Saturday, September 29, 2012

Autumn invitation

Hope your saturday is lovely so far...
A simple vintage inspired get together with a friend is always fun.
 Our lives are busy and going in many directions. 
Sometimes you have to make catching up a priority and maybe by invitation...

The setting... of course in my favorite place, our vintage garden house...
I made a velvety pumpkin bisque soup with a fresh garden salad.

A little white pumpkin to fill the bowls until I was ready to ladle the soup.

I had fun using vintage paintbrushes and little sentiments.
Vintage monogrammed silver soup spoons belonged to our family. 
The pretty slate grey linen napkins are from Matteo, they are a lovely birthday present from friends last month!

This vintage wheelbarrow was perfect to display the wine.

A beautiful afternoon to be up in the garden house. 
This picture looks dreamy!
 I took it from the outside looking in through the wavy old glass pane!

After lunch we walked down to the grove where I have this vintage street lamp base with some pumpkins setting on top of some grape vine.

Gathering some of our lemons for her to take home as we strolled through the lemon grove.

We are caught up...
A lovely way to enjoy a late autumn afternoon with a friend.

My Design tip: Using vintage garden elements as serving pieces inspire a natural theme and dressing it up with monogrammed vintage silver and beautiful linen napkins is elegant...

These vintage finds are now offered on my Second Shout Out store Casual Loves Elegance
Hop over for my Saturday's Designing with Vintage blog post  and do some shopping for your Autumn gathering!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Roadside Wisconsin Pumpkins

A little Autumn pumpkin post... 
Last fall, I was visiting my family in Wisconsin. It is soooo beautiful there this time of year.
 I really do appreciate the seasons there.. 
Here in SoCAL we hardly notice the season changes... until we see decorations in the stores and look at the calendar!!!

See the bumpy, barnacled pinkish pumpkins?

This  farmer's fabulous crop is where I first saw these and now I'm smitten!!!
I thought I would show you a few photos I took last fall of where I stopped along the road at the farmers houses!

I really wanted to buy this! With all the crates... 
This would be so cooool in my grove!

Have a beautiful day Darlins..

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1st Bake...

Morning... Happy White Wednesday!
This morning is the first time we have a little crispness in the air! SO refreshing!

Last night was the 1st bake in our new Wolf oven...I used the little side oven.
I have to read {Ask the honey doer} to show me how to set the timer... 
In honor of Autumn 
I baked
Pumpkin bread.

The oven worked perfectly... So I thought I would share some pics..
The petite loafs came out beautiful!!!!
Loved the scent of all the pumpkin spices that filled the house!

It was too hot to slice last night...

After school this will be gone....

A little quick DIY apple / candle I made this morning in honoring Autumn...

I baked 3 petite loafs, they are so cute... I wrapped up the other two for friends...

Linking up today for White Wednesday with Faded Charm Cottage

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nature's Couture...

Hope your  having a beautiful Autumn day...

Last fall I fell in love with the bumpy and barnacled pumpkins when I went for my visit to Wisconsin.
 I found them at the farmer stands along the roads, it was so much fun!

I have always loved the white pumpkins and the Cinderella pumpkins but...
 the bumpy barnacles on this ever so pale pink pumpkin.
I think it is Nature Couture...

I love that they are unique ... I think they are special... 
They say that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..

I  think my little bumpy, barnacled, pale pinkish pumpkin is Beautiful for Cinderella and me!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Welcoming Fall at home....

It's official***
Welcoming the new season today.... Autumn ... Fall
Some of us refer to it as Autumn some Fall!

Something about the season just turns my focus towards interior spaces.. 
As the days get shorter
The evenings get a little crisp
It's that feeling of coziness that connects us and invites to our interiors.
Here are some touches at my home...

one of my boys rooms...Masculine rooms need to be cozy at my house!!!
Quilted chocolate velvet bedding, heavy linen pillows.

I really like accenting the floors...
 with some great hides or faux furs bedside and fireplace to softly warm our step on a chilly morning.

Little touches of luxury make the space more intimate and cozy....

Twig framed botanicals

Antlers with vintage millinery!

 Collection of striped vintage luggage

Fall is the perfect season for a nature inspired palette with Twig framed artwork, Antlers, dried Hydrangeas from my garden.

My Design tip:
Combining a collection of vintage luggage stacked for a side table while storing other seasonal delicate decorations inside is functional style.

Have a beautiful First day of Fall... Autumn

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love this storybook cottage...

