Friday, January 31, 2014

The last few months here in SOCAl we have need some rain...
Everything is so dry.

I am so happy I heard some rain in the middle of the night!

I can skip a day of hand watering
 these pretty little blooms...

The weather has been like spring but without any rain...

Darlin's have a beautiful Friday!!!

Try to come by tomorrow for my "Saturday's Designing with Vintage" & tips!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Beautiful little crown

Afternoon lovelies...

So excited I found this beautiful little crown sterling spoon.

I was pulling out some silver &  linens for a little event I am hosting
& I found this...

Don't you love when you see something that you already have & love?
 I do!!!

I adore petite crowns...

I hope your week will surprise you with something you love & haven't seen in a while!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The fifth wall

Hi Darlin's...

Today my Saturday's "Designing with vintage" post for  SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG is about how if you think about it, we do look up quite a bit.
 When we are lounging around, laying in bed, soaking in the tub we are paying attention to the filing. 

I do consider the ceiling as the fifth wall.

Well thought out design is accentuated in the details, 
so if you forget about the ceiling well...not so great.

The ceiling is the crowning touch to a room.

This barrel brick & beam ceiling is gorgeous. 
This has to be planned well in advance, a lot of factors in construction have to be considered here.


Tongue and groove wood, again plan well in advance but gorgeous.
I did one of these on our front entry on our old beach house. 
It was gorgeous...
Really a lot of work! 
If you want to loose a carpenter... just mention a barrel ceiling!!!


Crisp modern moldings...sophisticated.


Vintage reclaimed beams & planks are so cozy and versatile. 


Just plain cooool
Vintage shutters for ceiling detail in this commercial space add charm & character.



I'm loving these last two...
 Post & beam 

Stunningly exquisite...

My Design tip:
The fifth wall is a significant design detail.
 Consider the design style of the entire home when selecting your finish detail.

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Just for fun, I have a tiny bit homework for you.... 
Starting this weekend, look up & notice the ceiling details where ever you go!

Have a gorgeous weekend,

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Lemony life, just the way I love it!

This week is short with the holiday, if your a kid in school...
Next week...another 4 day weekend, if your a kid in school...
Oh well... have to love it!

I did enjoy a long  short quiet weekend while all the boys were in the desert. 
Riding dirt bikes, talking about sports doing Bbq's, campfires & dude life in general.

I feel like I just cleaned up the departing mess,
 when I inherited the honey we're home mess!!!
Oh well... have to love it!!!

I did a little gardening,
 cut back a few roses 
Trimmed a wall of climbing vines.
Had early coffee with a friend...
Excited to find a few new roses to add to my collection too!

I brought a basket full of Lemons up to the house from our grove. 
The whole time I was thinking...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE our grove!

Strolling through the trees picking lemons,
the dogs are hanging out with me
 it's so peaceful & beautiful.

I love Lemon infused products too...

These are couple of my favorites...

Brought in some of my paper whites too, we are having warm temps here in SoCal.
I planted the last batch of my paper whites so I could enjoy them through January.

Not sure about this one, looks different with the large yellow center!

So... I had a little fun playing house over the weekend!

It's going to be a beautiful week,
 I'll take a lemony life any day!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Winter White

Hi Darlin's
Hope your enjoying this beautiful Saturday!

I have my own specific shade that I am drawn to. 
Years ago I named it Winter White.

The richness & textures are so romantic & cozy...


Winter is the season to enjoy textiles...
I so wish we had cold weather here in SO CAL to do just that!
The richness & textures are so romantic & cozy.

A pair of vintage skis...what a find.
That delightful texture is obviously from many years of fun!

White Birch trees....Yum I love them, 
This vintage planter box was found at our old beach house from the 40's. 
My dad cut these birch logs many many years ago. I treasure them, they won't ever see the firebox!!! 
They came from Wisconsin.


 I adore this gorgeous vintage house...
I sure would love to peak inside wouldn't you?
 I can only imagine the beautiful architectural detail and craftsmanship....


Now this would be a cozy space to enjoy a afternoon nap...


Large windows letting the winter light in... Paneled walls, so elegant.

"My favorite white is Winter White" I think it's a vintage classic.

