Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vintage Garden Event...Don't miss it*

If you haven't heard....

Magnolia Creek Co. Atelier is having it's first 3-Day event!!!
This Friday, Sat & Sun.{Oct. 1-3} 10-5pm
location: 31339 Valley Center Rd. Valley Center, Ca. 92082

My friend, Robyn aka "Magnolia Creek" was a vendor at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale" at my house in May. She has a great eye for vintage and so creative...I'm so excited for something fun to go to!!! I know she will be hosting a fabulous garden event!!! There will be lots of fantastic vintage treasures and delicious treats from a friends delightful New Cook Book who will be there....I better hush, so I don't give away all her surprises!!

Please set your schedule now!!! Opens at 10am friday Oct.1
You know the line will be before then!!!!
I know you'll be so inspired and happy I told you about it!!!
xoxo, Gail

Monday, September 27, 2010

This little vintage find*

I spotted this find at a flea market and had to bring it home. It was supposed to be over my dining table....The electrician made some holes, pulled some wire and hung it. I was so excited but in the back of my detail designer mind I kept thinking to myself, hmm... It's so pretty too bad it's just not the right scale for this room....

I found one that was the perfect scale for the dining room it's in the mirror of the post of the french mirror I did a few weeks ago, if you want to peek back..

So I happened to have the perfect final spot for it when we finished the entry. You can see a little of it from my last post. I thought I'd show you a better picture.. {Did I mention...The entry is kinda temporary.... The plan is to switch it to the opposite end of the house. The existing entry you see will be the glassed in breakfast room... That is in phase 2... Stay tuned get comfortable it's going to be a journey!!!

My Design Tip* Always think about the scale of the room, always put everything on a dimmer switch. Buy what you love, love, love, {as long as it is a asset to your design}

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Master suites details in White*

Hope your having a beautiful weekend so far....
I received a few emails asking to see my area where I took the picture of the chair on my blog welcome...So I thought I'd answer you with some pictures too!

Well it is in the Foyer to the two master suites that I added to the house in phase I, of this renovation.
The photos show the entry foyer Before with the 70's archways, blue clay pavers, and a little sliding pocket door. When you opened the pocket door there was a bathroom that you walked into. Everything was gutted and a new separate foyer was added with the two suites off to the sides.

Photos After I used vintage doors and resized them added new vintage glass.In my interiors I always put french doors to separate the bedrooms from the living space.
{The foyer in the second picture is behind the large french doors with the transom}.
The foyer, pass thru, has wood moldings casing all the doors and windows. Almost every inch of the master suites interior foyer is layered with white glossy enamel moldings, halogen lighting, a vintage chandelier etc. The floors are so amazing that's a long story... The post I did on the marble sinks with the french faucets... well those are from these suites...
My design tip*Have a plan, Have continuity in the design. Use the same core elements all through your home.
It was a 15 month renovation but well worth it. It is exactly what I visualized being there.
I hope you enjoy my work!!!

Have a fun weekend,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My First Autumn Soup*

My last post I was going to make my first Autumn Soup for the season.. Mmmm It was tasty!
A velvet green pea soup, so simple and my favorite thing about soups is that they are perfect for lunch the next day!

I had thinnly sliced pears for desert, only kidding I just pretendeded that they were dipped in chocolate!

I hope your inspired to make some soup this weekend and begin making your home reflect the season.

Have a Fabulous Autumn Friday*
My Design tip* Even if your dining alone, make your experience special & Fabulous like You!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Official Autumn greeting*

Today officially marks the First Day of Autumn...
Last night we had our first fire of the season in our Dining room...No, my dinner wasn't on fire!

Last night I gathered a group of candles and pillars {I made all of these from salvaged vintage architectural pieces}. I loved the warm glow in the room with the fire. It was so pretty.
Thought I'd share a picture with ya'll..

Today I had one of my favorite soups for lunch. Carrot Ginger good! I am a soup connoisseur. I truly would love soup for lunch everyday!!! Just 182 recipes I could double up and be just fine.
In fact tonight guess what's on my menu! Green Pea and Mozzarella soup... a salad with thinly sliced grilled filet and topped with heirloom tomatoes...
The desert will be thinly sliced of course ....

Enjoy the First evening of Autumn... throw on a log, pour a glass of wine and have some thinly sliced desert, leave the windows open if you get to warm and light some candles!!!

My design tip* Use unique pieces to hold your candles instead of just the traditional candle sticks. Just look around you I'm sure you have plenty!!