There comes a time when we just want to dream about simplifying our life... 
I am dreaming that all the time!
I found you this story book cottage that you can do just that...
Sometimes... in my searching for the perfect property for real estate clients I get lucky, I come across some really special gems. 
I put a big *IF* because...true gems are rare here in SoCal.
I know from being a buyer myself I looked for over 9 months every day...I wanted something that just wasn't out there. 
I was looking for that gem!
I did find it... and we are renovating it today...

Speaking of absolute rare gems, I found this one....

This cottage can be yours...
 Are you are looking for a gem that is 5 miles from the beach,
 fabulous schools, shopping, and restaurants?
If you are a country chic gal with a fab hubby or beau...
who loves
 nature, horses, planting your own potager and wants a couple acres of beautiful property.
This darling fixer cottage is perfect and you will LOVE LOVE LOVE this.

 Its perfect for someone who wants to make this gem beautiful.
Some vision { I can help you with that!} and Shabby Chic / Ralph Lauren goodness...
then this is what your dreaming about.
The best location...I know your asking... What is it priced at?
If you want to buy this dream...

Send me a email or leave a comment I will contact you asap.
Don't wait, the market in this area is hot and this won't last...

 This vintage beauty fire stove is inside...
To keep you cozy...when you wear your fabulous uggs as you make a romantic dinner for him...
{ok if you buy the property, I will take you to get a pair}
as for the hubby's flannel shirt, you'll have to go through your hubby's closet!

Have a beautiful Autumn Thursday Darlins.... 

P.S. I don't post a lot about Real Estate on this blog but I couldn't wait to tell you about this vintage cottage and land!

Monday, September 17, 2012


Hope your weekend was fun!
Sure did go by fast...

I love Buntings don't you?
 I think i LOVE the saying the word!!

Just starting to think about my Autumn decorating, each time I want to start gathering my things I stop... 
a. because here in SoCaL its been so HOT..
b. too HOT
c. WAY to Hot!!!
I thought I would start with a few buntings around the house to share...have to get inspired to get those things out of storage and start!

This one on my dining chandy is a favorite I love both sides....the other side is silver Glitter****

This is a favorite too... white paper cut outs of Skeletons. Strung over my sons headboard...

This one, barely swagged around my vintage urn in the entry foyer... 
pretty sparkly black Glitter***
greets everyone  
with a simple BOO!

How do you use your bunting?

Have a beautiful monday Darlins...

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Slop sink for the Butler's pantry

Morning Darlins, welcome to saturday morning! 
We are having Santa Ana winds here in So Cal.. 
Only one word for it HOT*** 
I know the beaches will be standing room only!! The cinema sounds like a plan for this afternoon, where it is cool...
Last week I started looking for the vintage linens I had in mind for a apron skirt under the vintage sink in the butler's pantry. I wanted to see what might fit etc.
 Well...that lead to completely taking every thing out of the housekeeping cabinet to find them. What a project that turned out to be!

 I found them!

I found this oversized European vintage slop sink in Los Angeles in an Architectural Salvage store. 
I saw it sitting on the floor and fell in love with it.
 I love the curves of it, one sink is deeper than the other.
 It is huge and very heavy..

Knowing I had a vision of a large scale sink for the butler's pantry, I had to have i!
 It is centered under the new french windows...
The sink will go through a restoration process. 
I can't wait to see it finished... all shiny, clean, white and the perfect piece for this space.
I'm hunting hardware now, I need two back mount faucets, I love plumbing hardware too... it is the jewelry for the piece!

  I think I am leaning towards this vintage eyelet piece... It is actually a old slip/skirt circa 1900, used to go under a lady's riding skirt. It is 4' wide allowing for a nice gather...

I can't wait to infuse Lavender into the water when I'm hand washing vintage linens like these,
in my restored little gem!!!
Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT to read more on today's blog about vintage slop sinks in my Saturday's Designing with vintage series and visit 
my store Casual Loves Elegance there too!

Have a beautiful Saturday

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Patina Style authors

A quick Hello... and then I'm off to read my new book I picked up today!
Well not just any book...
When I first was introduced to the blog world... one of the first blogs I discovered was 
Velvet and Linen. I liked the name and thought I would like the blog too! I was right and I still enjoy it.
I received an invitation from a friends beautiful store, C'est LaVie in Encinitas to come today as she was hosting the Gianettis and their new book "Patina Style".

Yikes it was one of those super busy days and I kept looking at the clock thinking I will miss it.
Finally I made a dash to get there, my son in the car after the orthodontist apt, he is changing in the car for football.
 I said honey ... I 'll be right back! I had about 10 minutes...Still in my work out clothes from 8 am. 
 I hope no one minded!

