Thursday, August 29, 2013

Healthy & Delicious

Hi Darlins, 
Hmmm... my favorite month is coming to a close,
 I loved celebrating, really has flown buy!

Lately I have been a loving Fig infused everything! 
Also Juicing continues  as a favorite summer beverage.

I made this apple ,kale and carrot juice... Garnished with fresh parsley from our garden.
I served it poolside!

California Figs...
 This is the first time I have bought Figs!

I let them ripen a couple of days...I made organic chicken with fresh roasted figs and a light fig glaze drizzle on top! OH my goodness the family said I  should open a restaurant!!!
My family has a food pallete that is pretty tough! They are pretty critical!
Maybe I shouldn't of taken them to places like.... French Laundry!

Hope you have a beautiful Friday!

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