Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Farewell August - Senior year ahead

The last days of August...
My Favorite month is coming to a close..
A week of celebrating has left me grateful for the beautiful moments..I did manage to get some great family pics!
Beginning with our Anniversary, then a surprise visit for my birthday from our oldest son.
We had some great family time, walking on the beach with our dogs, dining out & being together.
Hmmm...I can't remember cooking at all last week!

Today is a bittersweet...

First day of school, Senior year! 
I know this year will pass quickly, he's our last one in the nest!

He was the face of my brand, as shown here in a post card announcing the launch of my store "Buckingham Mercantile".
He was about 6 months or so!

We adore his personality,
 his quick wit is charming 
 he is truly one of a kind!

*Happy First day of School*

Make it the best one ever!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Happy Anniversary

Hello Darlins,

Twenty nine years ago today ...
I walked down the isle shaking like a leaf
 Dad at my side, holding me steady with each step...

...when I was handed my bouquet I said...Do I have to carry it?
I don't think I can walk, hold my dress and the keep my veil on & I'm scared I'll trip!!

I saw smiles & tears of joy on the faces of my family & dear friends. 

Waiting for me at the end of the long walk...was a tall and handsome man, soon to be my husband. 

 Moments I'll cherish forever...

Taking every word into my heart as the minister spoke...
trying to hold back my tears.

Those silent moments made for two, we couldn't stop looking at each other!

Our first dance as MR. & Mrs. seemed like it lasted forever, 
though...he kept stepping on my toes!
 He's a very good dancer, his ballroom dancing class in college gave him an edge!!!

Twenty Nine years have gone by quickly...he's still spilling on me & cleaning up my messes! 

He's still the one that makes me laugh
the one... who taught me to laugh at myself

the one...who's there to challenge me to do better.
the one... who's my rock.

I'm grateful we found each other all those years ago, together... we are ONE.

No words need to be said, 
a look says it all!

A beautiful day to you all!

Happy *29* Anniversary to My Husband Mr. Casual 
Love xo,
 Mrs. Elegance

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