo, me

Monday, August 9, 2010

Story of a table with pink Sparkle*

This is one of my favorite table lamps. It was my Mother's and I remember her having it on her nightstand. My Dad built this dressing table for my 16th birthday and she gave it to me then...
Its very vintage, possibly it was hers when she was growing up!!!!
I added the pink vintage buttons many years ago and I never took them off....
It is very thick glass and heavy with all original crystals & I love that the inside fittings of the fixture are silver. I have several others she gave me over the years but this is my Favorite. This must of been her Style.
Today the lamp sits in my living room on that same table my Dad made for me... With a vase of beautiful fresh flowers and some vintage books. The table has so many memories attached to it as well...A few fun facts and stories of the table...
My Dad took me with him to pick out the materials, the legs,and decorative trim. We painted the table White and had a thick glass top made for the top. My Dad was very good at making and building things. I know I appreciate this piece more now than ever before..
I used this table for a little desk & breakfast table for my {Chocolate croissants and tea} when I was modeling and living in La during the week. When my first son was born I used it as a "changing table" in my bedroom...The table came full circle when I used it in my guesthouse for my parents. When we moved to our country house I put it in a room for my Dad to use for a desk & to have his coffeee on. He slipped his favorite photos under the glass of my Mom and family.... He used it every day!!! I don't think I will ever have the heart to get rid of it....

I love how furniture an items have such a history of uses and stories.....That's why I love vintage. There is such a loved quality & always a STORY.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

August is My Celebrating Month***

August has always been My Favorite Month. Ever since I was a little Girl, I would dream about August...
It's my favorite month for many reasons...The two at the top of the list are First My Birthday...Second was My August Wedding. So two occasions to celebrate and to get together with friends. I loved getting beautiful cards from family and friends in the mail.
The only thing that I would change is my August Birthstone, it's green peridot!! I have always wondered WHO made those choices.....Surely if they knew me they would of chose Pink*Sapphire.
I like green... but I'm not wearing green gemstones anytime soon.

This month I'm going to celebrate my favorite month with my most favorite colour*** Pink.
All of the photos I post this month will be some of my favorite pink trinkets or memories.....
Enjoy your weekend,
A favorite cozy vintage pink satin throw quilt,vintage Millinery and pink crown pin...
It is perfect, the boyz never grab this one!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Scrumptiously Cozy Vintage Whites*

I'm still in love with White.... I 'm incorporating alot of it here at my country house.
However my previous house was at the beach. I had scrumptious amounts of WHITE there.
It was so clean and refreshing.
Even though I raised two baby boys there I wouldn't of changed a thing.
First of all I have always had a NO-SHOE rule for my houses...That is a huge advantage!
I'll show you more peaks of my old Fab beach house some time!
My down sofa was slipcovered with Vintage White Chenille bedspreads that I pieced together to make the design. {I had a workroom do the sewing}
They curtains you see are Belgium Monogramed Linen Sheets.....Fabulous
A white wood trunk that I used to carry in my store.
The sofa was a cozy place to sit in the M.B. and look at the ocean view sipping tea while my husband read the sports page!!!
Have a Fabulous White Wednesday....
My son Cody left for football camp at college and to check into his dorm on Monday. He was excited and looking forward to the journey ahead.....
I wish all of you parents and students best wishes as you go off to school!