Monday, May 11, 2015

Surprise Breakfast in our Garden Folly.

A lovely Monday to you Darlins,

Hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day!

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it began quite lovely...
I woke to a cozy fire in the dining room fireplace where we had tea & lattes.
 Soon our youngest son joined us. 
Minded hes's 6ft now, my husband is 6'4 and I'm 5'8....
 We giggled as we sat all three squished together on curved velvet vintage settee near the fire looking at old trucks & performance motors for the H2!
My oldest son called from out of state early to wish me Happy Mother's Day... Miss him!

Wait.... it gets better, 
They picked oranges from our trees & made fresh juice for the Almond champange mimosa's.
After one... I had to get down to the grove to pick 8 boxes of Lemons {800 lemons}.
I'm down in the grove...
sun is shining, birds singing and I'm famished...

My son drives up in his off road thingy! He has roses from my garden & a handmade card for me...
Hop in Mom, were going to breakfast, it's a surprise!

He takes me here....

.... To our garden Folly! 
Look who's waiting for us, Mr. Lincoln.

A hand made note....

My Husband & son surprised me with a beautiful Mother's Day Breakfast...

All my favorite things...
Candles, roses from my garden, Belguim waffles, almond champange mimosas, fresh fruit from the farmers stand.
 All of us together in my favorite place....
 Home in the Garden Folly
 with my favorite peeps!

mmmm, they cleaned up & later made Tri tip for dinner...

 An amazing Mother's day one for the books....
that I so appreciated from the bottom of my heart....

Thank you sweethearts for making my Mother's Day so special & just gorgeous!

The only thing missing was my Mother... she is in the heavens probably thinking good job men!!!

I'm leaving for a trip this week so I thing they might want to make sure I remember this while I'm gone!!!

A beautiful week to you Darlins!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cottage fresh.

Hello Darlins,
A beautiful Mother's Day weekend to you....
I have to say how grateful we are for *RAIN * yesterday here in California!

The hail and thunder in the middle of the night had our dogs a bit frightend,
Into the garage with a little Beethoven music till morning!

All is well... our Lemon Grove is happy happy happy from the fresh drink of water..

Speaking of fresh... Cottage fresh,
Don't you think even the tiniest of cottages is endearing?
A cottage is a place to relax with a few things to furnish the space.

There is always flowers... 

Painted sufaces, usually white with a window or door that lets the quiet breeze in.

Slips are practical 
lovely for cottage furnishings.


Tommorow is Mother's Day, 

 Shop for gifts or for yourself, Mother's Day is really everyday!

My Design Tip: To lighten up your space for summer, think cottage fresh. Simple & cozy!

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Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Timeless travelers

A beautiful first saturday of May to you,

As we welcome May with all the excitement of summer it's time to think about adventures and travel.
Packing up and hitting the road is one of the best ways to see this country.
Seeking places out of the way and setting up the perfect camp to enjoy the full  beauty of it all.

 It's adventureous

Here's some inspiration for a vintage camping vibe....
 I found these for your timeles travels.

Perhaps a day trip is all you need... 
Get out of the office & enjoy your own area for a picnic or throw in a line....

{the perfect solution if you can't leave town this summer}
 Once every weekor so and you will have a fulfilling & fun summer!

Camping has & always will be a travel expereince for all ages to enjoy!

All Pinterest

My Design tip: If your setting up your first camper, select a theme and build around it.
Half the fun is finding vintage pieces for your timelsess traveler.

Welcome MAY, make a picnic & safe travels.

P.S Don't forget Mother's Day is coming... I have a little something she would treasure...
This is a vintage Mother sentiment cup from the victorian era. It's a special find!

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You can also see all my Design Tips from my postd there on the site.

A beautiful first Saturday of May to you...

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Why we love cafe's...

Morning Darlins,
Sipping my latte had me thinking of why we love Cafe's. 
Thoughts of a cafe seem to entice us. 
Perhaps we know it's a space that will be well designed & have delicious food. 
You know the kind, I'm sure!
Sometimes the ambiance is a bit quirky 
 just so creative we get distracted looking at every detail.
 Comfy with lots of vintage style. 
Those are always exciting to find.

The exterior alone is almost enough ....

Let's keep our hands off the window peeking in....stay with me!

 all Pinterest
These pretty much fit the bill.
Before you head out the door,you might want to leave your robe at home!

My Design tip: Take a Q from a cafe, translate that welcoming feeing into the place you call home.

A beautiful Saturday to you,

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Ceiling medallions

Morning Darlins,
A beautiful quiet morning here in SoCal....
Today on Saturday's "Designing with vintage" series,
 I want to share some love for ceiling medallions.
More than function, lights set the ambiance of a room. 
Looking up at a ceiling seeing a beautiful medallion enchances the fixture even more. 
Historical homes sometimes incorporated the medallions as part of the entire ceiling pattern. 
A special art we don't often see today.

