Thursday, August 22, 2013

Patience = Flowers

Have you ever experienced a lost blog post after it was published?
Well I just did... I published one this morning and the photo is still on my thumbnail but the post is missing!
So I here goes a second time...
Earlier this week I was in T.J.'s {Trader Joes} picking up a few staples. 
A carry basket filled with Milk, eggs, yogurt and almonds. I went to the express counter and got in line. I began quietly hearing some miffed customers behind me who soon bailed to another cashier, I noticed that the two different customers ahead of me were having some transaction issues.
 When it was my turn I walked up and set my basket down. 
The cashier said "Miss, I am so sorry to keep you waiting that long. 
You were so sweet and patient about the whole thing!
 Please, I would like to buy you some flowers! I replied Thank you but it wasn't necessary. 
Then I thought hmmm... 

Yes! I should accept and I would
 love a beautiful bouquet to take home. 
I chose these blue hydrangeas and placed them in my glass vintage mailbox in the foyer.

I kinda felt WOW! I somehow didn't feel I was doing anything that I wouldn't do any other time. 
It was a sweet and kind gesture...

The little vintage advertisement was for wellies! I love this little sign!

I always do what feels right for me and when I do... it's always right!
So lets all be patient and kind to one each other....

A pink sugar cookie for you! 
Have a wonderful evening

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