Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Official Autumn greeting*

Today officially marks the First Day of Autumn...
Last night we had our first fire of the season in our Dining room...No, my dinner wasn't on fire!

Last night I gathered a group of candles and pillars {I made all of these from salvaged vintage architectural pieces}. I loved the warm glow in the room with the fire. It was so pretty.
Thought I'd share a picture with ya'll..

Today I had one of my favorite soups for lunch. Carrot Ginger good! I am a soup connoisseur. I truly would love soup for lunch everyday!!! Just 182 recipes I could double up and be just fine.
In fact tonight guess what's on my menu! Green Pea and Mozzarella soup... a salad with thinly sliced grilled filet and topped with heirloom tomatoes...
The desert will be thinly sliced of course ....

Enjoy the First evening of Autumn... throw on a log, pour a glass of wine and have some thinly sliced desert, leave the windows open if you get to warm and light some candles!!!

My design tip* Use unique pieces to hold your candles instead of just the traditional candle sticks. Just look around you I'm sure you have plenty!!

PS. I'm hunting for a Fabulous "carrot orange, creme of asparagus,wild mushroom bisque soup recipes. If you have one that is {Fabulous} and you've actually tried it and want to pass it on just email me I would love to try it!

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