Saturday, August 31, 2013

Retail spaces infused with vintage

Ever thought about having your own retail store.... 
I hope my post today may change how you look at retail spaces.

Today's retailer has to embody many things.
 A brick and mortar business owner not only has to be smart about business they have to create a platform that has a unique vibe in which to showcase their product. 
The service industry is like a retailer in many ways. The must have the the three E's I call it.... Entice-Excite-Experience to develop a client base and keep them coming back.
I know this from experience. For over a decade I designed and manufactured my own apparel label and  designed my had two retail stores.
From years of interacting with happy clientele and retailers clients whom bought my collection, I realized I was on the mark.

This could be a long post...
 Today, I will tell you the first secret to a successful atmosphere is a comfortable space with vintage infuse props.


This service business is a tavern pub or grill.
 Look closely, almost every design detail is made with vintage materials.
The feeling is cozy and welcoming! The designer has created a sense of age and stories that fill this really cool place.

Another service business... here, they used vintage iron work, a cluster of fabulous vintage lights, marble etc. These same vintage type elements would work well for any businesses model. Restaurant, Patisserie and retail spaces such as gift, home and clothing.


Interior spaces need to have a concept that works well with merchandising.
  LOVE this ....Vintage wall fitted with an old cabinet. 
Do you see the beautiful old soft patina of the wood and the great shelves for merchandising?
 This would be a great concept for a build off.

 A couple of Display ideas...
Vintage drawers for window display or anywhere. They can make anything you put in them... special!


Vintage stamp type numbers and letters.
A couple of cool uses would be...
 *make a wall collage of them
*Use them to spell out something, the name of your business, EAT, BAR, CUPCAKES... you get it!
* Use these for handing out to guest for their tables instead of boring numbers!
This vintage folding Theatre bench is hand painted! 
I used this in my shoe section of my retail store for children to sit and try on the european shoes! 
 It would be awesome in service business as a waiting bench or a retail business.
Cafe, Patisserie, apparel store, shoe store, gift store, home store etc.
 It is a show stopper in a street window display! 
At home too...
This vintage tractor is the perfect focal piece to excite your patrons!
Everyone knows what it is and it brings a sense of familiar, country and outdoors. This vintage tractor would be an awesome focal piece for any retail or service business.
Some ideas for you...
I'm Thinking...
*Farm to table restaurant
*Farmers market
*Garden store
*Clothing store
I think your getting it!!!

My Design tip:
Be unique. 
Creating a one of a kind space is essential. 
It is neccessary to create a buzz {talk of your business} that's how the word gets out.
Example buzz... Have you been to the new farm to table restaurant? We have to go, it has the coolest vintage farm tractor right in the middle of the space! I just wanted to move in, the food is delicious and the space is awesome. Patrons might not remember the name of your business at first, but they WILL remember the old farm tractor sitting in the middle of your retail space or restaurant!

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If your starting a business or currently in business, and stuck with some concept ideas, want to refresh your buisness and need some direction... 
I would be happy to consult with you... Send me a email on my side bar!

Have a wonderful and safe Labor day weekend!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Healthy & Delicious

Hi Darlins, 
Hmmm... my favorite month is coming to a close,
 I loved celebrating, really has flown buy!

Lately I have been a loving Fig infused everything! 
Also Juicing continues  as a favorite summer beverage.

I made this apple ,kale and carrot juice... Garnished with fresh parsley from our garden.
I served it poolside!

California Figs...
 This is the first time I have bought Figs!

I let them ripen a couple of days...I made organic chicken with fresh roasted figs and a light fig glaze drizzle on top! OH my goodness the family said I  should open a restaurant!!!
My family has a food pallete that is pretty tough! They are pretty critical!
Maybe I shouldn't of taken them to places like.... French Laundry!

Hope you have a beautiful Friday!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Live... like it's your birthday!

I'm living like it's my birthday...
because Yes, it is my favorite day...
 Don't you love your Birthday?

Day dreaming of all the years that have gone by...
Seriously... I really do a lot of thinking about this day each year.
What it means to me and where I will be next year on this very same day...

Have had a lovely day so far... and it started with a workout that kicked my Birthday butt!

Here are some of my favorite things I LOVE * LOVE * LOVE
My Vintage Birthday crown I found last year...
In my favorite coach lantern, some pink tule from my wedding gown.

This is another vintage coach lantern I found on our vacation!
L*O*V*E it!
 Filled with Roses from my garden...

So True ...
Sounds like something my MOM would say to me...
 I miss her!
She was my best friend and the only person who truly knew me...

Some of my favorite roses from the garden... Pale pinks and whites I wish you could smell them!!!

My favorite pink stool and some fresh baked Almond croissants with a Espresso Latte!

A little Collage of me...
  a few favorite moments I remember...

Hope you will celebrate your Birthday with your own style!

Off to get ready for my Birthday celebration!

Friday, August 23, 2013

A fairytale moment...

Certainly I believe in Fairytales...
Do you?
Today we're celebrating what is....
 by remembering & cherishing what was!

 Fairytales are the things that dreams are made of....
Hopes or wishes that become real...

