Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little Evergreen*

This little evergreen has been growing so beautifully for three years... I bought it at Trader Joe's during Christmas three years ago! I keep it in my kitchen and I can't believe it has grown four times the size it was! I don't know why it loves my house...I love watching it grow, also has a lemony scent....

I am starting to pull out the decorations and begin the Holidays at our Home....
I put these lovely the little Baubles on the tree, A gift from my friend Kristin, she chose them perfectly* The glitter crown is from a beautiful place called Roger's garden in Newport Beach.

I hope you are putting the music on, lighting the fire and unpacking your favorite decorations.
I love the smell and sounds of this time of year...

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  1. Gail how wonderful!! PS Trader Joes is coming to Kansas City!! Yay!

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    Art by Karena


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