I happily purchased a copy of their book "Patina Style" and talked with Brooke and Steve for a few moments. It was nice to meet them in person and I wish them much success with their book.

A perfect ending to a busy day....Nite!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

B&W on Wednesday

Here in SoCal we have a little break in the heat and it's a bit overcast and I'm feeling 
a little Autumn in B&W 

Would you mind if I take a moment to answer a few sweet emails I frequently get her at CLE...

Yes Darlins, SoCal is Southern California!
Yes... all photos on my blog are taken by me. I use my own content I'm not searching the web for content and photos, First, I don't have time. Second, it's not me or my lifestyle...
To regurgitate what it already out there, isn't my style.

This blog is something I have fun with! 
Absolutely, by chance, a photo is from somewhere else you bet it will have photo credit. 
Yes... I do read my emails, I love them!
I thank you so much and am grateful for y'all taking your time to visit here on my blog 

The support and the lovely things you have written to me via email or posts that you commented on about my blog are appreciated and Simply Beautiful! on to
some Autumn inspired

A vase full filled with cabbage white roses from my garden..

Photo: Street Lantern, from inside SEERSUCKER restaurant, San Diego.

At home... my boyz bathroom

A little good fortune...

This vintage hat box that sits on top of our circa 1890's Linen press. Years ago we bought a property across the street from our beach house which we renovated and sold. The estate had a few fabulous treasures....also sadly some items were badly damaged and couldn't be salvaged ..
The sweet women who lived there had many hat boxes, this was a favorite with the leather strap handle. I dusted it off and opened it up and found the shipping label from Neiman Marcus, Beverly Hills inside it. It was wonderful to see those simple labels, so classy and elegant. 

A vintage box at home for all the remotes...

This photo from the living room of our old beach house...Vintage plates and frames above my son's vintage toddler bed.. see the pedestal to the right, it belonged to my great Grandparents... still love it!

A little warm glow from a candle in my kitchen..
  I made this hook from some vintage salvage parts!

This is another artwork in front of a sconce.. I took these photos inside of a fabulous restaurant in San Diego called "Seersucker". So much fun having my birthday dinner here!

Hope you have a beautiful Autumn day inspired by a little B&W...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Traveling sales...

I love finding utilitarian pieces that were used in a service capacity. They were well made to withstand being tugged along by handles and wheels. This salespersons' traveling shoe rack is one of those pieces... Wouldn’t you have loved to of seen all the beautiful shoes that may have been put on display! 

This  vintage salesmen's traveling shoe rack was used for showing a display of shoes offered to a store.

This unique piece and others tell a story about our trades and how they presented fashion’s wares to shop keepers.

Look at this little pocket on the side... it must have been used to hold the order book....
or...little black book of all the pretty shop keepers!!!

My design tip: This vintage piece would obviously be fabulous as a store display but also in a walk in closet to display vintage shoes, hats and bags! A different use would be in a barn for tack and horse accoutrements...Lovely!!

Hop over to Second Shout Out for my "Saturday's Designing with vintage" blog post
 check this vintage rack and other cool decorating items at my shop Casual Loves Elegance

Have a beautiful Autumn Saturday...

Friday, September 7, 2012

Autumn home after school

All summer my youngest had been working out every morning, straight to the beach, then in August home from the beach for lunch then to football. So really he has been doing three a day's. 
I think he is truly inspired by his older brother!

Today is a off the chart treat!!!

 I have a special treat for him to celebrate the dedication he has shown and the great kid he is... In july he grew one inch in 17 days! 
I am one of those very contentious mothers about nutrition.. Boring I know....I don't do soda... not even diet, they are really BAAAD 
 note: I know it is true, when they are out of my sight I can't monitor their choices! 

I have explained my theory to my boys from a toddler age that we are building their body's for life...
If they work with me I promised them they would be grateful someday...Does it work? 
Yes absolutely...
It works along with good genes oldest son was easy and he followed the routine and has an amazing physique, strong work out ethic and still growing i think at 6'4.

It has always been important to me as a mom to guide them the best I knew how and hope my boys will  grow to be healthy, strong and TALL!!!

Even if I would of had girls I would of done the same..

It is organic and every meal it is a must. They love it too...

Today I'm setting a brownie made with all natural indgredents out for his Fall treat.

When he walks in the front door I will have it waiting... he will be surprised!

With a couple of cabins next to it that his dad made years ago,when he was in JR high!

These are really old... I wish projects today at school would be cool like these....

Here's to the weekend, go ahead and have a brownie... don't forget the organic milk!!!!