  Architectural elements like these vintage medallions are treasures, 
so if you find any....
 don't think twice about buying it!

 I have a few beauties waiting to be incorporated into my projects.

*Beautiful as art*


My Design tip: Simple lighting can stand out with a ceiling medallion. Drawing the eye to the other other architectural features, moldings or a coffered ceiling.

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Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A lemonly life - Handle it...

Happy Wednesday Darlins,
Sometimes blogging shares a story that connects us with others by 
a feeling or something they have experienced as well.

 Casual Loves Elegance has never been intended to solely show a pretty room, design idea or a roses from my garden. It was to share some depth of simple moments & lifes experiences that connect us all from time to time. I hope you visit my blog for a bit of everything, 
if so than your the best!!!
On to the post...tissue in hand, if I can keep my tears off the key board! 
Life gives lemons, I learned the sheer meaning, depth and truth of those words from a young child. 
I learned from those around me by watching and feeling the immense strength and courage it takes to HANDLE IT...
To this day I'm grateful for immeasurable  lessons, those moments that really can't be described but only felt by the pure of heart. 
Maybe that's why the lessons of a child are what shapes them into the adults they become. 
I know it's true of me...
I truly have empathy for those who have learned some lemony life lessons.
But, those who turn their back and pretend life is but a rose, don't find their place in my lemony life. 
People and animals aren't so different,
basically need the same thing, companionship. love. loyalty & respect.

For my family a pet is a companion, a loyal friend, a protector, a heart that gives unconditional love and in return we give our family friend everything we can to to maintain it's health and keep them happy and respect them for the gifts of joy they bring.

This is Mr. Lincoln, our Saint Bernard. 
Freshly bathed and cozy in our home. I couldn't resist a little photo shoot!

About 10 weeks old.  Adorable, snuggly and already a best friend...

Here is Lincoln about 3 months old with my son at puppy agility training.
We noticed he had a fear of going up onto some of the objects and walking across a elevated board.
The drill is for the dog to become agile and confident in all surroundings.
He was terrified, he was shaking and we held him as he tried to walk across and up the platforms.

Looking back (he is 2 years old now) we know it's because he didn't see well even at that time...

Two differnt specialists examined our concerns at 10 weeks old. They told us he had glaucoma in one eye and the other wasn't healthy either... begining onset of cataracts in the other eye.
We cried and searched for answers, recalling taking all the best measures in the first place. How did we choose this adorable purebread Saint from a well respected and impeccable breader and two weeks later hear the diagnosis our new puppy would be blind someday, 
sooner than we might be prepared for.
Nothing to do but cuddle him, love him and give him a home to feel secure at.
for us...
HANDLE it...
Look for the good of the situation, feeling grateful we are the family who choose to love him unconditionally. 
Teach our children to do the right thing.

Fast forward he is 2 years old. His sight has declined, he doesn't track with his eyes.
 Though he runs around as if he had 20-20!
His hearing is failing too...
Last night I went to get a new collar for him, I'm standing at the pet store in tears {the young girl working there came over} when I was trying to think what to engrave on his new name tag...If he got out of the yard, I wanted anyone who would find him to know about him right away.
He's not going to find his way back home...
He's not going to hear us call his name from far away.

Soooo I just HANDLED it...
Done, engraved what needed to be known. 
I feel better putting it into words.

I have a set of these old Dog Show handlers towels from 1966, they seem to be fitting!

Mr. Lincoln is happy and the love of our family, we love our tibetian mastiff Miss Chole too.
Lincoln follows her like a shadow and she shows him the world from a dogs view.

A lemony life is....
 a test of courage and faith to see IF & how you HANDLE it!

Thanks for listening, I feel better...

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Vintage spaces thrive on a budget.

A beautiful Saturday to you...
The spaces we live in are inspired by our basic individual tastes, surroundings and our climate.
One common old thorn in the side, the budget.
I see it as an advantage, here's why.....
The advantage of any budget is we can become quite clever with the  means we have. 
Personally, I live resourceful and all my projects thrive on a tight budget!
It's all about the squeeze to get things in, thats where the fun begins.
 Vintage living fits beautifully with that criteria.
 See if you can spot all the vintage elements in these spaces.

all Pinterest

My Design tip: Vintage items purchased at a fair value will not only retain their value but possibly appreciate over time. Be sure to care for them properly.

If you struggle with pulling your space together on a budget, contact me through email. 
I will be happy to assist you!

Enjoy this beautiful weekend,

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Darlins,
A little delightful isnpiration for your Spring decor.
 Have fun entertaining family and friends for Easter.


My Design tip: Lighten up spaces with fresh linens, removing anything that seems heavy.

Enjoy all that Spring will bring...
Happy Easter,