Thursday, April 28, 2011


*Royalishes* I say...
What do we love most about the Royal Wedding? Let's ponder this a moment...
Can we really answer that question! Do we really love the pomp and Circumstance or the Traditional Etiquette of protocol...I really think its personal but overall I feel we love the Romantic Pageantry of it all***{THE DRESS}
I remember watching Princess Diana getting out of the Carriage. Really that's all I remember. I have that Beautiful image of her in her Wedding Gown.

My favorite has to be the Carriage, Horses and of course THE WEDDING DRESS*
I love how it is kept a secret up until the moment The Prince will see her in it.
That is what it is supposed to be. Who shows their fiance the dress before!!

It is a special Intimate moment for the Bride and Groom. A extra special gift for the guests to witness that pure moment between them!

This all makes me reflect on my own wedding!! Aren't you doing the same right now?
I kept my Dress a secret too. The Color was the biggest secret. It was so difficult but so worth it!! It was a complete surprise.
No one knew except my seamstress because I designed the dress and headpiece. My Mom and my Dad a tiny bit though they didn't see it.

Here are a few Photos: Our Wedding day and my Dress and the White Carriage I rode in. I wouldn't change a thing even many years later. Our little fairytale..

Enjoy, Get your wedding pics out and reflect a little.
It's the whole Romance and Love Story of the two people whom lives will be forever joined and changed. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it**
Remember the moment when you first saw each other on your Wedding Day... Gives me chill bumps**
PS. If you want to see more..look back at my older posts from August 2010, I posted the whole month of Pink and more from my wedding*

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Topiary Kiss*

This topiary has grown to be HUGE!
I shear it about twice a year. When I was shearing it this weekend my son said, "It looks just like a Giant Hershey's Kiss" I love it. Its Rosemary, smells really wonderful.
My Iceberg Rose Topiary's are blooming nicely! I have three in a row like little pompoms***

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring weather we are finally getting here in So. Cal.

Happy WHITE Wednesday*
{Take time to smell the Roses}

Monday, April 25, 2011

Simple touches*

I hope your Easter was a special day for everyone..
Here's wishing you a belated Happy Easter filled with hand holding grace,
blog hugs, chocolate bunnies and pink champagne mimosas.

The day was filled with being together as a family and simple touches that remind us of Family and all the blessings we have.

*Easter basket ribbon with a Zinc "P"
*Root beer from my childhood in the Midwest, a favorite little place.. "Dog n suds".
My son's comment... Mom the best root beer float EVER!!!
*A Easter egg holder filled with things from my garden, Lavender,Mint, and lemon from our grove.

Enjoy your Monday*

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scale Love*

Vintage scales are so fun! To think that these were used in all kinds of buisness trades is so cool. I found this one several years ago. This is the actual Pink color it was when I found it.
New York is stamped on the metal. It has two glass circles on each side. I was told it was a jewelers scale.
I have a white one as you see in the photo, I also have a large one I will share another time.
I love them all...

Details....Someone might be in luck... Because I have this PINK SCALE FOR SALE!
It is $140.00 plus shipping.
{If you are a follower of my blog and you bring 3 new friends over to follow just let me know by email who they are and I will pay the shipping $$$}
Anyone interested send me a email and we'll take care of the details.

These are so fun to use for display, I used this one in my store years ago and put Baby shoes on it!
On a scale of 1-10 I hope today is a 10!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

*Beach House Memories*

Yesterday was such a Beautiful Day here in So.Cal.
I woke up this morning with memories of the Boyz "play house" my husband built at our Beach House...
When he first told me he was making a play house, I thought how cool, he will love it..
Well... I was gone for the day and I came home and their was this huge platform on beams about 15 feet in the air... I said my little 4 year old isn't going up their by himself!
It turned out Fabulous, he loved it and it worked out just perfect. The neighborhood kids loved to come and play there. It was a perfect design element for the landscaping. The flag flying,the beautiful Ocean view!!!!

I have such wonderful memories of my Boyz and their friends there.
This was our first home I was lucky to have full reign on design and decorating.
It was a special place...

Hope your having fun Playing House....
Off to a Baseball game..

