Saturday, July 25, 2015

7 Ideas for throwing a casual party

Weekend Greetings!

Beautiful weather, longer days and schools out.
It's the pefect time to gather some vintage aaccessories & throw a party outdoors or inside.
Round up the crew.... kids, friends & family to help.
Making it easy, casual and fun will take the pressure off ironing table cloths and white gloving the house!
 If you have summer house guests, invite them to join you in the planning.

Try to delagate to some of the do's!


Let's be inspired to gather, tell stories and enjoy all that summer has to offer.

My Design tip: Pull out old blankets, quilts, pillows & dropcloths these items will make seating cozy and can also work well as table coverings.

Throw a party just because....

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My trip to Illinois,Wisconsin

Happy Wednesday!

Is Summer flying by?
What happened to the long days & naps on the porch!!!!

...backtracking to May
I promised a post from my trip, so here it is!

My annual  Illinois & Wisconsin visit is all about family. 
we do find some time for fun little adventures.
 Always the highlight of my year!
It's truly such a beautiful and peaceful place.

This year was no cousins took me to a few darling places.
First up, was Cedarsburg, WI. 
Charming & historical.

 We walked about this old town, it's amazing to see these old structures.
 We had a delicious lunch in a cozy little spot in town,{can't recall the name right now}

I think... this building was a old mill.
I imagine how gorgeous this town is with a blanket of snow at Christmas, with all the shops decorated!

This amazing mural is on the side of a building down town, these are the historical buildings.

A beautiful old storefront, Love the door & transom.

Next up*

Lake Bluff, Illinois

We visited this darling shop in Illinois.
Another fabulous little town, we had a delicious lunch around the corner.

What....Lunch & shopping go together....
Like a purse & shoes!
My cousin Mrs. M is so fun, she and I have the best time exploring these little finds on our outings when I visit! 

We had a lovely chat with one of the sisters of Re Imagined Vintage that afternoon, she told us her family owns & operates the business. 
The store is a gem.

She did mention they may be expanding to another location, so do check in with them if you plan on going to this location!
My iphone ran out of batteries so I only have this one exterior picture...

Don't worry...
When I got home I layed out all my vintage goodies to share with you!

Here is what I brought home from Re Imagined vintage.

 This darling hand made apron, handstiched with a pocket.
To the garden... vintage flashcard was perfect.

Tucked in a few roses from my garden!

Walking around the corner we found the coolest little sign advertising Praire espresso! 
The owner told us his story & made the most delicious espresso for me.

Next was the Wisconin flea market...
With my SIL, Ms. P.
We went early, It began to sprinkle but we had the best time!

First stop, Jeanine of ChiPPy! - ShaBBy!

Jeanine Burkhardt has a great eye, her vintage finds have just the right time worn patina that I love...

She was busy setting up and we chatted a bit, I met her husband Mr. Froggie she sweetly calls him.
He had something that caught my eye!

This beautiful old weather vane!

Here's how I displayed it in my kitchen..

Finding a treasure to bring home is special.

Every time I see a treasure like this...
 I think of the fun day in Wisconsin with my SIL 

seeing Jeanine {Chippy! -Shabby}! again & bringing a new purpose to this antique weathervane.

Visit Jeanine here, she's on my blog roll too
 tell her Gail sent you!

This year I vowed only to bring smalls that would fit into my suitcase...
My SIL had to talk me out of some large garden items!!!

These treasures made the cut into my suitcase.

Antler, no such thing as too many!!!

I hung the antler on the vintage hook below on the front door, added some roses from the garden. LOVE it!

Found this vintage metal hook, the perfect chippy pale green!

Spied this and had to have it....Vintage wool peacoat style sweater...

The back of the sweater, it's hand stiched w/wool letters.

I love all the vintage treasures I found. 
Most of all my trip cirlcles around spending time with my family, 
Miss Phoebe my niece whom I adore, she's front and center. seeing her fills my heart. 
My SIL Ms. P is amazing & we talk non stop, dream outloud, laugh and cry the whole week!!!

The Girls, I'll refer as a few of my causins come by for a girls evening, we have dinner & look at old photos, laugh, cry and catch up on everyone & it's a beautiful evening!

My cousins J & B roll out the red carpet and welcome me when I visit. We catch up on all the events & happenings with all the family, we have so much fun! They are wonderful to me and I'm blessed to spend time with them. They are a beautiful couple inside and out.
  I treasure the chance to hear familiar names & tell old stories, hear new ones and connect with them all. 
It certainly is a tearful Hello & Good bye all..

 As soon as I get on the plaine I can't wait to go back next Spring!

Have a beautiful summer day!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Black & White design

Happy Saturday
Design with a Black and White aesthetic is unique. 
 Amazingly cheks all the right boxes.
It's casual
elegant & timeless.

From exteriors of quaint shops to houses.
Unforgettable spaces can be centered around these two colors.

Adding character to spaces with accents of black or white wood pieces.

A childs room is calming, cozy & playful with just the right elements and textures of black and white.

Black & White will always be at the helm of the Fashion and Design world.

All photos from this post curated from Pinterest

My Design tip: Give a black and white space warmth with vintage materials, nothing to shiny, Textures and softness are key.

Enjoy this summer weekend.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Four season porches

Happy Saturday Darlins,

If you love Summer... 
there is a way to extend it!
Depending on  your location, insulation and materials a four season porch can offer this.
A porch can be just as inviting in the winter.

Create a welcoming ambiance with vintage furnishings, seasonal accessories that will extend your use of a cozy space.

Some possibilites I've curated to inspire with.

All Pinterest

I love these spaces!

My Design tip: Add furnishings that are easy to move around for entertaining and cleaning after each season.

Hop over to Second Shout Out blog for my series each Saturday "Designing with Vintage" & shop for your summer home.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Flags of our Father

Happy *4th of July*

I LOVE LOVE LOVE every single flag.
Gentle folds that wave in the breeze freely.
I get chills, I so Love seeing the patriotic spirit everywhere.
Thank You to those who display their flags in such a beautiful way for all to admire.

From the Country to the sea
the place for THE.

Photo: US Navy website

Photos: Pinterst

Thank You Soldiers & Veterans and their family's from the bottom of our hearts.

My Design tip: Displaying Flags and other patriotic items for all to see is beautifully American.

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Happy 4th of July
I hope it's extra Sparkely!!