Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to make my watermelon coolers!

Hi Darlins,
Hope this finds you staying cool! 
Our weather is a bit balmy here in So Cal...

When it's so warm like this, I make alot of blended refreshing drinks.

This is a favorite I love to make
Super simple...

Fresh watermelon & ice...
A fresh sprig of chocolate mint & I'm happy!

Saturday I did alot of gardening & Sunday I was in the grove harvesting in between the thunder & wonderful little rain so I had several of these!
Super heathy!

My topiarys are nicely pruned now!
Have a gorgeous evening!

Off to make dinner & take a dip in the pool!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Quintessential garden houses

Morning Darlins,
Summer is the season for entertaining. 
Living in Southern California we have an opportunity to host alot of outdoor gatherings. 
Having spaces outdoors extends our living footprint beyond the main quarters.

Last week I posted on Charming getaway homes...
A sweet blogger commented saying she would love to see some outdoor spaces. 
Vintage of course!

I will start the gallery with my favorite space.

This is our garden house! 
We use it for entertaining and I love that I can see it from my kitchen. 
It is my favorite space I love to hang out here!
{I don't use it for gardening} 
Made with reclaimed materials.
We build a stone foundation from the stone on our property.

Here are some others I found for you. I hope you are inspired to build your own.
 Use recylcled salvage material where you can!


 L*O*V*E* this one too!

My Design tip: Simple spaces add value to your home and property. The structure should compliment the style of your main home.

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A Beautiful Summer weekend to you,

Photo 1 Gail Smith-Peterson
The other photos Pinterest

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My BFF & a summer wish

My BFF.... Mr. Lincoln
our {Saint Bernard}

He spends hours sitting near me when I harvest our Lemon Grove.

He is a 1 1/2 years old now
so sweet
 he melts my heart!

I hope your having a beautiful summer...
 each day is lasting, filling you up with the sounds, smells & wonder only summer days can hold!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Small getaways big on charm

Morning Darlins,
Summer is the season when we dream of a small getaway cottage.
A vintage charmer.
A little space that we could simply get away to!

Here is a dozen I fell in love with...
& thought you might too!
Just add vintage accessories & furniture!

 Do you have a favorite yet???

Something makes me happy about a beautiful charming cottage....

My Design tip: Small spaces can hold everything you need, pare down & simply live in the space. You will be surprised how cozy and fun it can be.

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A beautiful summer weekend to you,

All photos today on this post Pinterest

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hi Darlins,
Just returned from a beautiful vacation on the lake.
Love hanging out with the fam.

A beautiful day here in SoCal.

Today is a special day...
 I want to send *Happy Birthday* wish to my oldest son...
He's my first born & I love him more than the Moon & Stars!

Here I am with him on our first family vacation....
He was only 6 weeks old!

He loved this old truck of ours! 
We were renovating our house and it was our work horse!

I bought him a pair of work boots, our property was a construction site!

He had so much fun and at the end of the day he was tired and filthy!
His favorite shirt says it all!
Didn't have time for shorts he was too busy! He was almost 2...

Today he is a gorgeously handsome young man!
I'm blessed to be his mom!

Love you Darling!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Unexpected lovely postal gift from Chicago

Morning Darlins...

Monday down at our gate was a little box that was sent to me.

I could smell the fragerance, as I opened it up...

 Inside was this!
 A beautiful classy black paper box tied with a perfect coordinating bow.
Inside was a fresh scented white candle in glass with their gorgeous B&W label.

 A sweet note accompanied saying....sending this token of their appreciation for including them in my Favorite shops post in Chicago. {June 17th, 14 was the post date}

I have mentioned before, that I love to light a candle in the day, especially mornings when I'm up early!

I placed it on my vintage marble entry console.

It is so "Classic Remix"....
 the style of their home furnishing store is 
classic, refined, fresh, fun & gorgeous curated with a NewPort, Hamptons-ish kind of lux vibe.

So pretty next to some roses I freshly cut, these will get into water after the photo.

Front of "Classic Remix" Chicago.

You can check out the Chicago story if you look at June, 17th's post.
If your in Chicago or visitng  put this on your to visit list!
I will visit again!
Thank you so much to "Classic Remix"
 for taking the time to send me this lovely token of your appreciation.

All I can say is 
Lovely unexpected!

A beautiful day to you!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Beauty of a vintage frame

Morning Darlins,
Discarded pieces of art.
Olde & chippy frames with the silver or gold leafing missing, pieces of the gesso gone forever.
I'm referring to the beauty of a vintage frame.

"Let it be as you found it, let the story be still." Gail Smith-Peterson

They don't necessarily need to have a piece of art mounted in them.

The first four photos are from my personal collection,  
here is how I've integrated these vintage frames in my home.

I love to hang hydrangeas in mine from the summers harvest.

This vintage frame is very large, The scale is perfect for my dining room.
I'm in love with it!

I recently found this chuncky black frame in the midwest last month,
 & I love it propped up on a vintage architectural corbel.
 Slipped in a vintage B&W family photo.

These are two gold frames I snuggled inside of each other, 
{the sides aren't showing in this pic,  
see the second frame at the top?}

This frame, I found at a barn sale at NaDa farm. The burlap, GB is just the right size. 
I hung it inside this vintage pine armoir. 
Each of these frames has an elegance of it's own...

Some inspiring ideas others did with theirs!
from Pinterest

I hope you will dust off the vintage frames you have, or at least the next time your Auntie says... 
Do you want this old frame? Quickly respond YES! 
If you've walked by vintage frames before or saw them here at SSO, 
now I hope you won't pass them by.

 Let's begin to see the beauty 
 use them in fresh new ways.

My Design tip: Simply hang or set the frame where you desire, something will be inspiring to hang inside.

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A beautiful day to you!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A vintage trough decorated in herbs

Morning Darlins,
I loved this vintage zink trough the moment I saw it...
I believe it to be some kind of a old work sink.

I have visons of someday using as a sink again,
 but till then,
 i love seeing it planted & happily spilling over with herbs...

I have planted in here
Chocolate mint!

I love just snipping fresh herbs from here for my recipes.

Here is what it looked like when I first planted it...

If you have a small space, terrace or balcony you can plant a herb garden in a cool container and enjoy fresh herbs anytime!

A beautiful day to you hope you take THYME to enjoy it!!!


Saturday, June 21, 2014

First day of SUMMER

Morning Darlins,

Today is officially the first day of SUMMER...

Let's have fun here... 
begin the day with waking up in a light filled room, layered in vintage linens. 
Fresh off the line, nicely crisp from the summer breeze.

I think we should hang a vintage summer flag announcing the first day of SUMMER!

Later we can go back in  & relax in the charming white cottage.

these vintage white shutters on the cottage...

Ahh... a perfectly weathered vintage chair.

Let's make some flavored waters & get them on ice in the vintage baby bath.

Love vintage oars,
 something fun to collect.
 SOOO cool.

I would love everyone to sign them before they leave... so there will be a record of all who held them!

After dinner let's meet at the dock, 
the vintage boat has some chilled wine & desert ready for our sunset cruise around the lake.

What a perfect ending to the beautiful first day of Summer...

This so reminds me of growing up on the lake and the First day of SUMMER! 
My Granparents had a boat like this!

My Design tip: Summer decor should be inside & out. Bring the inside out, The outside in! HAve fun with it & use your collection to make your home a warm & welcoming gathering place.

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I hope your day is filled with moments just for you & with all you love.

All photos Pinterest