Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day*

We shall be forever Thankful and Grateful for the meaning of this Day.
It is for the Families and Men and Women who gave their life's honor for their Country.
I am so proud of each and every one of them. I will never forget them.
Blessings on this Memorial Day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Women of the NEWS*

This weekend I was invited to a Panel Discussion for broadcast professionals. Presented By: Good News Foundation. Held at the Beverly Hills Paley Center for Media.

My cousin Mary knows my story about life after my modeling career and how I transitioned my life. She said I think you will relate to these women. She invited me. She was right, I was so on the same page!
It was so much fun, my cousin Mary {Seated left with pony tail} was on the panel along with three other women.

Mary Grady: {Cousin} : Anchor women -reporter CBS KCal-TV LA,KCBS-TV.
Susan Campos: MSNBC, reporter anchor/today show.
Lonnie Lardner: Anchor women-ReportingLa Nashville, Chicago, Little Rock.
Kelly Lange: NBC-CBS-2-NBC-4 and hosted her own Talk show women to women.
The panel was made up of all these AWARD WINNING Women.

Each told their stories and what they are doing today.Very interesting how they each have discovered their next phase and are extremely successful.
I loved being there listening to my cousin Mary hearing things I didn't know about her career.

OMGosh I have so much respect for these women whom I met. They didn't have it easy and it was a tough road. A career that only the strong survive. They get thrown into every kind of situation and you better have street sense and the ability to think on your feet and be able to survive and still make your deadline and get the story.

I had no idea, I so enjoyed the panel and meeting all these powerful women. Their discussion was candid and honest. I am so proud of them all!
Mary Hart stopped by along with many other women in the News!

They loved that I was taking pictures and I asked if I could share and they said yes!

After words we had Cupcakes!
Enjoy my photos:
Kelly Lange is holding up one her mystery novels. She's now an acclaimed author has written a series of them.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cowboy RL*

I hope most of the world got the chance to tune in to see Oprah's interview with RALPH LAUREN.
All I could say or think was he is just how I imagined he would be.. So genuine and his family and his wife are all cut from the same fabric! A beautiful story and love story, an amazing Ranch.
So darling... I would never leave,except to meet a helicopter up near the Vance....Delivering my Starbucks! Then I would want to go in the beautiful old barn and look at RL fabrics!
I am so glad that I watched. It was a special interview, Oprah did a fantastic interview and really asked the perfect questions! What did you think about it?
I wore a red gingham shirt today in honor of RL*

I found some modeling pics from my archives that remind me of his ranch and the interview! They are fun to see, my kids still ask ..Did I get to keep the clothes? Answer is: sometimes... Usually they are one of so, no!

Have a beautiful weekend *

A Big Congrats wish to my Cousin *TAYLOR* who is Graduating from HIGH SCHOOL*
Proud of you and Love you, See you there!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lifestyle Extrodenare RL*

On Wednesday Oprah is interviewing RALPH LAUREN my Iconic Favorite ...

I fell in love with Ralph when I was 16 years old... I did a post on him before you can check it out.

You know I'm there... I'll be in my jeans and T with my cowboy boots on watching it!! Or maybe a pink gingham shirt!!!
He's an amazing lifestyle extrodenare he encompasses everything I personally love...
I look forward to Oprah's questions.
Tune if you love RL*
Have a beautiful afternoon,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Love you till the COWS come home!

Oh my Gosh!
This morning my husband says to me you're not going to believe it but there are two cows by our gate!
I jumped out of the shower threw my clothes on grabbed my camera. Yep two cows laying in the bushes by our fence. It reminded me of when our dogs Bentley and Chloe used to get out of the yard and go on little adventures and they stayed together. Our dog Miss Chloe was so calm and friendly she just sat on the other side of the fence looking at them, it was so sweet.

They are so adorable...Like two buddies on a little adventure #238 & #239! I was able to walk right up to them to take these photos. How cute! I am tempted to let them in to eat the weeds!
I have always loved Cows I used to want to have one if I did I would name her DAISY*
Off to make a sign to put up LOST COWS*

Hope your week is fabulous,
It's TRUE... I will love you till the cows come home!

{UPDATE }after I made the flyers, the owners showed up and were here wrangling them up!
So all is well 238 & 239 are on their way back home..

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Moments that melt our heart*

"Happy Mother's Day " to all of you Mommies and Mommies to be!
A special bond we all share, we walk the walk, wipe the tears, and can recall all the years.
{Wasn't trying to rhyme, just came out this way!}

I Love being a MOMMIE, It changed my World. I know I wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to my Boyz but I wouldn't have it any other way....They have taught me so much and given me the proudest moments of my life..

Here are a couple photos of favorite moments I remember so clearly.

{Photo1} My first Baby Boy, he was six week old and we took him on our first vacation as a family to Mammoth, Ca. We are at Mono Lake. He had severe colic and yep he was crying in the picture!
{Photo 2} 8 1/2 yearsl ater. My second Baby Boy, he was six weeks old and we are leaving to go to his "Baby shower"!
{Photo 3} My youngest son with me.

I can still smell them when I look at these photos, it's beautiful to remember every detail about our children. I know my Mom used to tell me stories about me when I was little, I used to ask her how do you remember that? She replied when you're a Mommie it's your heart!
I've come to cherish what she meant.
Missing her every Mother's Day, not the same without her.

Have a Beautiful Day filled with precious Memories*

Monday, May 2, 2011

May Day*

May Day* I remember last year this time I was hosting my big event.
"The Olivenhain Grove Sale". It was a wonderful event in my Lemon grove at my house.

We had the best time all of the people who came out to support it was fantastic. It turned out Fabulous! I have spoke to many people who came and they have asked when is the next one?
I don't have one planned.

{I had a couple of neighbors who complaints made it impossible to do it again.} After the fact we heard through other wonderful neighbors who came to support the event {they} complain about everything! Get a life right!
It was only intended to be a one time event.Though I will work on something!

I hope you had flowers on your door yesterday for May 1st. I used to put flowers on my neighbors front doors at the beach. The tradition is so beautiful it brings back lovely memories I had fun doing it early in the morning before they woke up,they would always know it was me!

Here are some flowers from my garden for you! *Happy May *