Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Romantic from the curb

No secret...I Love houses!
Here is a charming home I saw in Lake Forest, Ill on my trip.

Love the steep roof pitch,  the angle of the house and the details on the balcony railings, pediments, leaded windows.....
Simply Charming!!!
Have a beautiful wednesday

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Out and about in Chicago

Hope your having a beautiful memorial day weekend!
Yesterday we spent the day in Temecula which has several vineyards...
We were at a baseball tournament though so we didn't get to do any wine tasting!

Last week when I was in the midwest we had gorgeous Spring weather...
 one day we went to the
Chicago Botancical Gardens.
A living museum on 385 acres and 9 water islands!
These gardens took my breathe away!

So inspired to try some of the techniques in my own landscaping in So Cal.
Here are some photos I took, we would have to spend days to see it all...
The most beautiful gardens I have ever seen...
 I hope you will be inspired too!

This was a large tunnel of roses that are growing over the trellis, to the right, apple trees and a vineyard!
 All next to the water, so pretty and romantic.

There magnificent examples of Espalier fruit trees, 
This beautiful specimen is a Espalier Burford Pear.

This area was called the walled garden... 
Love the little brick houses, this area was very European looking to me!

Looking through the oval of the little brick garden house.

Love this sustainable cold frame. The were tutorials like this all around and everything was clearly labeled. 
I took tons of photos for my landscaping library!

Everything was in full bloom, this is a red bud tree.
Looks like a painting  doesn't it?
My cousin planned a perfect day,,, following this we went to Lake Forest for a delightful lunch, after we walked around the town and took a drive and saw 
some incredible neighborhoods and gorgeous homes!
Early last sunday went with my SIL to a vintage flea market in Wisconsin. 
I saw this chair...

My Design tip: Use out of the box thinking in your landscaping. Adding a fun piece gives your space some personality. 
Be careful... not too much. or it will appear junky!!!

Thank you again to my cousins, SIL and my niece who are just fabulous people and I LOOOVE them!

Have a beautiful Memorial weekend and travel safe!
You can shop for some vintage garden pieces too!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Man gardening!

On our drive way back home from the Na-Da farm sale,

off the interstate we saw some one of a kind...

MAN garden elements!!!

Certainly the Robertson boyz on "Duck Dynasty" have some Man Garden elements!
{My boyz favorite show}

Vintage Tonka Trucks on each fence post... 
I must say it's my first time seeing something like this...

Rule NO.1 be different"!!!
In all seriousness I love "Duck Dynasty" too...
Entertaining and down to earth they share a great message about family...

{I don't watch T.V very much at all...and never watch reality TV, So this is a big endorsement}!
Have a beautiful Friday
Tomorrow I will have a DESIGNING with Vintage design post so hope you stop by!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vintage finds from the midwest

Hello Darlins..
Hope all is well!
I just returned home last night to SoCal, 
My visit back home to Illinois & Wisconsin was simply
Perfection &  Fantasitic.
filled with

Gorgeous weather everyday,
with teeny sprinkles when we were at the NA-DA Farm Sale
The sale was just so much fun & Fabulous! 
Ann Marie and her husband Jason held an outstanding event. Accompanied by talented vendors! 
Their young son & his friend offered to carry our vintage goodies out to our car, glad I still had some cash left for their well deserved tip!
I was looking forward to meeting blogger & vintage connoisseur Jeanine from Chippy!-Shabby! 
She was delightful...she had a very cool selection of vintage finds displayed ever so lovely! 
You can click above links and find her and Ann Marie on my blog list on the right!

While I was there...Saw a magical double rainbow, a vintage truck in a tree,
Went Antiquing in old barns & shopped a vintage flea market. Visited family and had delicious lunch at a cousins new restaurant Light House in Williams Bay, WI . Toured beautiful Botanical gardens in Chicago with my cousin and then to a beautiful little scenic tour and lunch in Lake Forest, Ill.
I prepared a light dinner for my cousins while we chatted, laughed & cried over stories of our family and the best of times at my niece and SIL's old Historic coach house in Delavan, WI. 
Sampled some  fresh Wisconsin goat cheese from  Brick street market in Delavan & fresh fig homemade preserves from the alley market in Lake Forest. 
Early morning walks in pretty neighborhoods looking at houses with my cousin. Listened to a beautiful Spring Bell choir recital that my cousin preformed in at their church.
After... they took me on a beautiful Sunday drive to my old neighborhood. Saw my family's Lake houses on Sand Lake and Crooked Lake. Oh my I miss them so much! Then on to dinner at a little spot in Antioch, Il.

 Staying with my family, seeing them, catching up, sharing meals together, telling old stories, and hearing new ones was just perfect in my book! 
I was so Happy.... I truly felt so welcomed and showered with Love!
I have the best family... just so you know!!!!
I will post more later, need unpack and back in the groove!!

Here are some vintage finds from Na-Da and other shopping places. I have a box or two being shipped!

Picked this metal Horse sign for a friend here in SoCal, 
I sold her a horse property and this will be perfect!

Found these White Ironstone for my collection.

Love these Brown Transfer ware pieces I found...

This perfect little vintage glass pitcher for syrup had to be mine...

Awesome buy on these vintage jars too!

