Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Packed with Glitter*

I have a collection of striped Vintage suitcases, I use them to store Holiday decorations ...
Well not all, just the ones I usually forget to pack up & some new finds I acquire through out the year...

I just opened this one and here is a peak inside!!!
Everything is soooo Glittery!!!!

My Design Tip: Find useful containers for storage, they can become your accessories and you'll have style and practical storage together..
Have Fun,

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little Evergreen*

This little evergreen has been growing so beautifully for three years... I bought it at Trader Joe's during Christmas three years ago! I keep it in my kitchen and I can't believe it has grown four times the size it was! I don't know why it loves my house...I love watching it grow, also has a lemony scent....

I am starting to pull out the decorations and begin the Holidays at our Home....
I put these lovely the little Baubles on the tree, A gift from my friend Kristin, she chose them perfectly* The glitter crown is from a beautiful place called Roger's garden in Newport Beach.

I hope you are putting the music on, lighting the fire and unpacking your favorite decorations.
I love the smell and sounds of this time of year...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sweet Thanks*

THis Thanksgiving morning is cool and crisp in So. Cal. A warm bustling fire and fresh baked cinnamon rolls with a coco-chai latte is the perfect sweet delight to begin this Thanksgiving Day.

It's so true that the memories of days gone by still are engraved in our hearts... it's comforting to be able to think about them on occasions such as these..
I am Grateful for my Family, Friends and a life of hope,wonderful memories, and look forward to bountiful experiences that still lie in front of me..
A special Thanksgiving... Prayer, Hug and Kiss to My most dearest, special "Phoebe" my niece and her "living Angel Priscilla".
To all of my Family and friends that are spread around I'm so Grateful that we share the special bond of *FAMILY*

We will be hosted by our special friends the Balla's for our Thanksgiving this afternoon, It is always so fun to be together and our kids are great friends too so it is a special treat!!!

My task....to get my dessert made "Pumpkin Squares" and I'm making my Special Orange infused Mash potatoes.....

May your day be filled with Sweet Memories and Bountiful blessings,
Blog hugs and Kiss*

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dinner party*

It's lovely to be the guests at someone else's Dining Table...
Tonight, we are invited for a little tradition at our friends home!
Each year they have a dinner party before Thanks giving and it get us in a festive mood, we have a moment to catch up, be together before we start the Hustle and Bustle of the Holidays.

My friend is a gracious Hostess along with her Hubby who makes you feel so welcome. He keeps the cheers filled and she creates this Fabulous cuisine for us all.
She is a natural in the kitchen and rarely will except a hand even if you want to clear your setting....
We love them and can't wait to see what 's for Dinner....

My Design tip: Keep your linen napkins out and ready to use, a time saver when your setting the table for the Dinner Party.

I keep mine rolled up under one of my favorite cloches and it adds instant style as well is it's practical.
Better get out of my workout clothes ....
Have fun and let the party season begin*

Monday, November 22, 2010

Harvesting Thanks*

As we enter into this Holiday week and gather around the table with Family,Friends and maybe even a new acquaintance I know that I will be entering it with a... Grateful,Thankful,Thoughtful and a Blessed heart.

I wish the same for each of you with a safe journey to and from....
Happy Thanks Giving and Thank You for taking the time to visit my new blog and I hope to inspire you in some little way!!

Warmest Wishes....
& Bountiful Blessings...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Louie Philipe in the house*

A future Kitchen Island?
This is a sneak peak at a project I'm going to slowly begin working on...

It will be our future kitchen Island. I'm reconfiguring the interior works to get overhauled a bit and should be a perfect piece for at least another century!!

I fell in love with this piece .... I would love to know the story behind it... I was told it is solid White Oak, Louis Philipe circa 1850... Enough for me its a truly amazing piece of art with it's carved door fronts and drawers...

It 's been in my garage and finally we brought it in the house so its safe and I can work on it. We haven't started that part of the house yet so I may be just loving it against a wall for a while!!!
I'll keep posting the progress with it!!!

My Design tip: If you see a Fabulous piece that you know will work at a later time, BUY It..If you love it and it's really special,it will be worth hanging on to. You won't find it when you are in the market for it. These pieces are Special and Uniquely rare finds.

Enjoy your weekend!!
Hope you spy a treasure.....

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fab new FRIEND!!!

If you like....Ok, adore pretty Silver then you must enjoy it shiny and beautiful.
Though it comes to the point we have to polish it and I dread this moment!!
With the Holiday's coming We'll have some polishing on our agenda!!

WELL... I was experimenting with a product I use all the time and wouldn't of guessed that it works wonderful to clean and shine Silver!!!!

I tried it on this tarnished pitcher . I have a before photo and a after.... SEE it works well!!
Try it next time... "Liquid Bar Keepers Friend" Please try a little on the bottom first and start with something small.

I'm thrilled! so much easier to use...I think my Silver has a Fabulous new Friend !!!

Here is how I used it: Using a soft cloth, squeeze the "LIQUID" Bar Keepers Friend onto it, apply to piece, rub till tarnish disappears and rinse with a little soap and water and dry thoroughly!
Let me know what you think after you try it!!!
Glad to share with Yall!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Season of Thanks*

Let's not forget Autumn's Heart...
With it's Beautiful colors * natural Beauty* cool breezes *and warm hearts filled with Grace and Thanks for the many blessings we have each day....

