Saturday, June 27, 2015

Classic Linen

A beautiful Saturday to you,
mmmm Linen....
Cool, crisp or fresh off the clothes line.
Linen has to be a favorite summer textile. 
It flows elegantly and it's purely timeless.
Linen can be dyed, monogrammed, pleated & embellished beautifully.
Vintage linen is in a elite catagory of it's own, especially european. 
The weight of linen varies as well.

This summer let's usher in some linen to our summer homes. 
I think you will fall in love with this elegant classic.

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My Design tip: Linen can be used for unlimited applications. It's just as beautiful relaxed with out ironing.

Enjoy this last weekend of June, 
I hope it's all you dream of.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015


Hello Darlins,

HOME is his Castle.
Home is where he can put his feet up,
home is where he can be himself.
HOME is where his heart is too.

The DAD's don't really ask for much, they just want to be appreciated and thought of.

Here's some inspiration for that special space they may be dreaming of.

Let's keep them happy!

 This one looks like my Dad's work shop when I was a young girl. It was in our carriage house at the lake house.
 He was always drawing some idea & had a light just like this.

Here's to all the POPS.

{My boyz call their DAD - POPS}

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Happy Weekend
Happy LIFE...

My Design tip: Utilizing old baseball gloves, trophy's or any memorabilia in his spaces along with photos of him is such a personal and meaningful touch.

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xo to my DAD in the Heavens... Miss you.


Sunday, June 14, 2015


Hello Summer
Yipeeeeee......schools out!
Raise the flag!

Photo: Gail Smith-Peterson
At our home, it's officially summer when the last day of school has ended.

I always hang something on my front door...

This vintage peanut butter jar is filled with flowers from the garden on my new find { hook} 
from the flea market in the midwest!

My favorite memories are of the summers at the lake house. 
You could feel the change in the air once school was out!!!
I don't think I went a day with out my bikini, i
it was so faded & snagged from the wooden dock it only survived a single summer!

Accessorizing our homes for summer is fun isn't it?
I love love love to see patriotic items scattered around the house.
Warmer evenings tempting us to slice up a big juicy watermelon & make smores.

Let's get our interiors feeling like summer.

With a little help from Pinterest

All Pinterest

My Design tip: Bringing out the patriotic interior accessories now you will have a junp on 4th of July.

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Take your shoes off, 
throw on a straw hat 
enjoy this beautiful day!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Our family home board on Pinterest

Last week of school...Finals this week for my son. 

We will be soooo happy for summer vacation!!!

I finally put a new board on Pinterest. 
*Our Family Home*

All the content is from around our home.

I get asked quite often to show more of our home and my Casual Loves Elegance style. 
My family was asking me too, when I was in the midwest....
We want to see some pics from your house? 
Ok here you go!!!

I love Pinterst don't you?

I hope you enjoy looking around...
feel free to re-pin them to your boards if you wish.

Enjoy a beautiful week
 I will be posting on my trip from the midwest soon.


Saturday, June 6, 2015

Vintage flatware

Happy Saturday Darlins,
The most traditional month for weddings is June.
Couples will be choosing the special gifts they hope to stock their new homes with. 
In the past, picking a silver pattern that could be added to over the years was a tradition. 
A lovely idea if the budget allows...

For today's weddings there might not be a budget for those beautiful gifts. 
Something more practical may need to be put into the mix instead.

However vintage flatware is a perfect option!

Photo: Gail Peterson
This first photo of heirloom pieces are from my family, 
Our personal collection consists of sets that I mix together from our familes, 
Some are well over 100 years old.
I treasure each piece.

 I love finding vintage pieces on my own as well. 
Friends have given me pieces over the years for gifts too.





Patterns can be classic, english, french, modern, deco, victorian etc.
I love the horned handles mixed in too.
Gorgeous vintage pieces more than you could dream of.
Mix & match them.
Already monogramed in every combination imaginable. 

Here's my idea...
It would be fun for the wedding couple to decide on the initials and style 
let the guests find what they would love to gift them.
They could say on the registry Vintage silver -French in style - Initials "P"

A special surprise to cherish, 
also a wonderful memory for the presenter to share the story with couple where and how they found the pieces.

Awe...I wish I would of thought of this for my own wedding!!!

Oh well, ours collection will be handed down perfectly mix matched.

photo: Gail Peterson

A set of 3 small sugar spoons found here with initial "B" for Bride, would be a sweet token for the bride to gift her maidens.

