Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Darlins

Happy Halloween Darlins!

Check out this cool XTRA large Cinderella pumpkin....
I had to share it with you.
It is on the counter at Zinc cafe in Newport beach!

Be safe & have fun
the good witch

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Elements for cozy weekends

Morning Darlins,
Weekends are my favorite around our home.
 Somehow it feels like time is less structured, we aren’t watching the time so closely.
 Simply more engaged in really enjoying the moments. 

Though the to-do list is long during the day, it’s the evenings we look forward to. 
Enjoying those long dinners by the fire. 
Lounging in the mornings a little longer is lovely too. 
Baking with new recipes to try out on the family. 

Cozy elements inspire our spaces
 encourage us to embrace the time we spend relaxing in them.


Forgot your broom!!!

Photos for this post Pinterest

My Design tip: Dim lights, use candles and bring out softt textures. 
Let your senses guide your ideas of a cozy space.

Hop over to Second Shout Out Blog for my series Saturday's "Designing with Vintage"
 & shop my vintage for your cozy home.

A beautiful weekend to you...

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pops of Pumpkin

 Love waking up to the scent of wood logs burning in the dining room fireplace, 
our second Autumn fire!
The color PUMPKIN is a warm balance.
 It's neutral, yet not boring or safe in a design sense. 
I like adding pops of it this time of year with vintage accents.

From Fashion to Furnishings & accessories in between. 
Let's peek at PUMPKIN, this Autumn neutral.

 Remember these fireplaces? They're back!

Shop the Vintage stool in my shop click link below

My Design tip: Adding pops of color is a simple and inexpensive way to update a space. Easily changed out every season if you like.

Hop over to Second Shout Out blog Saturday's "Designing with Vintage" series,
Shop my vintage finds.

Here's to a beautiful Autumn weekend!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Doin what makes folks happy!

Happy Friday Darlins...
Are you doin what makes you happy?????????????
Hmmm got ya!
Something to ponder isn't it!
I'm pondering how cool this is! 

 I fell in love with each one!
The Antlers..silly!
Last night we had a casual meeting at this cool industrial spot 
 Booze Brothers Brewery, located in Carlsbad, Ca.
 cool industrial-vintage vibe and I loved seeing how creative this company is...
I love stories of start ups...
We heard a couple of cool stories  from the owners last night. 
It's was obvious,
 that these folks are DOIN what makes them HAPPY!

Another cool story from the owner of MISH MASH Gourmet San Diego  
as he shared his impressive culinary background.

We ordered two exceptional artisan gourmet items, 
local fish tacos and organic grass fed angus burger.
Oh my goodness....Delicious!
I really wanted to try the truffle fries, next time....just have to say I tried them...
Couldn't come home with out burgers for the boys, just wouldn't be right!

When someone is creative and passionate about what they feel it. 
It elevates the entire experience for us, they are sharing their gift.

Sharing Local goodness is fun!
So cool to meet folks that are doin what makes them happy!

Happy Friday!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Curating my Autumn Pinterest

Morning Darlins,
Oops, a little mix up on my Saturday series, sorry next week you will see it...

Let's have a little fun & inpire with what I've been curating on 


Enjoy! I have fun looking at everyones boards too, 
Pin away & I hope you find one thing you adore and will want to add to your season.

A beautiful Autumn weekend to you

Saturday, October 4, 2014

October's hush

A lovely Saturday...
Interesting that October is called the "hush before winter". 
It really is...
Quietly the leaves turn beautifully
 then fall to the ground blanketing it in preparation of winter.
We blanket ourselves in Autumns cozy fashions
our homeswith textures that connect us to nature.
A welcoming sprig of berries, wreaths and pumpkins to inspire the beginning of October.
Our tin man's shed need a little love for Autumn...

My full post
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Fall vintage items in the store.

My Design tip: Gather your vintage adornments, layer clothing, home and your outdoor dining spaces with cozy textures in natural shades.    

Layer your spirit with the Hush of October....

A beautiful day to you,

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Autumn's new favs

Welcoming October...

Yesterday afternoon I was in the mood to make something new for dinner.
Perhaps linking this to being inspired by a couple recent culinary classes.

I began with my search for 
a new soup.
then I found a cookie that looked delicious,
found a second cookie recipe 
which made perfect sense,
 since I would have all the ingredients and mixer out!!!

A HUG & HUGE homerun!
These lemon cookies...

I took them outside so we could taste them in the Autumn air!

Couldn't walk away for a second...
I had to shoo away all the boys and the dogs while I was trying to snap this photo!

The soup I made was Asparagus potato,
Not a hit, too remake on that one!
{ I thought with over a pound of asparagus it would be ok }

I made a goat cheese quiche for the main course.
I sort of winged it off a old standard I make. 
A HUGE hit with the boys.

I made two types of cookies.
 this lemon cookie,
 A HUGE HUGE HIT with the boys!
The last two cookies were grabed when they were going out the door this morning!

The second cookie, an old version of the first original toll house cookie.
Very good, a better than ave from the usual recipe. No need to photograph!

I LOVE trying new recipes, 
my family has pretty good pallets, 
I know instantly what's a hit!