I thought I would share some of Nature's Beauty that I have tried to incorporate with my Autumns decorating style here at Home...

The Welcome Cornucopia filled with White Roses from my garden, Greeting you at the front door. I love making all my arrangements!!!

I'm trying to hold on to {This} season for a bit longer .....
Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

*Coach Lantern*

This is a My New Favorite Vintage Find! It is a Coach Lantern. I love love love it!!!
They were used for lighting on Carriages/Coaches...

This is so significant, I am thrilled to find it!!
It will remind me everyday of My Wedding Day... I rode in a Beautiful White Cinderella Coach..

This reminds me of some of my favorite films...particularly "Pride and Prejudice"
I Adore the Farm house it's Fabulous... It is my inspiration for my project I'm working on!!

Though I don't have any farm animals that will be running through... My dogs will be on the steps!!

My Design Tip: When shopping for accessories there will be somethings that just tug at our heart.... thats when you know you love love love it!!

If you go to "August" on my side Bar you can see the Posts of my Wedding/Coach etc.

Happy White Wednesday all..

Monday, November 8, 2010

A knockout*

This little knockout will be on my front door sometime in the next decade!!!

I finally have my new front doors, well I should say partially... This is what I will use for the front entry door knocker. It's a few vintage pieces I found and when I put them together it be loud and Fabulous!!

I just have to move the entry to the house to the other end and then I will be ready for the doors and this little number!! Phase 2 of the project.

My Design tip: Look for unique elements that have the ability to serve a specific purpose.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

*My Favorite Art*

I truly Love love love photos ....Whether it's photographing, looking, or displaying them!!
I am the photographer at my house, I don't mind though I see things differently!!!!

To me I love Photos of my family and I want them displayed where I see them everyday.
I have been photographing my boys since they were born and I just love having them around. For us, they are ART !!!
When we had to evacuate our home because of the fires here in So. Cal. a couple years ago my main thought and focus was to gather my pictures! They are irreplaceable...

Here is a couple layouts I designed for us..
One display is using some Vintage Ironstone, brown Transfer- Ware and Hotel platters from my collection.
The other thing is vintage frames.. I collect them and mostly save them to use for all my framing projects.
If you have any unique lay outs I would love to see just send me a picture and I'll share it!!

Photos: #1 at my old Beach house. #2 at my Country house..

My Design tip: Using similar frame styles and or matting is my first recommendation...other wise it will come off thrown together and messy.

Take lots of photos!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Country Life with Ocean Blue*

This morning the view was so clear and Beautiful from my bedroom Balcony I took this photo.
Also the weather is so warm and summer-ish about 90* today. It is what we get almost every Autumn here in So. Cal.
I just watered all my Roses and Hydrangeas it's going to get hot later.. I can't believe how many roses I have, I just planted them a few months ago... They must like their location!!

I had to snip a few to bring in. I always love to have fresh flowers from my garden.
Finally I have some to cut for some lovely little bouquets.
The jar... is a olde peanut butter jar, and the ribbon is french monogrammed with a initial "P" for my last name...

The view in the photo is so lovely to wake up to.
We lived at the Beach for 30 years and we were ready for a change... A country life, lots of space, on a hill...we looked for a while... A Fabulous view was #1 on our house hunting list....This was it!

My Design tips: Plant your favorite flowers that you can enjoy cutting and making bouquets with. Use vintage little jars and unique finds etc., some pretty vintage ribbon to hang them on a door knob or cabinet.
Also if your in the market for a house, make a wish list and stick with it.
Be patient... You will find what your looking for.

Happy White Wednesday and enjoy your view...

Monday, November 1, 2010

* French Laundry *

Mmmm... Just thinking of french laundry...

ometimes don't you find yourself longing for a second visit to a favorite place....
Mine is for "French Laundry" in Yountville, California.
Yountville is in the wine country, a pristine little town filled with exquisite little restaurants, shops and all those elements that make it chic and memorable!!

Years ago I saw "French Laundry" featured in "Victoria" magazine. Basically the magazine that features all things beautiful, fabulous creative and top notch... So it was my go to magazine for travel, restaurants shopping and entrepreneurial women stories and features. If it was in the magazine you know it was fabulous!!!

I was given a few of the coveted clothespins I saw {in the photo layout from Victoria} from the hostess who some how found a few in a drawer, she expressed they didn't use them in their table settings anymore....

So I loved that I had the last few so I framed them along with our bill {a laundry Ticket}... It was a truly a DELICIOUS and memorable lunch! My oldest son was about 7 1/2 and also had to adhere to the Jacket dress code .... We were able to get a reservation for lunch on Feb 13th. It was so romantic even for lunch! Valentines was booked as is everything about 4-6 months ahead I hear...

Looking back, was it the cuisine of the world renown chef "Thomas Keller" or was it just the quest for the clothespins doning the French Laundry Branding!!!!
Have a Beautiful week..
xoxo, Me