My Design tip: Choosing white accessories for your winter spaces will be beautiful. A light feeling to start off the new year.

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Have a gorgeous weekend,

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Something vintage -Some place blue

Hi Darlin's
Yesterday we had a little techie issue so sorry for the Saturday's Designing with Vintage post delayed.

Are you in Love with the color blue?
It isn't for everyone...
yet, it is for everyone!

Each shade of blue is remarkably pretty & unique.
All blues symbolize it's own unique color.

A blue door offers a friendly welcome.


Hmm...I just noticed my favorite number on the transom!

Painted wall & trim in a soft blue make everyone look beautiful! 
In addition a color that is uplifting, instilling a calmness to a space.



Textiles & wall paper in tones of blue are fresh and timeless.


Vintage transferware plates in shades of blues.
I would LOVE a stack of these!


This french daybed....what a beautiful ensemble .
 The wash of blue light is gorgeous!


What a sweet french settee, 
I love the simplicity of the fabric with the detailed french lines of the frame.


Do you dream all things blue?
These hand made felt acorns are so adorable & delicate.

My Design tip:
Introducing a shade of blue in your home is helpful to keep it calm & fresh. 
Choose a shade that's just right for you.

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hope you have blue skies everyday!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A clean slate

A brand new year is upon us...
like a new pair of shoes, it takes some getting used to!

A fresh clean slate is welcoming
  from the excess of the holidays cluttering our spaces.

It's a little much, you might say....but I have to have clean.
 Even more often through the renovation!

I always deep clean before the holidays & a thorough cleaning after.
 I enjoy organizing & editing,
letting the new year start to settle in.

Light & bright sun washed spaces give an open & airy feeling.
I can't wait to get into our living room renovation, it has a great ceiling height like this!

Large vintage pieces provide great storage.

Consistently sized baskets work well too, you can make tags in any style you like.


Ahh....this linen closet organized & beautiful to me!

A vintage industrial workbench & shelves would enhance and inspire a creative work space!

A clean work space is a great way to begin the day!
Looks like mine!!!

Oh, I do love cool cleaning tools. 
I have a little collection of vintage brushes & dustpans, who can resist them!

My Design tip: Starting your new year with a fresh clean space is energizing & cleanses us from clutter. 
Be creative with different storage containers. 
Try using old tin boxes, trunks, vintage shelfs, even hat boxes.

Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG for the whole post today with my Saturday's designing with vintage series. Take a second to LIKE it!

Happy New Year
Thank you for stopping by CASUAL LOVES ELEGANCE
I LOVE recieving wonderful emails & comments you take the time to send or leave.
I read them all & enjoy visiting your blogs just as much!

I know 2014 will be amazing!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My best New Years gift that keeps on giving!

Hi Darlin's
Happy New Year 

Still celebrating around here...

NEW YEARS DAY is THE day we celebrate our best New Years gift ever...

6 weeks we were going to one of his baby showers...

We didn't know what we were having,
 We can't cheat!!!
We had our second baby BOY...
born on New Year's Day...
Everyone was thrilled, over the moon!!! 
Truly a gift of LOVE...

Our first & only photo shoot of our family...

A gift, I wanted just once to be in the family photo with our newest baby!

I L*O*V*E* being our family's official photographer!

He has the sweetest soul...

He is makes my heart smile...
He is so genuine, doesn't follow others,
finds his own path.

He is truly the happiest person I have ever met...
Never has a bad day

Sincerely charming...

He is so loyal, kind & has compassion well behind his years...

A self thinker

All boy...
Has fun without taking himself to serious...

Never boasts or puts himself above others...

 Summer vacation clearing a spot to dock our boat up on the beach...

We couldn't be more honored to share your journey from a new baby in our arms, a toddler, young boy now a teen turning
 into this young man.

YOU are more than we ever dreamed of.

You're our best New Years gift ever...
 YOU give so much to us each & every moment...

P.S. God forbid....One thing I know for certain...
in a moment of crisis
YOU would be FIRST call...
YOU have an amazing sense of calm & clear. 
I trust your loyalty & capability to handle it & find the best solution. 

YOU are my King "C"
I love you more than the stars & moon

*Happy Birthday*