Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday "Designing with vintage" my Gathering Room

Hello Darlins,

If your just coming over and didn't read yesterdays post...scroll down to read it!
Today is the 1st Saturday's "Designing with vintage" from my home.

Sometime... if you haven't you might like to read my bio on the side bar.. it tells my story. 

Let's begin with a little back story....

It's real darlins... we are living in our renovation!
Our home sits on over 2 acres in Southern California..
 the view and the position of the house is why we bought this.
It feels likes Napa, with infinity views and spots of blue Pacific Ocean.

Every piece of dirt, every square foot of this house is being transformed from a 1980 Mediterranean to a French Normandyish farmhouse. 
My husband & I are the GC's & I'm designing.

We are having so much fun, yes the budget is the stressful element, but we are making so many memories & doing it in phases. It's a huge project,
living it makes for awesome choices!

Thursday night I brought home this gorgeous vintage little round table.

I have been wanting a round table for a long time, but never found one that quite had the character...
This one flipped my gourd...
I scored this vintage round beveled glass top table.
a consignment shop.

gorgeous french details 
 perfect amount of chippy paint were like a magnet.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it as is!

I white glove cleaned the room, cleared everything out of the dining room 
Gathering room.

We live in this room, next to the fireplace all winter is where we are.
It has beautiful light all year.

A view from the juliete balcony with the bare floor.

Then to cosy it up I added this hide rug.
 I borrowed it from my sons bedrooom,
 he's at college he won't miss it!

What do you think?
Rug or bare flloor?

Here's the same room before as the dining room.

 A view from juliette balcony last year.

So... which space is your favorite?

The new Gathering room
Dining room

Note the chairs, sofa, stool in the gathering room are all vintage.
They all will be re-upholstered in time.

All the pieces you see in both spaces are vintage, the accessories, the european down quilt, grainsacks, enamel candle sticks, silver trophy champange bucket, frame, french half commode,  chandelier
 & campaign bed.
 I'd say it's 50/50 vintage markets, vintage shops.

One of the white enamel candle sticks was my first purchase from Second Shout Out-Omero home when they first began!

All vintage.

The two toile pillows on the day bed are newer also the down inserts.

The bottom of the chandelier has this pretty pale blue crystal cup, I spotted that first!
This took 3 men to hold & install the ceing is about 18 feet.

We love this room, bottom line.
What makes it a favoite is the natural light, two story ceiling, fireplace & view to the pool & coast.
Honestly this room would be gorgeous with a card table & folding chair in it!

This room is off the kitchen and the first space you see off the entry foyer. 

Before we first moved in we ripped out the carpet, layed the temporary wood down, 
Installed a ceiling fan and tore down the wall between this room & the kitchen so you could get light all the way throughand see the view from the kitchen
Later I found the chandelier.
The northern wall has been changed with the new windows & base, which will be carried on throught the house.

Phase 2 for this room will be all new windows, smooth coat walls, mouldings & re-do fireplace.

My Design tip: Look at how you live in a space, it might speak to you as differnt than it's intended.

I forgot to tell you, last night my husband came in and said.
Honey.... where's the dining room?

I'll show you my ideas for that next!

 I'd love to have a conversation about flipping these rooms, what would you like to see here?
Looking forward to hearing what you think? Leave me a comment here or FB.

Thank you for coming by my first Saturday's Designing with Vintage, from home.
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Friday, October 2, 2015

Starting tomorrow NEW vintage series from home.

Happy Friday Darlins,

I'm flippin things around here... home & blog!
Starting tommorow Saturday 10 * 3 * 15 

I will be posting my Saturday's "Designing with Vintage" from my home!

Each Saturday you can expect to see all my vintage finds
flea market jaunts,
 estate sales,
 darling shops  
  and wait till you see
 the road side
 HIT THE BRAKES &  BACK UP free finds!

I will share each Saturday! 

THE FLIP:   I have been curating posts for several years at Second Shout Out - Omero Home.
 My series has been called Saturday's Designing with Vintage.  
I am grateful to have been given the amazing opportunity to write posts specifically for their brand.
They are awesome, giving me reigns to create posts for them, humbled that they entrusted me with their fabulous brand.