A beautiful day to you,

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Useful plate racks

Morning Darlins,
Standing at the sink this morning I felt the first cool breeze of the season!
Ahhh Autumn might be here in SoCaL!

I love a kitchen displaying vintage or heirloom plates in a plate rack.
A charming way to add something useful and artistic.

When our collections get behind closed doors of a hutch.
 we aren't able to appreciate their beauty any time we wish.
Sooooo if there were no upper cabinets in our kitchens,
 I know we could get pretty creative with our dish ware!

Here are two styles we most often see. 

 Photos: Pinterest

What would your preference be? 
I would love your opinion on plate racks!

My Design tip: Plate racks are useful storage. Adding charm with dishware in a kitchen is very welcoming and makes a space feel cozy.

Hop over to my Satruday"Designing with Vintage" series at Second Shout Out blog. 
It's nesting time and there are some really cool vintage items in the shop for your home. 

Off to scout some western attire for a OC big western fundraiser event this evening!
Going to be fun...

Keep in touch with me on FB too!  Like us CLE 

A beautiful weekend to you!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

TBT * Favorite Hollywood Legend & me

Mornin Darlins,

Sort of...a quick story for TBT...

One of my favorite memories & biggest instinct lessons were validated on the same day during my career. 
Thats just two reasons why I hold this story close to my heart. I'll share a few key things!

In the industry theres print models and commercial models. 
Typically either - or. If your a duel threat..then you have happy agents!

At the time I was only doing print and for a couple years it seemed my agent had been trying to talk me into auditoning for commercials, T.V - film.  
I wanted to focus on what i was doing, not interested.

During a meeting with the agency the subject came up again.
Why can't I send you on auditons for commercials etc?
She said, I wouldn't be pushing you if I didn't believe in your abilities and think you would be successful.
  I layed it on the table.... Not sure where the nerve came from, but I'm always honest.

Pretty much went like this....
I am not interested in back ground work.
I will only go on spokes auditions or main characters!
Yes I was young, honestly said what was on my mind, probably a little overconfident you think!!
How could this really happen with out coaching or acting class!

Agreed, they would only send me on those auditions.
Long long story getting shorter..
 I was sent on an my first audition, I arrrived at my time late in the afternoon. I was on a booking all morning.
I was told to sign in, get in line.  
remember...this was my very first commercial Audtion!
Signing in.. 
Question on the sign in sheet, SAG member? Non Union? 
Thinking to myself what's that?
 I left everything blank, just put my name next to #1, 200 something! 
Went into the line, that stretched down the hall and out the building
In line a girl near me was changing shoes etc. She was running late from work. 
Where do you work? I asked.
She said I'm shooting a game show pilot, We shook hands, I introduced myself. 
She replied, my name is Vanna White! 
So you can fill in that part of her story!

Anyhoo...I went in, did the audition, Went fine.
Two more call backs over the next couple of weeks, On the third call back I signed in at #130!
That's a ton.
Soon after I got a call from my agent,
 she was so excited to tell me I booked the national commercial...

The national commercial spot was this for Anheuser Busch's new brand LA Beer.
Mr. George Burns and me!

I arrive at the location for the commercial.
Here's what I didn't know...

Why I was being separated from the other talent that was there... 
I was concerned, thinking I was going to be an extra.
How could this be... I was told, I got the part....
I was taken to the set after hours of waiting, lunch,wardrobe, makeup etc.

They walked me over to introduce me to the legendary Mr. George Burns.
 We said Hello, shook hands and he said something charming!

Handing each of us some papers... 
Here are your sides, why don't you two go take a moment to look them over. Then we will do a read.
Hmmm.. side?
 Side of what? 
I looked down on the paper, it was printed Mr. Burns and Girl.  
I looked up, yep he's Mr. Burns and om-goodness I'm GIRL!!!

We shot the commercial very quick, only a few takes. The director was excited.
It went so well they asked I would do some stills with Mr. Burns for the Point of Purchase campaign!

It wasn't until we rapped shooting when everyone came over and congratulated me with my first national commercial and earning my SAG card!

I was thinking, hmmm.... how did they know? I was being so professional! 

There was a secret and everyone was in on it...

My agent, producers, crew and the execs from Anhesuser Busch including Mr. Burns 
this was my first commercial!

It was quite a moment! I wasn't sure to laugh or cry!

 Mr. Burns was such a delightful gentleman. It was purely an honor to meet him.
He shared a few tidbits of wisdom about the industry with me, that day.
A few years later, our paths crossed once again.
 I auditioned and booked a SDGE commercial with him.

I arrived on the set,
He looked at me and said...
Hey gorgeous, haven't we met?
I said yes Mr. Burns, we have. 
He said, yes dear I remember....we did a commercial together and it was your first commercial!
So surprised he remembered! 
I was grateful for this opportunity to work beside such a legend.

Everyone has to start somewhere, their kindness and patience were so appreciated. 
Most important is what I came away with and what I learned that day about myself was so powerful...

 At the top of the page in my book of Fav's.

