Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let's walk in spirit and donate*

I know unless you've been on the moon lately your aware that this month is Breast Cancer Awareness month. It's more than just the pink ribbon and bracelets...

Those are fabulous and are great reminders for the month but it's the research funds that will help in finding a cure for Breast Cancer. I know we've all been touched by a person who has been diagnosed with it at sometime in our lives.

I would like to put a link on my post {BELOW} for those who would like to donate.
In particular I would like to share about a Team of about 27 fabulous women who are bonding together to walk for us all.
They are a group of local Inspiring Mom's, our kids are classmates, some are my neighbors.... They have been training for several months and many of them have walked before...Their team will be bonded together for three days for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer walk.

I wanted to share this with you. They are trying to meet their pledge goals and aren't quite there yet. If you haven't sponsored someone for the walk I would hope you would consider their team!

Here is their Team link.


I am very proud of these women, and Sincerely Thank them for walking for us all....
Thanks for your ear...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do you?

A favorite large old White Vintage Frame, the texture and details are beautiful.. It's hanging up empty....just this stenciled fabric ribbon with "Dream Big" and a crown wrapped around it!
Sometime I'll get a photo in it....

{I bought this fabric stenciled ribbon because I love the message}

Something to ponder...
You know our thoughts really are powerful....We create them.....Dream about them... Thinking positive is a choice....
I breathe it everyday and it is sacred to me.....

I hope you're having a beautiful White Wednesday and what every is going on with in your life take a breath, be Positive and of course ....Dream Big!!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Bing,Dino,Sammy and a Blonde*

I love to listen to the Good Ole Boys of Hollywood...
Growing up, my family played their music and watched their shows & movies. You know, I have grown to appreciate that time as well... it's so romantic and smooth..

I took my husband to a spot here in town that has fabulous photos, I love them so much and I especially adore black & white photographs so I took a few shots of them.
The Girl .... is me. From my archives!

Hope you put on some cool music and enjoy some of old Hollywood greats!!
Skip the smoke, though wine is cool....
Photo with Bing Crosby and his family is taken in Rancho Santa Fe, right around the corner in So. Cal.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paris Hotel Souffle dish*

I love this Dish!
I bet something delicious was served in it many times.. It's old with crackles in the glaze, perfect in my book!
Wish I could say that I visited this hotel, and had a story to share... but I found this at a flea market!
I love this white ironstonish souffle dish imprinted with the CROWN... and Blue script.
Have fun hunting for those special items*

Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's a Vintage Urn...

Hope your week is going well....
You know I love pretty vintage lamps.... soooo I thought I'd share another favorite lamp of mine.

This lamp is made from a vintage coffee urn server.
I saw it at a Antique store several years a go and loved it as soon as I spotted it!
It's very unique and I wonder how it came to be a lamp!!
I use it in my kitchen most of the time, however it sits on a little french table occasionallly in the dining room too.

My design tip: Traditional items can be boring, and everyone has them, so find unique pieces with personality.
Good evening to you!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Loving Wellies Today*

Unusually muddy, wet and the perfect day to..... slip on my Wellies!
I'm loving the opportunity to sport a little fall weather gear!!!

My little one has a two week fall break now, after his week of camp!
Well, wouldn't you need two weeks to recuperate after a week of camp!!!
All I can say is where was this schedule when I was in School?
I hope you take time dance in the rain..... With your Wellies of course!

My design tip* Adopt a no-shoe rule for inside your home. Family and Guests, no-one gets special treatment on this rule...It automatically puts everyone at home....
I have always had one!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Ode to Halloween....See it isn't too Scary at our House...
I like to keep it magical and fun but I hope it's a little spooky...

Since we have moved the Country House we are in a rural area and there isn't a single trick or treater to be hosted!
The kids are smart... they opt for the neighbor hoods where the houses are really close....

The Holidays were really decorated on the outside at our Home at the beach. Lots of drive by lookers at the Holidays!! It was very family oriented neighborhood, families lived there for years and we had a lot of trick or treaters and some parents came toting their glass of ghostly wine!! We watched the little ones grow up over the years and that was a joy to see!

My Design Tip* Use what inspires you. It's fun to utilize things like black-n-white french ribbon, fresh flowers, grapevine. Items that you can embellish your Fall/Thanksgiving Holidays with as well. Buy once use twice...