Now... It's my turn to bring you new posts from my home to yours.

THE NEW Saturday's Designing with Vintage....
curated vintage finds I have personally found and how I use them in my design at home.

 I have recieved lots of emails over the last few year asking when will I will show more of my style and my vintage finds?  Answer- Starting tomorrow!

See you back here in the morning with your latte sharing my newest vintage find...

Tell your friends!

Your going to flip your gourd!!!


Wednesday, September 30, 2015's what we need.

Hi Darlins,

Today I have one word to I want to share...
It will mean something different to each of you.
Sometimes I have so much going on I have to remind myself to focus.

When I first bought this little stone like trinket a couple years ago I walked around our home placing it here and there and I decided I wanted it to be front and center somewhere. 
It has stayed here on the shelf in my kitchen, 
I see this little reminder to FOCUS everyday in fact, several times a day!
It brings me joy.
I read it & ponder what I should be focusing on at the moment, what or who needs my attention? 
It hones me in to focus on what's right in front of me.

We all have our plates full. That is the world in which we live.

But it's truly up to us to FOCUS on what matters most and it's usually right in front of us!

Sometimes is us, our heart, our family, a friend or our pet that needs our focus or attention.

I wish you the beauty to Focus on that which surrounds you.
Have a beautiful and joyful last day of September.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Autumn's !st day

Hello Autumn,
You're presence is always welcomed
 we love your crisper days & cosy nights.

Are you looking forward to earlier dinners
 the first fire of the season?

We are!

I bought two pumpkins yesterday...I'm in!


 Can't wait to test out a few new recipes!

Living room mantle

Living room, I love this pumkin!

Have a memorable week!

Happy First Day of Autumn Darlins,

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Barber shops

Hi Darlins,

Have you recently noticed the cool gentlemen's barber-shaving shops popping up?
It's a reflection of the past that I hope really takes off again.

 A cool way for our guys to sit in the barber chair and have a connection to their pops!
Showcasing vintage barber pieces can be an artful statement in a gentlemen's bath.

My Design tip: Framing your Grandfather's or pops shaving tools in a shadow box or vintage cabinet would be handsomely artful.

You will find this vintage Barber Pole at OMERO Home

Hop over to OMERO home Blog for my Saturday's "Designing with Vintage" series.

Enjoy this lovely weekend,

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Happy Saturday Darlins,

The season for Tailgating is here...

A fun tradition that everyone can participate in.
 Maybe you already have an "A" game tailgate ceremony that you can't wait to roll out. 
You've got the lucky thermoses, 
your famous game chili,
 secret spiced popcorn
your touchdown cookies. 

All you need is the perfect backdrop & accouterments to add the winning touch. 

This is perfect for Del Mar at the Polo fields...

Photos: Pinterest
Tailgating has been a beloved fan traditoin for years!

My Design tip: Have fun looking for vintage banners & penants of your team, hang them with vintage clothes pins.

Hope over to Omero home blog for the whole post today on my Series Saturday "Designing with Vintage"

A beautiful weekend to you,

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Autumn walk

Set out on a trail this Autumn,
 lace up those walking shoes,
 find a cool sturdy branch for a walking stick & pack a delicious picnic to take along.
 Explore a little
 a lot. 
Let’s appreciate nature’s beauty as it’s changing right before us.
 Embrace this new season together. 
Covet a few twigs or pretty leaves & bring them home with you to savor the season.

Natural wonders to explore around the world...

1. Central Park, NY
2. Tollymore Forest, Ireland
3 .Ramsau near Bavarian Alps
4. Yosemite Valley, California
5. Great Smokey Mountains, Tennessee
6. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
7. Zion National Park, Utah
8. Nicolet bay, Wisconsin

My Design tip: Nature's gifts remind us that were surrounded by beauty, a simple acorn or a leaf is a symbol of the season, Take time to gather a few for your home.

 A gorgeous first weekend of September to you, Happy Labor Day

Hnop over to Saturday's "Designing with vintage" Omero home.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcoming September's 1st morning.

Welcoming Septembers 1st morning..

...are you ready for Autumn 2015?