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Petite Bunny Canvas*

Hope your having a lovely week.. I haven't had a moment to blog...
I will try to get back in the swing this weekend...
Here is a little favorite piece of art.. A Petite little cavas that has a Bunny on it. I have had it for years and I keep it out all year. Its is about 4" wide x 3" tall.
In the yard near the pool there is a little metal sign that says "Bunny Crossing" we have alot of wild bunnies here at the Country house...

Usually I do love to really decorate for Easter, I am keeping it minimal this year since were in a project phase..
Have a beautiful Thursday!
Oh...... If you have Children the movie "HOP" is FABULOUS!! I even loved it!
Definitely the whole family will enjoy it...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Vintage Zinc Moulding*

It's Friday.... This week has just flown by, I haven't had a moment to blog!!!
I thought I would share another Love of mine.
I have these Zinc Tin mouldings, They came out of a old Hotel. They have beautiful details, here is a photo of just the Wreath detail!!

I have two of them and have a plan for them one day...
I just love that these architectural elements were used in buildings. I love the History of them.
I love Zinc!! Visit for more posts on them later*

It's The Picket Fence Inspiration Friday, I just linked up my kitchen view!
If you click the button on my side bar it wil take you there!

Have a Fabulous Friday ya'll..

Monday, April 4, 2011

Details around my Garden House*

This is our Vintage garden house it's just aged to perfection... The old carved elements, The chippy White paint, can't believe what I discovered when I was sweeping it out over the weekend.
I knew we put a french drain in it but I never noticed this engraved word, SON....Of course I took a photo of it wouldn't you? It gave me chills because my son had just left to return to college...
It was so pretty the way the warm little ray of sun was on it, almost saying to me "Mom I'm always around you."
I had a cool idea for it and I made it,turned out very cool.
Awe... I'm saving those photos for a different post!

Here are a couple more pictures of.... My Favorite Little House!
Hope your week is beginning Fabulously,
P. S. The white fireplace photos from the post the other day are also from inside the Garden House.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Window Accourtements*

Hope your Sunday is relaxing, peaceful and your enjoying quiet time alone or with family and friends... Mine began with taking my oldest son out for breakfast, he was home for three days from college so we like to soak up as much time of his as he allows... We took our dog Miss "Chloe", she enjoyed being with us I presume! {She's quite lonely and sad with out her BFF Bentley, as we are too.}

I drove my Princess car, it was a beautiful day to drive her. After breakfast, a trip to Target... You know it's a love / hate store with me, I {love} to go because I get all the paper items, laundry etc. But I seem to mosey around a bit while I'm there so I {hate} how I spend to much time doing that!!!
I came home and packed a goodie box for my son to take with him back to school.

After he left I was watering some plants near my son's bathroom windows and I fell in love all over again with our windows and the stone pediements I had made. They turned out better than I thought they would.. I can't wait for the whole house to have them!! Here are a couple pictures I took... Enjoy*

Now I'm going to get dinner started!

My design tip: When your choosing window styles, selecting the look that fits the architecture of your home is essential.
Don't just buy windows because they are inexpensive {Cheap} and you like the style. Labor is the same to install quality.
If you need help, ask a professional. Choose carefull they are expensive, you will have to change them all out to have a cohesive look. Use a professional you don't want a leaky window.
{Our windows are "Pella" Archectural Series, low e, shatter proof, dual glazed, invisible screens.Paintable wood inside aluminum clad exterior}.

Have a wonderful evening*

P.S. I'm already missing my son in his room!!! It's been two hours....

Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring Flowerings

These Pretty Flowers are growing in the yard and I wanted to share the large purple ones with you.. I know they are perenial and they bloom like this every spring..
We did not plant them, they were here on the property.
These are about 8ft. They just multiply!
When it's windy they sway like they are signing, its beautiful.. No fragrance though.

The other flowers are little tiny daisy ground cover. I placed this round topiary sphere in the center and forgot about it and now it's almost covered!

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A Big Blog HUG & KISS to Thank you girls from "AT THE PICKET FENCE" for selecting my blog!
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Have a great Inspiration Friday and I hope this inspires you to get in the garden and see what is blooming this Spring*