Saturday, April 12, 2014

Vintage rustic containers

Morning Darlin's
 a rustic vintage container catches your eye, you pass them by simply because your not sure what you could do with it....
Spring is the perfect time to plant your favorite flowers or herbs in containers.
They are unique, easy &  you can place them exactly where you want to see them.


Vintage watering cans, galvanized buckets can be filled & placed anywhere. 
Drilling a hole in the bottom ensures proper drainage.

Vintage boxes, crates & wooden trunks make great containers as well. 
If the paint is worn & chippy with old advertising labels, even better!


A simple vintage bakers pan is lovely.
The perfect little reminder it's spring!


Vintage wagons...


My favorite 
vintage goat wagons.


Yikes I love this!

My Design tip:
Space can be limited, a rustic container filled with blooms, herbs, succulents or a miniature tree. whatever your fancy. Drainage is essential. Simply bring the container in doors for a party too!

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A beautiful Spring day to you!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Vintage farm accoutrement

Morning Darlins...

A beautiful old barn or a cupola with a weathervane brings upon us the image of a farm or seaside living.
 One item can symbolize something special.

I love how one simple farm or sea accoutrement can bring a country fresh feeling to interior spaces.


Start a collection, then mix vintage weathervanes with other items you love.


Love the large scale of these...


Who new....weathervanes are glamorous

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My Design tip:
Vintage weathervanes are nostalgic pieces of our history.
Incorporate them in any condition to your space, the older the better.
 Vintage treasures, so if you find one, don't pass it up.

A beautiful Saturday to you,

Friday, April 4, 2014

Prarie Style is returning!

Morning Darlins,

For those who love

magazine by Country Sampler's publishers & FIFI....

I'm here to help share news for them...
At new stands Starting May 2014

with all it's beauty & simplicity that we are inspired with.
IF you don't  know about PRARIE STYLE then your lucky to be able to find it next month.

A beautiful Friday to you...
Tomorrow morning,
 I will have my post for Saturday's Designing with vintage for SECOND SHOUT OUT blog...
Grab your latte & see you in the am!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

News to share.

Happy April 1
Hope your having a lovely day. 

I was asked yesterday to be a guest runway stylist for a big bridal show. 
My answer was YES!
A lovely honor to create my own Casual Loves Elegance bride looks.
I am told I will be doing 10 to 12 different looks.
Project runway style.

Here is the FB page post announcing the news!

You can go to my FB & here & like it!
 Wedding party Bridal show @ FB
   posted from yesterday.

I don't have many details yet, but I'm excited for the challenge to style my brand!

There is one little detail they told me...

There will be judges for the guest stylists & we will be getting voted on our work....
No pressure right!
I'll keep you in the loop..

Monday, March 31, 2014

Antique pine armoire

Morning Darlins...
A beautiful last morning of March.

This morning I am loving seeing my newest Antique pine piece. 
It's a very tall, one door armoire.
Yesterday afternoon I picked it up, I couldn't wait to get it home!
 After a thorough vacuuming & wood cleanse with Murphey oil soap.


Inside has the cutest little drawer. Very primitive no track...
First thing I did...

Changed the knob..
I wanted a pretty little glass knob, 
just so happens I have a little collection of them!

I have a few ideas of where & what will go in it, for now I will use it for big pieces to store during the renovation.
White Ironstone platters... 

Cake plates & vintage dome.

That's all...I took the pictures last night and it was pretty dark so they are a little fuzzy!

My newest vintage find...
I'm so excited it's found a home, here! 
A gorgeous day to you!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

7 ways to refresh & re-inspire your home

Morning Darlins,

Are you feeling blah about your home?
It's been a long winter for some of you...
Windows tightly shut, curtains drawn to keep the winter drafts out?

I have put together my list of 7 things you can start on today to re-inspire you.
Spring is the renewal of all things we love, which undoubtedly includes the space we call home.
Just for you... 
I have put them in order as I would do them, for the instant satisfaction & Aha  factor!
I should warn you it isn't expensive!
Just roll up your sleeves put your hair up & dig in!

Rearrange the furniture.
 Make a plan on paper, it's helpful to see what fit's where.


Remove the curtains & clean the windows.
 It's amazing how different & airy a space becomes. 
If you need privacy think about adding a fabric shade.


 Unframed canvas artwork.
 Use one you already own or find a vintage one.
The subject should evoke Spring. Water, florals A farm, food...something you love.
This small vintage canvas is a family piece. Frameless, I love it!

Fresh potted greens. 
Never silk or plastic.
Ferns, ivy, herbs like rosemary make wonderful indoor plants. 
Herbs can be utilized in cooking. Plants provide oxygen to a space & are easy to care for.


