Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recording my Video for OPRAH'S OWN*

Here is a few Video segments I put together this evening at my Apple Class....I had so much fun.
I wanted to learn how to edit then I found the options and well I had to play with them.. so I just picked a few to have fun with!

These clips were my first ones but I couldn't edit them to 3 minutes. The editing tools from the Audition site wouldn't down load. So I had to re-shoot over again with out the natural light and I had to rely on just the light fixture. I only had time for one take or I wouldn't of made the deadline!!!! So the second shoot is what's on the Oprah Audition tape, not these.
It was fun though and I just made the deadline by 3 minutes!!!!

Please send this OWN link to your friends and anyone you know that has a dream.... Hopefully they'll Vote. Also please leave a comment right after if you would like just write and press post on their website and I will get it and answer!!! Voting ends July 3. Don't be shy!

Link to vote- Gail's Peterson's Audition: A Second Chance-OWN TV

I'm grateful for the wonderful supportive emails I've been getting. I hope I get the opportunity to audition in person!!

Enjoy... Here is a collage of clips I made, my idea for my show and some things about me. I was holding the camera myself while taping !!!! Yes a bit wiggly because my arm was cramping!! The crowd you hear well they were at the Apple store waiting for their new I phone....
Thank you!
Love xoxo, Gail

Fun News*

Yesterday I received a email from the OWN Team at Oprah's new network.
They received my audition clip for a my Talk Show that I submitted for their contest. An exciting moment when I received the news. I will fill you in on the fun details of how it came to be later.
So keep checking my blog and I will keep you up to date.

They want people to vote and make comments. Please check it out, I'm giving you the link here so you can go and vote for my clip.
I really appreciate your Love and Support and I will write again later I am going to a Apple class to get some help with some things I want to do next!!!
Let's Dream together, please send this link to anyone who has ever had a dream!!!
You can Facebook and tweet with this voting link that would be so cool...
Love xox, Gail

Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Strawberry's

I love summer Strawberry's. I was growing them in my garden last year but they kept being eaten by something, I think Bunnies! So this year I have little pots of them caged in! So far they are alive, happy and blossoming....

You'll like this one, near my driveway along the rocks I saw a plant growing and I looked at the leaves and guess what, it's a cherry tomato plant full of tomatoes... I don't know how it got there, but it's growing and it does't get any water. I guess a seed blew there from somewhere!

Have a fun weekend and have some fresh berries. I'm going to dip mine in chocolate! Dark of course, more antioxidants and less calories!!!!
Love, xoxo

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy White Wednesday*

I Love White **** Here is a collection of white elements put together, Really just because I haven't found a perfect space for them yet!!! By keeping them together it reminds me I have them and will find a spot sometime. I love each and every piece though!!!!Italic
I hope your enjoying the week. Have fun!
Love, me

Friday, June 18, 2010

School is out***

Raise the Flag!!! It's a Happy Day here!
Today was the last day of fifth grade for my youngest son. He learned a lot, had more responsibilities this year and wow along with homework to match....
So we are all grateful to see it end....I must say he had really exceptional teachers and we appreciated all their dedication and patience.
So lets get down to business and just hang and chillax!! In between All Star Baseball practices, games, football and just stuff.... a vacation should get planned in there some where don't you think!
Have fun today and enjoy the beginning of summer. All you parents...
Love, me

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Who you callin a DIVA!!

This is the only Diva at my House....Miss Chloe she just got back from getting groomed and 3 Bags full of under coat fur combed out..
She is a Tibetan Mastiff. She is my only girl here at the country House, I never thought a Dog would rank higher than me!!!!

Her BFF is Sir Bentley. A short hair St. Bernard. He is the sweetest Dog and just so polite. When you walk by he gets up and moves out of your way.
If your fortunate enough to be acknowledged by Miss Chloe she will give you a glance with a unsaid, Walk over me !!!
Both of our Dogs are 3 years old. They are two weeks apart in age.We bought them from breeders within in two weeks of each other. The puppy cuteness was off the charts!!!
Sometime I'lll share a puppy Photo.
Yes.... these are Outside Dogs.... Pleeeeese

Have a great Sunday!
Love, me