Saturday, September 28, 2013

A season to Gather

Mornin Darlin's....

Happy Saturday! 
Loving shorter days, they bring change to our schedule....
 Dinners are earlier, we spend a little more time gathering.
Waking up to a little crisp morning air has been nice!
 Living in SoCal I really look forward to this change. Of course, entertaining becomes like fall fashion!
I see everything as fashion!
This is the time of year I love to layer decor. 
Texture and natural elements add instant coziness.

Generous table linens cover up bare table legs like an evening gown...

Beautiful layers of linens &  nature combined with vintage silver & your dressed!

Stacking different shapes & patterns of plates is more casual. Also implies a lingering meal!


A large vintage bowl filled with apples welcomes everyone with the glow of floating candles.

Garden elements are great pieces to nestle in for adding texture, so beautiful with antique silver.


The best part is...
You don't have to change a thing to move your gathering outdoors!

My Design tip: To get this cozy autumn look, layer linens, plates with candles or lanterns. Natural elements like wood,twigs, leaves,apples for the center or places setting markers. Vintage silver & glasses add to the gathering experience.

I hope you have a gorgeous weekend!

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vintage finds available for Autumn!

Hi Darlin's!

I wanted to share some of my favorite VINTAGE finds with you....

Good news is...

 I have decided to let go of them!!!

 This is a realllllly cool!
Not sure what it is actually... it's european is all i know, I use it for entertaining like the pic on the left! 
I have also used it with pots and put a paper white bulb in each one! 
You could put a wine bottle in the center and glasses too!
It turns and the handle moves up and down.

This industrial lamp is cool with the edison bulb!
 See above pic right it fits anywhere!
Has a little switch and works great!

THREE beautiful silver little monogramed spoons! 
*B* in old english engraving...
So pretty for soups or serving anything!

I hope these favorite items find their way to someone who reads my blog! That would be fun!
Have a beautiful day

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Menswear Style - Blankets Cozy Decor

Happy Saturday!

We all are familiar with tailored mens suits made from the finest cloth. Cozy woolen blankets that are almost indestructible. Stylish wovens that hold integrity and substance.

 Pinstripe from talented Designer : Joe Ruggirio

Editorial: from my archives...

Haven't we all found a cool vintage piece of furniture that has great detail in the silhouette, but can't decide if we should buy it because it needs an upholstery miracle!

This antique chair was inside a house renovation project years ago. 
It sits just like this...waiting to get tailored!
 I can't pass up beautiful vintage piece!

Ah... what about those heirloom pieces?
We love those, after all their irreplaceable for their sentimental value.
 Maybe your thinking you will never part with it.
 Honestly, are you pondering if you should keep them stored away?
 Your thoughts are you will never use them and not to mention they don't work in your space...

What about?

I think it's brilliant to tailor furniture pieces and make them truly one of a kind!



I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of constructing furniture, draperies and pillows with VINTAGE suit fabrics and vintage blankets. I started doing this about 20 years ago!

These familiar fabrics have already worn well. 
 Classics like BAY, PENDLETON & ARMY blankets.


Patterns like houndstooth, pinstripe, herringbone,windowpane & plaid.
Emblems and logos like RED CROSS, ARMY, UNIVERSITY & HOTELS.

I say..."LET'S rekindle the era of practicality and luxe"....

Newly upholstered pieces, redesigned home furnishings gives new life to vintage forgotten suits and blankets. 
Once coveted debonaire & cozy. 
Now we can bring sentimental back home.

of course... THE Ralph Lauren's Collection

My Design tip: Start with a furniture piece you love. Find enough old suits, save the linings if they are silk & gorgeous for another project. Mix patterns, down of course.

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Have a beautiful weekend, tomorrow is officially first day of Autumn!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

At home...

Hi Darlins...
Happy midweek!
Prepping to decorate for Halloween next week... Are you?
 Here is a quick pic of our foyer today.
before.... Halloween!

I dried some lavender from the garden for the last two weeks.
It smells delicious, so easy to do....
I should probably harvest it all and do some baking!

My calendar in the kitchen says it's the middle of the week...

Have a beautiful Autumn Wednesday evening!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Autumn's beauty from the curb

Morning Darlins!

Finally.... a little break in the heat here in SoCal, time to decorate!

Sometimes taking a stroll in the neighborhood or a weekend drive
 we see a house that takes our breath for a moment...
You know the ones I'm referring too! 
The ones we have to pull over and stop and just gaze at every detail... Each season it's beautifully decorated porches or driveway gates grab our attention. The seasonal style of decorating is just right and compliments the exterior of the home. We enjoy their attention to detail and creativity to make simple pumpkins or branches appear as works of art.


