Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vintage Horn & Handles

Hope your having a fabulous week so far... My posts have sure been spread out, my life is going in so many directions, but with one destination & common thread if that makes sense! I am burning the candles at both ends but excited and grateful for all the wonderful opportunity's. I'll share soon!!

The photo above I took is a Vintage Horn that was my Dad's, He gave me this and a Vintage Bow and Arrow set with the most Beautiful colors on the arrows... Any hoooo, He used to demonstrate to my brothers and I how he used this hunting. I can still hear the sound! I can't remember if it was for calling deer or moose.

I cherish these things and I also have his mounted moose antlers which I LOVE* LOVE * LOVE. Can't wait to place them in a special spot in my house. My dad was a passionate sportsman / hunter he could tell hunting stories for hours! I don't think it was just the hunting was the event, camping/roughing it in the woods with his friends that was just a great outdoor experience.

 This picture is of a vintage horn handle that is on a cooking fork. We just found this at my mother-n- laws house when we were going through everything.... We cleaned it up and the section above the handle is sterling silver! It was the back yard grilling fork!!! So where is the matching knife I asked?

I love these pieces and cherish where they came from! Someday we will pass them onto our boyz.
Have a beautiful Thursday

Monday, May 28, 2012

Patriotic Sentiments

Memories of my youngest when he was small @ the beach with his small little hands placing the American Flags in the sand..
Sentiments on our Front  Entry Gate...
Our Vintage Tractor....
On a log beside the gate...
Blessings & a safe Memorial Day everyone*

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Happy Thursday Darlins...
Hope your week has been great! Mine has been very busy so I haven't had time to blog!
Did you watch American Idol?  We watched the Idol finale and we were torn over who would win... I think Phillip and Jessica are deserving of a huge music career they will both have. Jessica being from San Diego we wanted her to bring the title home here! We {San Diego} are so impressed by this 16 year old powerhouse.. I think we agree, she has the potential for Music stardom...

Do you know what a Fireback is? A piece of cast iron that is used in the back of the fireplace to protect the brick from being damaged by the heat of the fire. The heat is absorbed and keeps the room warm after the fire has gone out.

I found amazing Vintage this FIREBACK and can't wait to use it... I have a couple thoughts on where I will use it in my design!


My Design tip: Sometimes things are right in front of you if you have a plan.
Have a beautiful day,

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Storied Treasures

Hi Darlins,
Sharing our stories and others with us is such a gift... sometimes we don't get the opportunity to know the story behind a vintage piece... So it's fun to imagine a little.

A life of 95 years was lived and passed peacefully a couple of weeks ago..
On Sunday we paid tribute to my mother-n-laws 95 years of life.  A proud women who was a dedicated teacher for many years and lived in the same home over 60 years. She will be missed...
As we were sifting through 60 years of items, looking and hoping to find any special mementos and keepsakes ...
I couldn't help think of the stories that were never told. Was life simpler? Was travel enchanting?

We didn't find many treasures... though I fortunetly found a couple things that told a story by a simple monogram or some writing on the back. A family member's silver baby spoon was found with his initials...polished up and returned to him. The expression of gratitude said it all when he read the initials...

Above are a few items that came home with us. 

Oh .... Thank you Susan at SSO Second Shout Out blog for posting about Casual Loves Elegance today.  Go on over and visit here

Have a pretty Thursday*

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Vintage * White * Beauty

Good Morning Darlin's

Scouting for Vintage pieces for my renovation is serious....So where do I go for serious pieces around SoCal? Los Angeles has some of my favorite spots. Wish we had as many as the East coast.

A while back I was in LA getting my Vintage doors re-sized and designing my interior doors.  I always make each trip worthwhile and do a little scouting for some pieces I am searching for.

OMG...It was LOVE at first sight when I spotted this Beauty sitting on the floor in the middle of lots of other pretties, but she was the most Beautiful!!! I think I might of yelled... YIKES, I FOUND MY SINK!!!
Oh well... the shop owners are used to that right?

 I wasn't sure how I would ever get it home or even off the floor, it took 3 men to pick her up! We used a lift too. Getting her out of the truck when we got home was another story.....

She's finally in my Butler's pantry on the floor again...A slight obstacle, need to remove the existing drain hole on one side so that I can put a garbage disposal in. I was worried about drilling this Vintage Beauty, what if it cracks? I had my sub look at it and he said he can do it! Great news... I will still be holding my breath and crossing my fingers until  he stops the drill!

My Design tip: Incorporating Vintage is Green. I have done it in all my design projects and renovations. It is the best way to achieve character and nostalgia.
Happy White Wednesday*

Friday, May 4, 2012

From Tree to Table...

I remember one thing that we loved about our property when we bought it was the Little Grove..
A small area that the previous owners planted up near the house.
 Consisting of Apple * Apricot * Grapefruit * Oranges * Peaches * Plums Tangerine trees. One of each variety, which are lovely matured and produce fruit at different times of Spring and Summer. I love the whole process...particularly the flowering branches before the fruit. It is so beautiful and the fragrance is just intoxicating when you arrive at our gates!

When we first bought our property we fenced it in and we planted a Big Grove mostly Eureka lemons and a few special trees for our family... Clementines, Meyer lemons & Navel oranges.
Right now our peaches are ready! It's like a race... to pick them before the birds!

Enjoy the photos of some peaches I just picked. My family likes my peach, apple & pear crumble!

 I love it on Plain yogurt & my favorite is ... just picking one right off the tree!

My design tip: When landscaping, plant some trees that provide your family with fruit bearing gifts all year. They are beautiful ... while adding value to your property!
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pretty Vintage Cupboards

Hi Darlins... I hope your week is fantastic so far!

During my renovation I keep loosing cupboards and I still need temporary spaces to keep some dishes and glassware accessible yet fairly protected from construction dust.
I have been using these two tall cupboards.  I bought them a few years ago for extra storage before the renovation. I thought that they were so pretty with the chippy white & pale-grey paint I am so happy to have them for my temporary make-shift kitchen!
They are made from vintage windows and have these pretty litlle handmade roses on them! A score!
I love being Green!!

My design tip: Always consider GREEN alternatives. Vintage is GREEN and the way to go for many building projects... Remember what I always caution you about... Beware of.... "it is a good buy"... If it doesnt' work and have a utility you will have to get rid of it or it will be stored in your garage!

Here are a couple pics of the vintage cupboards so you can see how I am using them now....I aleready have the next use for them planned Out!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome May*

Welcoming  May  Day  2012 .... 
When I lived at the beach I was closer to  my neighbors than I am now.
Each May Day early in the morning I quietly walked over to the neighbors houses close to me and put a little glass containers {like the one below on my tin shed} filled with beautiful Heirloom roses from my garden and hung them on their door handles!

I LOVED doing it for them.....I felt like the easter bunny!!!

I hope your May will be filled with Beautiful Flowers in your garden and the warm sentiments from a neighbor or friend!
Happy May Day***