Pretty vintage german mug faded just so...

A glass vintage telephone pole cap...
 I think it will be a perfect hose guide!

Never enough time to get to everything when I 'm there, but the time there was the BEST!!

Lucky I was able to get these on board in my luggage!
I have more posts to come from the trip so stop by!

Have a beautiful Wednesday

Monday, May 13, 2013

Familiar Faces

Hi Darlins, 
I don't know about you, but I get very excited to visit my home town where I grew up... 
I am on a plane early tomorrow to do just that!

Something very personal & special is always waiting for me when I go home to visit.
 I learn something new about my family each time I visit.
For me... it as if I get to finish a chapter in our family book.

I have this new gentlemen sculpture I love the details of his face...

I don't know who this face belongs to, do you?

Maybe it's Mr. Darcy from Pride & Prejudice!!!

We can ponder who he is later...Need to get packed...

Looking forward to the NA-DA Farm barn sale
 with Priscilla {my SIL} 
Also we have plans to go to a fab vintage flea market in Elkhorn too! 
Just so happens it's the first one of the year!

Have my vintage stops all planned out and lots of chatting with my family... 
I can't wait to see them and catch up on their lives!

Have a beautiful week...
Taking my computer and camera with me so I can post!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Newsworthy Design

Hi Darlins... 
Have some news to share?
Sometimes it just takes some good ole news to refresh a space...

Love this newspaper lined bath! 
I adore the sink... 
I had this exact 1920's pedestal sink for our beach house years ago!
When I see this space I think about the perfect place to shave or to read some news! 


Love this pretty botanical inspired decoupage...
 layers of interesting elements turns into a wall of art.
Photo copies of mementos, maps could be intwined in this process.

Love this little table next to the wall... 
notice the floor lamp? 
I have chairs just like this one!


If words aren't' enough...
 Then, we need a beautiful portrait like this!
The most gorgeous wall E*V*E*R
My Design tip: To achieve this inexpensive yet designer look, vintage sheet music, old letters,book pages even comic strips can be glued to a clean flat wall.

Tomorrow is Mother's day! 
We celebrate a mother's love, so unconditional and true. 
We all have someone who has mothered us in some way, shape or form.
 I know she is special and one of a kind!

 I know my mom was... I love her dearly, she was my best friend....
I will be sending her wishes up to the heavens!
Have a beautiful day!

Hop over to SSO Second Shout Out blog for my "Saturday's Designing with Vintage". 
You can still send her something, it is ok if it's late!
 Just call and tell her something special is coming!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Vintage Town and Country

Since I was a young girl, I have adored cars...
I know its not my girly side, but I Love them. 
I mostly love vintage cars...
On my pinterest board I have Vintage Automobiles and Boats.
One of my pins is this 1949 Chrysler Town and Country advertisement.

So are you looking for a beautiful vintage car like this? 
To cruise on perfect sunny days down the coast or up to your cabin in the mountains?

Well I think I just may of found it for you!

We were expecting rain so it in in it's bubble..

What a handsome face..

I can't believe this is just like the advertisement...
About $150,000.00 you can drive it home!

Certainly a Vintage piece of American Pie!
Have a beautiful week...
P.S I can find a house for you too just drop me a email!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lounging on Vintage Iron

Lounging is a pure Luxury! 
Rarely do we set out to lounge the day away...
Everyone is so busy, I think we forgot to how to lounge!

Maybe this will refresh your memory!
This vintage Iron campaign bed is one of my favorite pieces.
 Its  sitting here in my garden house. Love how I can fold it up when I'm not using it.
 I bring out a large down mattress, some pretty vintage linens & it's ready!


This french day bed is lovely too, unexpected delight tucked against the porch wall.


I love how this Iron bed is nestled in the nook of a stone balcony...
 You can almost feel the summer breeze!


This one looks like it's prepared for a cool evening.


Perhaps this iron bed is on a farmhouse porch... 
A perfect place to rest after a day of gardening!


Ahhhh... this one for when you want only a big blue sky and a long nap!

My Design tip: A lounge space can be inside or outside, doesn't have to be fancy, just comfortable. You can personalize with what ever helps you relax.

I hope this refreshes your memory or inspires you to take some much need time and LOUNGE!!

Hop over tho the Saturday's Designing with vintage SSO BLOG post I do every saturday!
Also Shop SSO SECOND SHOUT OUT for some vintage pieces for your lounge space!

Don't forget "Mothers Day is next Sunday May 12th!

Have a beautiful weekend Darlins...

Thursday, May 2, 2013

List maker*

Hi Darlins,
This morning after the dust settled...{after everyone was out of here}!
I went out to water and cut a few roses...
This is a tiny vintage baby bottle....

The sun was pretty as it bathed this corner of the kitchen.

I grabbed my tiny latte cup and sat down to start my To Do's...

I am so excited to be going to visit my family in the MIDWEST in mid May!!!

I make To Do's for everything...
I am Soooo looking forward to my visit.
I have to make sure I don't forget to do, pack or plan something!

Are you a "List" maker?

I absolutely am!!!
I hope they don't forget to feed the puppy 3 x a day!!!
I will need to make A PUPPY LIST!

Have lots to do...
Have a pretty day ya'll