LOVE these pumpkins mingled with the potted flowers.
 Cornstalks flanking the front door nicely balances the tall doors.


Simple pumpkins are sometimes just perfect!!!


The ornate wood detail on this home is gorgeous...


This home's front portico has stunning design detail...
 Accenting the door with a season wreath and foliage invites a warm Autumn feel.


Love this vintage garden cart embellished with ornamental cabbage and mums. 
Lettered pumpkins...darling!


If your out after dark, than you will love this!

All beautiful and simple yet capture the feeling of Autumn perfectly!

My Design tip: Seasonal decorating doesn't need to be over done. Compliment the exterior style of the home, have fun, walk out to the curb and see what needs a final placement adjustment.
Remember it will be seen from the curb from all who walk or drive by!

Have a beautiful weekend, maybe you will take a stroll or drive in your neighborhood and find your favorite!

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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Morning Darlins...

Back to school infuses a cozy & different feel around H*O*M*E....

Do you agree?
A sense of routine begins again.
Gently feels like a clean slate, more focused attention on nesting our home for the holiday season!

I have shown this before...
 please bare with me.... cause I'm just in LOVE* LOVE *LOVE with this Antique pine 1890's
Housekeeping cabinet from Europe.
This piece takes the place of about 3 linen closets!

Keeps me organized, everything is accessable.
It is quite large 11 feet long, 9 drawers and 6 french uppers.
I house some of my vintage linens etc.

I fell in love with three gorgeous Antique pieces of european pine for storage. 
This piece, a Linen Press and large console. All pieces are european dating 1880's. 
I loved hearing the story of these pieces when I was interested in  buying them. 
I took my time... looked at these pieces for about a year!

 {I used to visit them to make sure they weren't sold}!
I know you have done that too!!!!

  So fun to read the shipping and crating info on the backs of the pieces!

Autumn & back to school immediately has us beginning to anticipate lighting the first fire!
As I look around here at my nature inspired decor. like these antlers, 
 I think hmmm.
I Love hanging with my family right here at  H*O*M*E!

Have a beautiful day!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Pretty delicious French Plaster!

Hi Darlins,
Have you ever received a package and had no idea what it could be?
I was so excited they other day when a box was delivered....
I opened the box and thought I think its a mistake, I don't know what this is...
 quickly I unwrapped the bubble packaging and I found this!

Yikes.. FINALLY! it is the beautiful french moldings I ordered 2 months ago!!!
Looks like delicious frosting on a  wedding cake....

I forgot all about them... I was happy they arrived in tact.
I have been playing with different applications and I can't wait to use my ideas!

I would love to know which one would you choose and why?

Have a beautiful week!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Textured shades of Autumn

Greetings Darlins...

For me the change of seasons is something I always seem to anticipate.

 A farewell of one season can be bitter sweet.

 Ahh...a fresh new season who can resist?

Especially Autumn, it marks the beginning of the holiday season...
I created a little color pallet for you, maybe it will inspire a new favorite.

I have been making chilled lattes lately, here is one and the color is so on point in my casual living room.


Sweet pumpkin is a warm and delicious color.
 I am in LOVE with Ticking and Tartan!

In this room we could lounge with a great movie and eat a fresh made Carmel apple!

A simple yet pretty way to embellish a sweet package is with twigs and fall leaves.


This room is beautiful.
It is has many elements of my Casual Loves Elegance style.
Statement rich Coal wall and leather furniture. So warm and cozy, I think i might get comfy!


Mmmm... I refer to this as Vanilla.
 Mixing Vanilla in your autumn decor with sweater knits adds snuggly texture.
 It will transition into the Winter Pallet beautifully.
A great DIY for vintage sweaters isn't it?

Oh deer, these sweater knit covered bracelets would make fun stocking stuffers.
So when we finish the Vanilla chair...
we can sit by the fire in our Coal room and work on these!

My Design tip: A change of season is the perfect clean slate time to try something fresh in fashion and in your home. Be inspired by natures own hues, adding textures is a great way to cozy up your space.

Here's to Autumn! Let's enjoy the new season

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

& Autumn is here...

Are you ready?


We are saying goodbye to summer right?
It's going be hard with the hot weather we are having!

I am! 
We will have to keep the windows and all the french doors open!!!

Happy Autumn Darlins...
P.S. I found this one little acorn on the ground on vacation... It was a sign Autumn was around the corner!