There's really not a single thing I don't adore about Autumn, how about you?

I wish one thing though...
crisper temps here in Cali!

Oh, how I do love Autumn Fashion, 
...wearing a plaid skirt & flips isn't excting or making a fashion statement!

I can't wait to start looking at all the boards for the season...
Here's my Autumn Pinterest board.

Let's take time to enjoy the season from beginning to end...

ONE more thing...
Thank you so much y'all for the Birthday wishes! 
So sweet of you & I love them all!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

...birthday wishes in the Lemon Grove

Sweet day to you,

I woke up early, quickly baked cinnamin rolls and packed one for school, it's my sons second day back!

This morning there was a little fog lingering about,
  I thought it would be fun to make my 


This antique light base sits in the isle between the trees.

The slice of trunk is from a old tree here & a few roses I cut from the garden.

A few favorite vintage things to set the day...

This little tradition I've continued evolved from my mom, I miss her... especially today...
A few quiet moments to reflect on the year that's past & set my direction for the new year ahead.
A moment for me...

A beautiful day is ahead, the sun is clearing the fog!

If it's your Birthday today
 or this Month 
HAPPiest of BIRTHDAY wishes to you too!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Palest pinks tour at my home.

Happy Saturday Darlins,

Summers longest days are here, it's coming to the close of August my favorite month of year.
It holds special memories and it's the month of celabrating! 

At my home I try to keep the use of my favorite color, pale pink-minimal.
Flowers from our garden
mostly a few favorite vintage pieces and accessorries, my boys and husband appreciate that I'm sure...
Today I'm sharing a few photographs I've taken here and there to give you an idea how I use those touches of pale pink in and around my home.

I hope this inspires that you can have your cake and eat it to speak!!!

Let's Start outdoors up by the firepit,
 a curved wood bench has european duvets stuffed with a cushion, pink hydrangeas.

Climbing roses from my garden.

I love the lemony fragerance of this rose, the palest of pinks fading into sugary whites.

A European campaign bed set up in our vintage garden folly.
 A down filled cushion inset in a european duvet, 
vintage flowery latte bowl & plates. 

A pale pink heart candle my son gave me for Valentines day many many years ago. 
Every year I bring it out for Valentines, I always wonder if it will light!

touches of pale pink too.

My favorite vintage tea cups, Bavarian, I have two. 

In the kitchen this euopean pale pink Sucre {sugar} tin holds a potted mint. 
I love having it close by to use fresh mint in waters & on deserts.

Other heirloom roses from the garden..

This was last years B-day...
In the dining room, nestled up to the table is my favorite pink metal stool,
 It's one of my coolest finds, I have a white one too! 

I have my own little traditon....
Each year on my birthday I set up a little celebration just for me.

My mom did something special for me growing up, using pink too, 
I was the only girl in my family.
 Now that she's gone I missed that so much. 
I loved it so that I thought... I will keep it going for myself.

I get up early, it's quiet and I have time to myself to reflect upon the year that has passed
dream of what the year ahead may look like. 
I light my own little candle & make my first wish of the new birthday year.

 I covet this sentimental little bakelite vintage clock. 
I wished for it, for many years!
You see, it was a special gift from my Grandpa to my Grandmother McCleod when they were first married.

When I was a little girl and visited her my favorite thing to do was have her show me her pretty things she kept on shelves.
 This clock was so precious, she told me maybe one day it would be mine....

Many years later my mother,
after my grandmother passed away
 wrapped it up for one of my birthdays....with tears streaming down her face...
she said "Happy Birthday from Grandma", she always said she promised this to you.
As soon as I saw this little pink clock I felt my grandmother right there with me.

Such a little thing is attached to the the biggest moments.

A delicate varitey of hydrangea on my table with a 100 wishes...
What would you wish?
I know I would use them all for one special wish
 I know what it would be!!!!

The pales of pink, was what I was dreaming of when I designed my own wedding gown,

Tommoro is our wedding anniversary, it seems like yesterday!

My Design tip: If your favorite color is a bit much for your decor, bring it in for your favorite occasion. Bring each family members favorite color in on their occasion, they will love you for it!

I hope your weekend is a beautiful one,