Saturday, June 30, 2012

My First Saturday Post on Second Shout Out!

Hey Darlins... 
Hope your Saturday will be filled with fun events and maybe a little shopping for Vintage!

This is the before to what you will see on my saturday blog post!

I have some fabulous news I'll be sharing soon.. Stay tuned! 
Every Saturday I will have my own blog post on the Second Shout Out blog!
                            My Saturday series will be called...
                     "Designing with Vintage"   with Gail Smith-Peterson.

Please hop over to see my First Post! I have others posts there but this will be my on going series every Saturday!

Click here and pop over....Excited to share it with ya'll!

Have a beautiful Saturday*

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Opening a stairwell!

Hope your week is beautiful... we have been having gorgeous weather her in SoCal!
Pony league Baseball in the evenings, gardening and alfresco dining.
 I have a little stair teaser here for Thursday! This project is our stairwell that only leads to the Master bedroom.

This house was built in late 70's a Mediterranean style... Why did they even build in the 70's or 80's! Especially here in Cali... Can you tell it is my least favorite architectural style and time!!
The stairwell was narrow, dark and won't work with my french farm house design.
The first photo is before... Note the narrow arch. My husband and son are tall and hit their heads on it!
The bottom photo is the new framed stairwell... a steel support to brace the upstairs, gives much needed height to the new landing. I designed the landing with softly curved walls and stairs to enter into the room. By opening up the wall it creates a architectural feature and brings light into the stairwell. The wall behind the chair is curved.  I have the banister designed and waiting!

 We LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out. Even's beautiful to me!

Have a beautiful day!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dinner Napkins...

 Happy Summer Darlins...
Yesterday the first day of summer!!!
Summer Solstice {the longest day of the year} truly a beautiful day here in so cal. The lighting in the evening was gorgeous... Silly but I notice everything!

I had a little dinner get together for Father's day and I was rushed as usual, but I always have my dinner napkins ready to set a pretty table.

My Design tip: Start with clean napkins, fold them and use pretty napkin holders and place them under a pretty glass cloche. Not just pretty...always cleanready* in can just have anyone set the table!
Have a pretty day!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

     Sunday morning Blessings... They  are all around us and constant. I count mine every day, not just on Sunday.
Last October I went on my annual visit to the Midwest, I grew up there as a young girl.. I LOVE visiting my family and seeing the beauty and I call it a refreshing flush! {I will leave it at that}
It is my most special place to just *BE*  My family & my upbringing have taught me to stay grounded through my journey... a blessing that I honor and have held dear. They know me and appreciate that I am the same small town girl!

While I was there we went to the NA-DA Farm Sale.  I have enjoyed Ann-Maries blog she's on my Blog roll. (Link below) we emailed back and forth I told her I was coming.. She was so sweet and greeted us with a big smile & a welcome hug! 
What I treasure most that I bought was the burlap GOD BLESS sign that her husband made. IT wasn't really for sale but she made an exception! I was grateful! I LOVE IT! I think I know where I will hang it!
The Vintage black frame also came from there. More items I  will show you later!

                                                               *Simple Blessings *