Fresh flowers.
I cut flowers from my garden.
 A pretty jar like my vintage peanut butter jar can hang anywhere.

Lanterns & candles.
Burning candles adds romance as well as a comforting light to a space day or night.


White linens....preferably vintage.
For table, bed & slipcovers. 
They add a casual relaxing texture & the smell of fresh linens is refreshing.


Pretty dishes.
Mix & match your heirlooms or start a collection of vintage pieces.
Light in color. 
Stack them on buffets, hang them as art...
Use them everyday & take pleasure in dining with them.

My Design tip:
When you re arrange a space, edit it. Borrow pieces from another room. Give the space a good cleaning. The room takes on a re-inpired feeling.  Have fun with it.

I promise you... if you try these 7 things you will be hooked! 
You will be going through these 7 steps in each room of your home!

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Have a beautiful weekend!
 Send me your before & afters if you like.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What I'm cooking & new rose

Happy Wednesday Darlins,
So what's for dinner?
A little rain & cooler temps - automatically means something savory for dinner!

I'm cooking...
A savory pot roast with these beautiful organic carrots of all colors.

A few sprigs of fresh organic Rosemary & Parsley from my garden.

The dark carrots almost look like beets!

Here they are atop the roast in the slow cooker.
Mmmm...I  remember my mom making this when I was growing up. 
When I came in our gate I could smell it.
The aromatic herbs were so comforting...

Looking forward to a cozy fire with my family & sharing this family dinner.

These are my first blooms of Romantica a new white heirloom rose.

They smells delicious too...

Have a wonderful supper what ever your making!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ink & Paper - Black is the new white...

Morning Darlins,

Color palettes of Ink & Paper are so classically versatile.
I love the simplicity & pure style.
I really do think that black is the new white.
White spaces come to life by adding some ink.


Individually a piece stands as if it was on display.


Loving this vintage writing desk.
I imagine a glass ink well & fine white linen paper...


More ....on ink & paper 
Today's post on Saturday's Designing with Vintage SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG.

My Design tip:
Add some ink to your white spaces. Furniture, textile & accessories are easy to incorporate. Try adding a vintage piece you love...

A beautiful Saturday to you...

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Renovation update, Antique main piece arrives...

It's always a beautiful feeling when THE main piece you purchase for a room arrives safety....

After a couple of years searching pieces & configurations for a petite powder bath I finally found 

Shipping it from New York was a concern that it wouldn't be damaged...
I was holding my breath as it was getting uncrated.

It's Absolutely perfect for the French Powder bath.
This Antique piece is about 130 years old....


A little tiny sneak peak....
I'm still waiting for all the new plumbing components...
Actually I have been waiting for almost 3 months...
I'm so excited to see my design coming together.

It's my favorite room at the moment!
I look forward sharing the finished room.

Have a beautiful Tuesday Darlin's

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Enchanting Ireland

Top o the morning to you...
Every year St. Patrick's day is celebrated worldwide.

Over the years seeing images from Ireland it has reserved a spot on my Bucket list. 
Today I found some beauty to appreciate 
Warning... you will want to go here!
Inspire us till then...

The beauty of Ireland's countryside where it meets the sea is breathtaking.


Those are sheep climbing that steep grade....


Romantic cottages clad in stonework, painted with bright colors, thatched roofs 
the lushest gardens imaginable.




This oval shaped country house is truly a structure of art.
I would love to see the interior walls....


A rural country house... simply says "Home"


Amazing Irish chicken coop made with peat moss, roofed with thatch.
Doesn't it look like it's out of a fairytale?


Interiors are stunning by Irish architects.
The detail above the arch
 is simply



A peak at a new Irish inspired kitchen.
Fresh, clean with thoughtful organization.


With all the natural beauty Ireland has, 
these Irish horses 
are certainly to be treasured.


They are colorful Irish cob - Gypsie Vanner

The most gorgeous horses.
If I had a horse, I would want one of these.... 
They look like models!


We love their Irish dogs too, Irish setters.


We love wearing something green...on St. Patrick's day so we won't get pinched!

We love their Irish beer.
I was the Killian's Irish Red model years ago...


If we listen carefully on St. Patrick's day, 
we might hear a faint echo of celtic music and the celebration at the oldest pub in Ireland,
 EST. in 1198.
The Brazen Head.

My design tip: The colors of Ireland reflect it's natural beauty of the grass, sea & mountains. Using them in accent pieces will add some Celtic inspiration to your space.

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Have a beautiful weekend,