Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanks for giving

Hi Darlin's
Rushing to get ready with our meals, families,homes etc.
I wanted to take a moment to express my Thanks for giving!
Thank you for your sweet visits and comments, email through this blog!
I have enjoyed visiting your blogs as well!

is my first attempt at writing,
and all the technical agenda that goes along with a blog and all the social media.
 I have had to figure it out along the way, not a tech person at all!
 Before my blog, I didn't know a thing about computers, digital cameras, blogs FB etc etc!

I have had a lot of giggles, fun and continue to learn daily! My boys think it's funny... all of this!

Thanks for bearing with me!

I love this GOD BLESS burlap sign... 
Jason from NA DA FARM Ann Marie's husband, made it.
 I was at there barn sale when I was visiting the midwest,  I saw it hanging high up in the barn! 
I inquired if it was for sale?
Well It wasn't really... 
Sweetly they let me purchase it!

I brought it my home here California! 
Every time I see it I have a fond memory.. being on their farm and with my sister-n-law at their fun sale.
I also bought this great old vintage frame their too!
I love the stories about vintage don't you?

Well off to finish my errands, come home and set my table before we go to a dinner party this evening!
Enjoy your day!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Company's coming

Mornin Darlin's!

With the last Autumnal days upon us...
 it's time to gather, reflect & prepare our homes for family and guests.

My home borrows the colors of Thanksgiving from nature...

A present for our eyes and soul to experience.

I use this vintage cornucopia on my front door, 
gathering some natural elements from outdoors.
 White roses, twigs & branches.
 Tucking in a vintage flash card I found years ago *Thanks*

As we prepare for our guests,
 we  might arrange a cornucopia 
{A horn shaped vine or wicker basket}
with fruits, petite pumpkins & nuts like the Pilgrims.

If you were to peek into the dining room window from outside you might see...
 the warm glow of candles, beautiful vintage dishes and linens gracing the table.


Using your most comfortable chairs for guests will ensure they stay & linger for a long while.

After dinner... I hope you set aside some time to lounge about in  a lovely worn leather chair, 
in a room filled with books!
Simply sharing some favorite memories and being together.

For me... those are the moments that make it all worthwhile!

My Design tip: Thanksgiving should be about the grace and the meal. Simple elements with vintage is the perfect balance.

Today you can read my whole post on SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG 
"Saturday's Designing with Vintage" series. 
Visit my store for some vintage pieces for your home!

From my home to yours 
"Happy Thanksgiving"


Thursday, November 21, 2013

OOOVAL love*

Loving the cool drizzly day here in So.Cal
I just love wearing my wellies & tights with a light sweater!

Christmas carols already?
I hear them everywhere!
Caught myself humming  along as I was doing a little pre-shopping!

So little tiny update...
Here is a teeny peak 

of my powder bath renovation project!
Can you guess what this is?

I am soooo excited its exactly what I envisioned!
Working on flooring.

I love every single * little * inch.
{I haven't had a powder bath for a long time}
Stay cozy

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving mantle

Just around the corner our home will be filled with the makings of a holiday!
Family & Friends
Lots of joking around

I'll be making it pretty & cozy!
So excited to create some delicious meals in our new Wolf range. 
It's will be our first Thanksgiving with it!
All while making new memories to cherish!
Of course there will be checking the heights of everyone on the door fame... where everyone has their name and date!
 If your not over 6 feet at my house it's a little tough on the ego!
I'm the only one excluded...
I was blessed with the tall gene from my I understand all the jokes!

I hope your getting excited for the holidays too!

With all the torn up spaces at my house, I still find  some areas I can decorate!

This is our dining mantle with some natural elements,
 dried hydrangeas from my garden 
& curly grapevine filled with fairy lights.

Enjoy a beautiful day!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Restful & Cozy

Evening Darlin's!
Hope you had a lovely day! 
So busy I haven't had time to do my Post!
I could use a rest right now myself...
I just finished un packing all the Italian tile for the new powder bath, 
each piece needed to be hand bathed and laid to dry over night.
My hands are thrashed!
It's ok ... I'm in love with it so it so it was fun to touch each piece!

With a nip in the air & shorter days are you feeling there is possibly a time for a cozy rest?

My chair gets cozy chair in our dining room near the fireplace.


Storing blankets, throws & pillows in a vintage cabinet is an organized way to see what you have at a glance.

The faux fur adds such natural beauty,complimenting the white linens.
 My beds are made up like these in the winter, we just love them!

My Design tip: Collecting vintage blankets, quilts and pillows is fun. Storing them where they stay fresh, clean & convenient to your entertaining space. Ready for any occasion.

Enjoy a cozy weekend, hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT blog for all the photos and post.

Off early in the morning for a road trip to look for some pieces for my renovation.
Looking forward to sharing some updates soon!


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Designing with Black-n-White

Morning Darlins.
I really Love black-n-white...
Do you?
I use it a lot in my decor.
When I visualize a space in black-n-white I categorize it as neutral. 
Though to me, certain materials have such detail and beauty they are colorful.

I'm  inspired by many things...
 Mostly details, like the beautiful graphics & fonts on these vintage ironstone pots.

Everyday household items that we use...
Vintage cased ticking pillows, I like to use them as a playful accent.

A heap of fresh snowfall on garden furniture...
Winter branches!

Can you see the relationship?

Mmmm the gorgeous floor * console = gorgeous...

Vintage metal boxes are mysterious & fun!

Textures & detail in black-n-white have the neutral element,
though to me this is color!

I can't wait to share my project with you! It's coming along...

My design tip: Black-n-white has character, it's classic & modern. Using black-n-white with patterned detail will be beautiful, not bland or boring.

This black metal box is available in my shop

Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT for vintage Decor objects in black-n-white! 
Read my Saturday's Designing with vintage blog post for SECOND SHOUT OUT BLOG

I am off to a clients to start a design project, a TV room into a home office!
I will share some photos soon...

Have a gorgeous weekend!

photos: from Pinterest

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vintage hardware

Do you feel welcoming November is the calm before the storm!
I have been focussed on hardware for my new custom doors.
 Finding some unique hardware is challenging, 
 I prefer vintage!
The iron work is so beautiful, simply works of art.

NewYork city school knob, wonder if this was on a special door or standard throughout the school?

Do you think these are silver?

Glass knobs & skeleton keys are so pretty, I grew up with these.
 Love to old homes that still have them.

Love how this knob is used to hold back the curtain.

Have you ever been at a front door and wondered if you should use the door knocker???

Or do you play it safe... and ring the doorbell!!!

Pretty heart key plate, perfect on a country door.

This is so beautiful... I just need about 12!

Love weathered wood & Iron work

 & this door

 & this darling little girl!!!!

The holidays are right around the corner, never to early to get some DIY ideas!
I am going to be making these I will show you how!

My Design tip: A vintage door knocker will add character to a plain door.
 Glass knobs are a pretty option for a powder bath and bedroom door.

Have a beautiful weekend, 
Hop over to SECOND SHOUT OUT blog for my Saturday series "Designing with Vintage".
Visit CASUAL LOVES ELEGANCE store for vintage! 

All photos today Pinterest.