A beautiful day to you!
Happy Throw-back Thursday!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

DIY Repurposing

Morning Darlins,
Something about Autumn has us nesting about, 
getting cozy 
 preparing for more entertaining at home.

Thoughts wonder a little... about gifting & the holidays.

Opting to use things we already have in  a new way is very eco friendly.
It's cool to find a new purpose for something vintage. 
We are loving something all over again in a creative new way.

We love candles...
Turning vintage oil cans upside down, setting vintage cheese graters over a lit candle are a couple of ways to see a pretty glow indoors or out.
{The cheese grater would work well with battery operated twinkle lights or candles}

Vintage sweaters...

Made from cable knits, cashmere, cotton, wool etc. 
Easy to craft one of a kind pillows from the body, 
use the cuffs & waist bands to slip onto cups, candles, 
the sleeves for bottles & vases.
Add vintage embelishments & you have something truly special for your space or to gift.

Use that vintage sweater your grandma gave you that you can't part with, enjoy it repurposed.
Gifting a piece of it to a family member keeps it in the family!
Or buy that vintage one you've been eyeing, but it's not really your size!

Vintage equestrian...
Repurposing this as a towel bar for a guest bath
 a bar towel would be unique & memorable!

A wood wire spool...
A cool vintage find. 
I actually have one our electrician gave me years ago!

Wondering how to repurpose it?
This is a piece that needs to be moveable, it's heavy & awkward.
Installing 3 industrial wheels would be perfect.
Adding a cushion constructed from vintage grain sacks  would be awesome.
Raising it on legs would work well for small bar table pared with vintge stools.

My Design tip: Think about vintage pieces with new ideas for uses. Be creative, if something has a story hang on to it. You will find a way to enjoy it a second time around.

Click over to Saturday's "Designing with Vintage" series & shop for vintage items for your Autumn spaces.

A beautiful Autumn day to you
Sweet of you for sharing your time & latte with me!

Photos: Pinterest

Thursday, September 18, 2014

My throw back found for sale online!

Morning Darlins,

I decided I should participate every now & then to throw back Thursday!
Looking through some archives...
 I thought that my ST. PAULI GIRL would be fun to share...
It was my first spokesmodel audtion for a large campaign.

They were interviewing all over the country, tens of thousands of hopefuls each year.
 I had never heard of it! 
There is a fun story that goes along with this, but I'm in a hurry so will tell it some other time!

Long story short, the casting agency took a poloroid of me in the outfit to show how I would look...
 sent to New York
the rest is history...
I was excited they booked me and my agency was super excited!

Every where I went that year on other auditions my real name came second... 
I was first
 THE ST. Pauli Girl!

I'm not sure how many years they have chosen a ST. PAULI Girl spokesmodel. 
I believe it started in the 70's. The costume has changed a bit today.

Back in the mid 80's booking this was extremely coveted! 
The year before me was the beautiful actress"Donna Dixon" who later married actor Dan Akroid. 

When trying to research what year this was... 
I found several of my St. Pauli Girl posters for sale online.
The ones I saw, I have not signed.
I used to sign several thousand at each PA!

I'm pretty sure I still have a box of posters in my storage area! 
They sent me several boxes, I gave them all to my Dad!

Here is one I found for sale on line!

The artwork, beer mugs and background were added later to the photos.

Sharing something from my archives!
Has me giggling!

A beautiful Throw Back Thursday to you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pretty little sea biscuit

Morning Darlins,
It is Autumn...
However, here in SoCal it's more like Indian Summer!

Last evening we took our dogs Mr. Lincoln & Miss Chloe down to the beach. 
They are having a difficult time in this heat with all their fur.

We were walking swiftly with dogs on leashes,

 I happpen to look down
faintly saw this!

Before I could reach down, a wave came and I thought I would never see it again...

The water receded
Well... there it was, right before my eyes waiting for me!!!

I was so excited, I have never found a Sand dollar before.

Pristine, delicate little sea biscuit!
I have one other sand dollar my son found in Nantucket! It is larger and a bit more puffy.

Gods creative fingerprints are everywhere.
I wanted to share this special treasure from the sea this morning!

Enjoy a beautiful day, who knows what you may find right before your eyes!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reclaimed wood does a world good

Morning Darlins,

Have you noticed the beauty in a solid piece of wood?
Today we have access to some gorgeous reclaimed pieces.
Utilizing reclaimed wood in our decor
 for flooring,
architectural statements gives them a second life.

One of a kind natural elements that pare well with any style decor.
In celebrating Autumn, 
it's time to think about nature.
Salvaging what is before us... 
has never been more beautiful.
Infuse some reclaimed gorgeous pieces into your home renovations & artfully display them in retail spaces. 

Let's get inspired!

all photos today for this post Pinterest

My Design tip: Reclaimed wood offers a warmth to a space that no other product can.
It's good for us, no harsh chemicals & connects us to nature. 
Pure beauty and it does a world good, to waste not.

Hop over to SSO blog for my series "Saturday's Designing with Vintage" & shop SSO for reclaimed wood for your home projects & renovations.

A beautiful Autumn weekend for cleaning out the garage& starting a new project!