Saturday, February 28, 2015

Window coverings you can make

Happy Saturday Darlins,
The last day of February, a little rain last night and a bit of windy weather here in SOCAL..
Love it!
 Earlier this morning I wore my wellies, drove in sprinkles of rain!  
So fun, out to scout some land.
Now I'm home going to light a wood fire and do some work inside.

My project isn't to the point that I'll be making window coverings yet, 
but in the meantime I can dream with you! 
There are vintage textiles just waiting for a second chance to be designed into couture window coverings.  If you have a little bit of sewing skills or your favorite Auntie has some, your set.
Add some vintage jewelry for some sparkle. 
 I know you might be against cutting up grandmas vintage lace tablecloth for a curtain panel, 
well my theory on that is...
 she most likely would rather you use it and look at it everyday thinking of her then keep it packed away.

Maybe these ideas I curtated for you will have you running for the scissors, 
remember don't run WITH them!

All from Pinterest

My Design tip: Keep your eye out for vintage textiles, lace & trim. The only way to get something truly one of a kind us to use vintage materials.

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A beautiful last day of February to you!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

5 tips for Spring early!

Hi Darlins,
For some of you it's been a long winter...
Thoughts of Spring are in the air so why not get a jump on it!

Here are 5 simple ideas to get inpiration from for an early Spring in your home. 
Have some fun & yes start today!

1* Botanical Prints are a favorite of mine, frame any way you like or push pin them to the wall!


2* Garden Ladders & vintage urns, bring them inside! 
Add some ferns, ivy & or plants & flowers.



3* Floral printed fabrics on curtains, pillows & upholstery gives spaces an infusion of Spring!
Again look for Vintage for a soft faded romantic hue!


4* Flowers, plants, herbs branches for forcing even a dwarf citrus can be found at the nursery and enjoyed indoors now and then planted outside as soon as weather permits. Extending the beauty!



This would be so pretty in your kitchen or on a desk! This pretty vintage shelf, I found in a little french vintage shop about 20 years original paint and sticker. Available in my shop
5* Furniture & accoutrements found outdoors, bring them in for a romatic garden aesthetic. Painted furniture in Spring colors are so pretty. I love when I find original painted vintage pieces.

I am showing you one piece of this little picket fence.
There are 4 bays to make a square, the set is vintage and as found.
 Available from my Casual Loves Elegance shop
Take a look in my shop for more items perfect for your Spring decor.

My Design tip: Look for painted pieces with original paint, chippy and faded is oh so romantic!
The reason I suggest getting your plants or dwarf trees now is becasue later in Spring they will be picked over.
A beautiful weekend to you!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Smitten by hearts & sharing some * LOVE *

Happy Valentines Darlins!
Ah a day, A saturday of LOVE....
We're all a little more mushy today... I love it!

First *
It's the perfect occasion to share some love for some people who love what they do.
Today...more so than ever as consumers we have a choice who and where to ultimately give our business to.
For most of us when it comes to making larger purchases we give them alot of thought and preparation. 
We do our value comps on the internet, we read reports etc.
  We're savy consumers that are looking for a sense of accountability, trust and old school appreciation.

I think most of us are on the same consumer page...

We had the pleasure of doing business with The team at Penske Jaguar Land Rover Cerritos.
A well staffed and managed Team by Erik Vander Meulen & Sales gentlemen Victor Navarez. 
They provided us with an impressive level of excellence in customer service. 
 A rare and memorable experience...
More than anything it's how they made me feel!

So much so I coudn't wait to share some *LOVE* right back to them.

A special Thank You filled with appreciative LOVE. 
 I'm smitten!

A heart shape on anything makes me look twice. 
Just like the ones we love,
 if we look twice we're smitten.

I fell in love with this big nest like heart & have it in my garden house, I think the birds like it too!

I have a little collection of hearts,  a favorite this Valentines.