PS. I'm hunting for a Fabulous "carrot orange, creme of asparagus,wild mushroom bisque soup recipes. If you have one that is {Fabulous} and you've actually tried it and want to pass it on just email me I would love to try it!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

French Faucets and Marble*

Sharing a couple pictures from the two Master Suites that are just about completed with the exception of a few items on the punch list. It takes time to find the perfect sconces and desk etc.

My personal projects are on a larger scale... It gives a substantial sense of space.
My youngest son uses a step stool at his sink now to see in the mirror but he will grow quickly.. His older brother is 6'4. His suite fits him perfectly!

These are are a few pictures of my work and the sinks came out as I had hoped. When I get a wide angle lens I will photograph the whole Bathroom suite. {The before pics are on film}.

I have a picture above of my younger son's sink how he leaves it daily! The other picture how I would style it for me!!! One for GUESTS*

My Design Tip: Remember children are only small for a short period of time, if your designing a bathroom build it for Adults, It is expensive to do it twice. Choose elements that are not trendy. They will be dated, when you go to sell. Resale should always be in your planning. Using accessories will personalize the bathroom and be adorable for children. Refresh and change them as they grow.

Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's Louis XVI French*

I scouted this Antique Mirror about a year or so ago. I admired {ok.courted} it for a while first, then we fell in love. Somehow my instincts told me it was very special.
{We really should trust our instincts, when their saying BUY IT, IT"S FABULOUS}!!

Next... I had to figure out how to slip it in the house unnoticed. Then I could say in response to:
Where did you get that? "Oh that mirror, I had it in the garage and decided it would fit perfectly above the dining room mantle... Do you think it's very heavy? I know will need cables and bolts to secure it. I think the stud is standing right next to me! Is it possible we could hang it this weekend Sweetie!!! Mmm.. do you smell the roast I have in the oven for dinner? I saw a frosty with your name on it in the fridge it will be perfectly chilled by the time your done!!

Obviously... I retained what I learned from my acting coach!

Doing a little historical forensics {googling} I found out that it most likely Louis XVI.
Louis XVI of France born in 1710. This period had especially fashionable themes that were musical interments such as violin, flageolet and tambourine, hunting and fishing, symbols of Love, such as bows, arrows, torches and pastoral emblems such as crooks, large straw hats of shepherdesses.
If you look closely at the crest top this has a rose bow garland, bird and a torch.
{The Header art work for my blog has a closeup of my mirror}

I'm thrilled to know more about this Mirror...
I truly have a piece that is in the garage that I'm sure is the same period. I share that one on another post after I get the roast in the oven!!

If anyone has any comments and has info on this style I'd love to hear from you.
My Design Tip: We should really trust our instincts when they are saying BUY IT IT'S FABULOUS!

Hanging a large heavy piece:
Heavy cable, make sure the back of the frame is re-enforsed.
You will need to find 3 to 4 studs for a hanging a heavy and large piece like this. 2 framing in the wall, and 1 or 2 studs (help) to hang it. The 1or 2 needed to hang it, your judgment will apply!
If it's the end of the day and you know the studs personally..Popping a "frosty" {beer} goes a goes a long way!! This insures they might return a phone call the next time your en-listsing their help!!

Enjoy your treasures*

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Favorite repurposed find*

Many years ago I found this at a flea Market. I looked at it and thought hmmm I have seen something like this before it looks like it was used to cover something. I thought it was a very cool object! I liked the sturdiness of it and the large scale so I bought it. I had it powder coated "White".
I've used it everywhere, my boys bathroom, and at my old Mercantile store. Now it is in my bathroom for towels.
Any thoughts of what it could be?
Well I've been told it's a radiator cover. It was used to go over those hot pipes.
Well I turned it up to use it as a basket!!! Do you see it?

Thought I'd share a picture of one of my favorite repurposed finds!
Everyone always asks about this piece!
I love using vintage things and repurposing them.. It's a green thing to do!

My Design Tip: Find a new purpose for things you may already have. Look at things turned a different way and use some imagination!!!
I'd love to know what your favorite repurposed item is!

*Have a fabulous White Wednesday*

Monday, September 13, 2010

White clean & open*

When we first bought this house the kitchen was so dark and cold.... I had to immediately come up with some quick design solutions just to make it comfortable and so that I could go in there!!!
Knowing that eventually the whole thing was going to be ripped out, I wanted to achieve a few things that could hold us until the big remodel. One thing that was really bothering me was the dark stained cabinets. By taking off the doors and painting them all white it immediately gave a feeling of clean and openness...

This is a photo of the open shelf... The other upper I put glass in the panel and that's all I have for now.. because the other wall was taken out to see the view of that back yard and pool!