My Design tip: The Bride & Grooms family's could pass on silver from each side. Each anniversary or Birthday is the perfect time to gift another piece. A wonderful keepsake for the new couple and in the future pass to their children.

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A beautiful first weekend of June everyone.

Engaged....Getting married?
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California's most  Beautiful wedding show. 
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Friday, June 5, 2015

Midwest field report

A beautiful Friday & national donut day!!

Each Spring when I travel to the midwest for my family visit I always look forward to scouting new places to see what treasures I can find for my home renovation and decor. 
This year I promised myself that if I couldn't fit the item in my suitcase it was off limits to purchase.
Took a lot of dicipline on my part!
 Though I took some pics of the large objects I had to refrain from. 
Seeing these again in my photos makes me wonder who the lucky shopper was who brought these home.

Flea markets are so much fun... but if the seller can't ship it rules out these large beauties!

My Design tip: Have a shipping plan when shopping vintage markets.

Next post... I will share a darling store we visited & the treasures that came home with me...

Enjoy this day, have a donut, it's national donut day!!!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Missing my Mom today....
Thirteen years ago today I last held her hand...& I miss her more each year...
She was the sweetest women I ever knew, beautiful from the inside out...
I adored her... she was my best friend....

Visiting the midwest last week in my home town I felt her spirit so close to me... 
It was truly the place she loved more than anything.

She loved Summer....

To the heavens...

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Hi Darlins....
Hope this finds you all well!

Just returned home from my annual trip to the midwest. 
I had a truly delightful visit! 
 To enjoy life for a couple weeks at a slower pace is so refreshing....

I just umpacked my suitcases so I will put together my photos and of course my local vintage finds I think you will love....

Everything was fine when I returned.... 
more weeds in the grove 
 these big beautiful roses, I cut from the garden...

See you in a couple days with photos from my trip.

Enjoy your week....

Monday, May 11, 2015

Surprise Breakfast in our Garden Folly.

A lovely Monday to you Darlins,

Hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day!

Yesterday was Mother's Day and it began quite lovely...
I woke to a cozy fire in the dining room fireplace where we had tea & lattes.
 Soon our youngest son joined us. 
Minded hes's 6ft now, my husband is 6'4 and I'm 5'8....
 We giggled as we sat all three squished together on curved velvet vintage settee near the fire looking at old trucks & performance motors for the H2!
My oldest son called from out of state early to wish me Happy Mother's Day... Miss him!

Wait.... it gets better, 
They picked oranges from our trees & made fresh juice for the Almond champange mimosa's.
After one... I had to get down to the grove to pick 8 boxes of Lemons {800 lemons}.
I'm down in the grove...
sun is shining, birds singing and I'm famished...

My son drives up in his off road thingy! He has roses from my garden & a handmade card for me...
Hop in Mom, were going to breakfast, it's a surprise!

He takes me here....

.... To our garden Folly! 
Look who's waiting for us, Mr. Lincoln.

A hand made note....

My Husband & son surprised me with a beautiful Mother's Day Breakfast...

All my favorite things...
Candles, roses from my garden, Belguim waffles, almond champange mimosas, fresh fruit from the farmers stand.
 All of us together in my favorite place....
 Home in the Garden Folly
 with my favorite peeps!

mmmm, they cleaned up & later made Tri tip for dinner...

 An amazing Mother's day one for the books....
that I so appreciated from the bottom of my heart....

Thank you sweethearts for making my Mother's Day so special & just gorgeous!

The only thing missing was my Mother... she is in the heavens probably thinking good job men!!!

I'm leaving for a trip this week so I thing they might want to make sure I remember this while I'm gone!!!

A beautiful week to you Darlins!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Cottage fresh.

Hello Darlins,
A beautiful Mother's Day weekend to you....
I have to say how grateful we are for *RAIN * yesterday here in California!

The hail and thunder in the middle of the night had our dogs a bit frightend,
Into the garage with a little Beethoven music till morning!

All is well... our Lemon Grove is happy happy happy from the fresh drink of water..

Speaking of fresh... Cottage fresh,
Don't you think even the tiniest of cottages is endearing?
A cottage is a place to relax with a few things to furnish the space.

There is always flowers... 

Painted sufaces, usually white with a window or door that lets the quiet breeze in.

Slips are practical 
lovely for cottage furnishings.


Tommorow is Mother's Day, 

 Shop for gifts or for yourself, Mother's Day is really everyday!

My Design Tip: To lighten up your space for summer, think cottage fresh. Simple & cozy!

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Happy Mother's Day!