This is me on my wedding day...
I was excited, nervous, hot {it was very warm} I think it was all the L*OV*E!!!
My headpiece was blowing and my veil was in my face the whole time!!!
I  was so excited to finally wear my *PINK* dress after keeping it a secret from everyone while I was having it made.

Here I am in a cocoon of pink with all my beautiful brides maides..
They were taking out my rollers! 
My bridesmaids didn't know I was wearing a pink wedding dress either until a few minutes before this photo, I wish I could of gotten their reactions on camera... Priceless!

I believe this is what happened to us!

Happily... I DO!

Have a beautiful Friday eve...Going to get ready for our celebration! 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Patience = Flowers

Have you ever experienced a lost blog post after it was published?
Well I just did... I published one this morning and the photo is still on my thumbnail but the post is missing!
So I here goes a second time...
Earlier this week I was in T.J.'s {Trader Joes} picking up a few staples. 
A carry basket filled with Milk, eggs, yogurt and almonds. I went to the express counter and got in line. I began quietly hearing some miffed customers behind me who soon bailed to another cashier, I noticed that the two different customers ahead of me were having some transaction issues.
 When it was my turn I walked up and set my basket down. 
The cashier said "Miss, I am so sorry to keep you waiting that long. 
You were so sweet and patient about the whole thing!
 Please, I would like to buy you some flowers! I replied Thank you but it wasn't necessary. 
Then I thought hmmm... 

Yes! I should accept and I would
 love a beautiful bouquet to take home. 
I chose these blue hydrangeas and placed them in my glass vintage mailbox in the foyer.

I kinda felt WOW! I somehow didn't feel I was doing anything that I wouldn't do any other time. 
It was a sweet and kind gesture...

The little vintage advertisement was for wellies! I love this little sign!

I always do what feels right for me and when I do... it's always right!
So lets all be patient and kind to one each other....

A pink sugar cookie for you! 
Have a wonderful evening

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just pretty pale pinks....

Hope your enjoying a pretty summer day where you are...
A few pics from home to share...

Loving these pink Hydrangeas on my dining table...

 Sweetly delicate..
 pale pink!

Refreshing French Pink Lemonade...
Just what a summer day calls for!

*Have a pretty day*

Monday, August 19, 2013

Last harvest

Today begins

 my favorite week
 of my favorite month...
*August *
I harvested the last of our apples for the season, 
such pretty blush red color...

Only half a basket, this is all... the crows had a taste & go party while we were gone.
{Glad I picked some to take on our trip}
 All of the fruit except these had one bite off each apple!

Until next spring...
I will be anticipating their return
 with these beautiful * sweet * fragrant blooms.

Have a sweet Monday

I have plenty to make a rustic apple galette tonight! 
{Will be my first attempt at one}


Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vintage chairs get Up-cycled

Anytime there is a chance to re-use or re-purpose something from it's original intention, 
I think it's brilliant!
Haven't you been wanting to do something fun in your garden or for your front porch?
Summer is the best time to do a little DIY project.

Here is some inspiration to help us get started...


Can you believe how beautiful this vintage chair is? It is covered with succulents. 
It looks like knobs of wool to me!


If you prefer moss, than of course this may be your style!


 This chair looks so fluffy, possibly is growing a bed of moss or baby tears.


My favorite house! This is gorgeous! Covered in moss...
 This would have passerby's hitting the brakes!


A couple of romantic pieces for the garden!
These are just lovely!

My Design tip: Any decor can add a piece of vintage furniture covered in greenery.
Use something vintage that has a great shape and character. It will soon become a statement piece.

Thank you for stopping by and hope your weekend is filled with all that you enjoy!

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sea Salt {SEL} graces

Morning Darlins...

Yikes...Days are flying by, I haven't had a chance to blog or visit blogs!
 Promise I'll get back into rhythm again....

Most important...Just back from Our family vacation...which was excellent!!!
Mountains * Sun * Water * Boats * Family * & Erna's
all my favs!

All I can tell you is I took a bazillion shots as I usually do,
 and I'm pretty sure...
 I took 
It is my personal way of knowing when I get it..
Years ago, my modeling agent {who was amazing} shared her philosophy with me.
{grateful for all the beautiful things I got to experience during my career}

to my post 

A simple staple from the kitchen... Sea salt {SEL}
 Who would of thought that displaying 
our salt would get noticed or have a trend!
For our family Sea Salt is our everyday salt.
Salt from my kitchen...

I love keeping this vintage silver shell filled with sea salt near my stove.
I have this tiny silver scoop in it, to season the dish.

I use this larger glass salt cellar as my storage, easy to take the lid off and scoop some out.

On our vacation I found this vintage glass cylinder shape tube with a embossed silver top!
When we got home I polished the lid and it's so pretty!
It's perfect for the sea salt rub I use for marinade.

For some its about the collecting...


Loving this collection of french enamel isn't it beautiful!
Practical for storing herbs as well...
I have an allumettes... {which means matches}



This vintage silver salt & pepper duo is beautiful for dining table.

These vintage shakers are fun if you are a collector!


ELVIS shoes

President John F. Kennedy


Football player

My design tip: Simple everyday things can become special and much more interesting displayed with vintage style.

Have a beautiful day y'all!

They have some fab vintage salt cellars and shakers!
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