Have fun decorating,baking and making memories*

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Halloween is in the bag... My son comes home from camp tomorrow and I have everything done!
Let's see...
His room*
Pumpkin patch for carving pumpkins oops not yet... we'll cover that this weekend!

Here's a couple pics,
I love the Mantle picture it looks soooo spooky with the chandelier reflection and candles at night*
My battery is on the charger so I'll take some more later!
Have a great Friday!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Camper*

This morning as I stood taking photos of my son and his sixth grade class mates going off to the annual sixth grade camp I had mixed emotions!! I was excited for them and the adventures they will embark upon and the growing up they will do in a week.

Though, I couldn't get the vision out of my mind of when he was about 3 years old and his older brother went off to sixth grade camp. He kept asking where he was all week!

When the bus returned we were waiting for him. He ran straight to my little son and picked him up and gave him the biggest hug and kiss. They were inseparable for the rest of the day! What a memorable moment that was as a parent. To see love in it's most delicate form....

I will miss him this week... but I know it's part of his journey and he's growing up!
I wonder if he'll remember to write!

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Beautiful *White* Interview

Tonight I'm so excited to go take a peek at My First Blog Interview!!!!

First.... I want to blog hug and Thank my new friend "Ginger" who has given me a special gift.
I didn't know what a blog was a year ago... I jumped in and wanted to have one of my own.
First I would have to learn how to turn the computer on!

I'm so thrilled that Ginger at "Allure of Whites" took the time to host this interview for me...
She is a new blogger too and her new Blog is so inspiring and if you Love White like I do then you'll follow me over to meet her. Let's go I am excited to see what she created!

I thought I would find something appropriate for this occasion in *WHITE*
{I't's Me} from my modeling archives!

Halloween reminiscing!

Decorating for Halloween is so much fun when the kids are little....
When mine were little I used to try to decorate when they were gone to school or at night so that when they walked in they could see it finished.
Oh and the costumes! How many times do they change their minds!!!

I remember one in particular... My son wanted this foam costume in the shape and color of a M@M candy. They only had huge sizes left, but I thought we could stuff it and it would be fine... Well Halloween morning he announced that he was going to be a GI Joe and not a M@M candy. I was expecting my second baby so I looked like a M@M already!! My son said, Daddy can wear my costume and you two will match! My husband was a good sport and wore the M@M foam candy costume!!! It was Hilarious, he is 6'4....I ended up going in a black unitard as Cat-n -the- hat.

I'm still unpacking my goodies but here is one of mine that I still love...
Have a beautiful Monday,

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dust*Heat*And #11

We are a novice Family in the world of Motocross....
Really a different parental challenge for us!
I have adopted a new respect for the parents of this sport! My boyz always have gravitated to athletically challenging sports and fun, this is a different definition....

This is an extreme sport....
My youngest son just started riding a motocross {motorcycle} these last few months. He began driving everything he could as a toddler through now. Not kidding, he was mowing our entire lawn at three!! He has no fear about any of this... He loves this riding, the dirt,noise and last week it was 106 at his race!

So as a Mom I'm completely out of my comfort zone on this sport,though he has all the safety apparel you could wear, my heart is not into it. I have to support him though because it is part of who he is and I love his spirit for life...

If anyone out there has been through this motocross sport I'd love any advise you may want to share! Please leave a comment, I'm sure I am not alone with this..

Thought I'd share a few photos of his first start at his first Race last week.
I love photographing my boyz. I have a bazillion shots of everything! Though I must admit I was feeling nauseous, my hands were shaking, my mom fear level was at it's peak....
Have a Blessed Day,

Friday, October 1, 2010

The "Good" Witch's Home...

Decorated yet? Ready or not it's here... Halloween, the kids wait for it and the parents well, just another reason for a party!!!
My style for decorating at Halloween isn't at all the traditional orange and black.

I just can't seem to get inspired by Orange anything... It's a lovely color.... I love Orange soups,Oranges,Orange flavored Frosting and Orange infused cookies and cupcakes..
OOPs.. I forgot one more thing.. I have loved watching my family carve the Orange Pumpkins!!
Anything else I must be missing out!!

Though I do love the Style I do at Our House... Black and White Old and Ragged *
Little Scary on top!
My design tip* The colors for your Holiday decorations is purely personal preference. The key is: making it fun for your family and guests! Embellishing things you may have around to create something unique is the fun part.

Have a Fantastic Friday Evening!