Moving on to.....
 Saturday's Designing with Vintage ....
I talk about adding some visual love with hearts or words spelling out that special message!


My Design tip: If you are looking for something to buy look twice at it your smitten. It's meant for you.
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& shop for something special & vintage.

I hope your day is filled with all 
who you L*O*V*E

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Vintage Valentine

Beautiful Saturday Darlins,
Gourmet artisan chocolates & beautiful flowers are the simply go to Valentines. 
 But how about something your valentine might not expect this year. 
Something unique just like them.

Saturday's Designing with Vintage I share a few ideas to inpire your lovely creative minds.

My Favorite would be a Antique Silver ring box.....
We could find the bauble later!


My Design tip:
Think outside the box for something extra special when it comes to gifts from the heart!

Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG for the rest of the post scroll down...

A Beautiful Saturday to you...

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spaces to inspire.

Morning Darlins,
Today's creative spaces take on the individuality of the artist.
It's truly a personal space with items gathered to inspire and promote creative energy.

I L*O*V*E seeing the imaginiation through the spaces.
Everyone needs a place to refuel
 let the artisan emerge.

Photos Pinterest

My Design tip: When it comes to personalizing spaces, bring vintage pieces in you love. 
It's your space and it should be all you dream of.

A beautiful last weekend of January to you!

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Holding Laundry Court

A beautiful Saturday to you,
Everyday chores especiallly laundry, can become dreaded. 
It's how you look at it...
 that can be inspiring & even chic.

There isn't anything that smells as incredible 
feels fresher than linens air dried in the sun by a gentle breeze.

This first picture from the 40's in New Jersery is a classic!

Vintage clothes pins & ironing boards are great utilitarian finds.

A vintage doll house finds it's been up cycled as storage in this laundry room.

Neatly folded linens to me are a source of beauty.

all photos on this post Pinterest

This clothes line is dreamy...

My Design Tip: Laundry chores are here to stay, so creating a lovely space in which you hold laundry court is a priority.

Hop over to Second Shout Out Blog for my Saturday's "Designing with Vintage" series
 & shop 
for some items to create a lovely laundry space!

Enjoy the simple things!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Winter's beautiful light

Beautiful Saturday Darlins,
The last few years I have been trying to take notice of each season's natural light. 
I try to see if I'm able to guess what time of year it is without a calendar.
A fun challenge, especially on the west coast!
I've come to a lovely little conclusion that...
it's the *winter's* beautiful light I love most.

 Photos all...Pinterest

The way it warms a chilly room is gorgeous!

My Design tip: Use light to cast a space by opening curtains and move your pieces around to catch the light of the particular season.

Hop over to my Saturday's Designing with Vintage series on Second Shout Out blog 
  shop vintage lighting to cozy up your space.

Enjoy a beautiful winter weekend...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Romantic vintage shades

A beautiful Saturday morning to you...

One of a kind shades can transform any piece of lighting. 
I've been making my own for years with skeleton shades.
They are always on my vintage shopping radar!

Shades are a fun DIY project, easy to change out with another idea.

I hope you will be inspired to try some on your own.....


My Design tip: Look for vintage skeleton shades with various shapes. You'll be surprised how fun it is to design your own one of a kind shade with cool embellishments.

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Golden Patinas for Winter

Ahhh the first weekend of 2015...
My first Saturday's Designing with vintage post 
the new year!
 adding warmth with textiles and metalic finishes that are worn with golden patinas can transform any cool winter space into a cozy and romantic one.

Winter is long, it's the perfect time for having some fun.  
Let's start playing with accessories and creating a fresh look for the new year.

My Design tip: Look for gold writing on vintage books, old frames, textiles of satin, velvet & golden patinas on furnishings. The perfect pairing for a cozy winter space.

Hop over to my series Saturday's "Desiging with vintage" & shop for vintage at Casual Loves Elegance @ Second Shout Out

Wishing you a beautiful first weekend of 2015

Photos Pinterest