My Design tip: Take the doors off the cabinets, paint them {high gloss enamel} and add glass to the panels doors and instantly you have a cleaner, brighter kitchen..
Enjoy your Monday!
xoxo, me

Saturday, September 11, 2010

***View from my kitchen***

Usually the weekends at my house always include a lot of gardening/projects/sports....
Today was no different, except I sat this one out at home to garden and the boyz went to the "Motor cross Championships" with I was told 30,000 other peeps!!!

When I was trimming my bazillion boxwoods, well... a couple hundred my hands are telling me it was a bazillion, anyhow I was remembering how awful this whole area looked when we bought this house. So I found a before and after picture to show you of this project.

The first thing we need to do was to install a fence around the acreage. There wasn't one...
This area took a long time, First the layout and design then we had to bring a bobcat to grade. We built more retaining walls, and modified the existing ones. Then we did the electrical, stone staircase, pond area, fire-pit, and a foundation for the Garden house. The stone is all natural from our property. We had to use what was here. The masons chiseled each stone by hand $$$$$. So I didn't stray to far from the job site... wouldn't want any cell phone talking or naps happening!!!
Then we did all the irrigation, timers and planted all the trees shrubs etc.
Forgot to mention this property had a well, of course not a working well...So we put in the electrical mechanics and etc. so we can use the well for our landscape irrigation. We are doing everything green...Yes, we put in solar too, I'll save that for another post!

I knew what I wanted to see from my kitchen and the views from this side of the property. It is all designed with low voltage lighting. It's very dark here so it's really beautiful at night.... It was essential to do this right and was worth the muddy mess and time. We love it!!

My design tip is: Have a plan, make a statement. Your landscape, hardscape and accessories should compliment the style of your home.

Landscaping is such an important detail to all of my design projects, It is the frame around the home...
Have a beautiful Sunday*

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friends are like flowers*

Friends are like Flowers to me... They are each so individual and they bring their own personality to the friend ship. Amazingly no two are alike.... The beautiful part is that we have the choice to surround ourselves with the ones that bring beauty and friendship to our lives. It is a mutual bond. It lives in our hearts whether we see them daily or just every so often. When friends get together it's as if no time has passed....

Photos of a couple b-day gifts from my friends Pam and Barbara, my first vintage Ironstone pitcher, petite server which I adore, and complete with White Roses given to me at wonderful little cafes where we gathered to catch up and be together.

A big xoxo to my friends and family who remember me on my birthday...I'm Grateful*

Here's my thought to leave you to ponder...Think about the friends you have....It doesn't matter how many, it only matters WHO you have!
Have a beautiful weekend,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

*FALL* is beginning @ My House..

This morning it really feels like *FALL*
After the warm afternoons this weekend it seems like it's in the Air...
We spent the three day weekend planting 29 more lemon trees in our grove.
It doesn't sound like a lot, but our soil is so hard and full of rock it take a good hour to dig a single hole! We had our first harvest a couple of weeks ago, exciting... I'll share some pics later of course.

I started to decorate for Fall... Anything to get my attention to get into the current season!!!
Here are a few things I put together this morning,with my dried hydrangeas... I hope they inspire you..
What are you waiting for... get "Nesting"

Have a beautiful day*
Love, xoxo

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sea shells and Crystal*

I have only a few Sea shells that my boyz have collected when we were in Cape Cod and Nantucket a few years ago...We went with some friends and we had so much Fun!!
The beaches are so different there. We saw shells everywhere....It was fun to experience the whole East Coast summer lifestyle.. At the beach they found some sand dollars and some special shells... so I keep them together and it reminds us of our beautiful vacation to Nantucket and The Cape..
I keep them in this Beautiful Crystal bowl that we received as a wedding present.

I hope your'e having a safe and fun Labor Day weekend and you find some of nature's treasures to remember your summer with....


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Love the beauty in these*

September....I'm not quite know... for FALL!
Our warm and sunny weather has been late in coming this summer to So. Cal. We'll take it though....

My Photo*
I can't explain... but I stacked all of my chairs on the dining table while I was being a little domestic Haus Frau and vacuming and washing my wood floors
As I walked back into the room I just loved the art full beauty in those white vintage chairs just sitting there....So I got my camera {Love love love it, b-day gift last year from my family}

I took these photos, from my Cleopatra balcony off my master bedroom! I love the whole composition of it!!!!
Uh...I guess you had to be here....

My dining room is styled with Scandinavian & French influences...All Vintage*
It's very clean and cozy, my floors are squeaky clean!!

Happy White Wednesday...Enjoy the first of September*
xoxo me