Friday, July 29, 2011

Fare well Boyz of Summer*

Awe.. I have been on the baseball circuit with my 12 year old. We had our hopes to go on but we lost the last game. It was tied in the 6th inning so we went to extra innings and the other team scored back to back home run hits!

However they set a record!! The ENLL (Encinitas National Little League) went farther than any Encinitas team in history of the league!! It was a proud run for these BOYz oF SUMMER*

These boyz will have this little league Summer All Star memory F_O_R_E_V_E_R.
{from our favorite movie... "SANDLOT"
And so will the parents and friends!

Thank you for the emails and all who came out locally to support our team!
Here is one last time with my son *CADE* on the mound! Click arrow to watch video.

The boys only had one day off during this, so now it's full speed into summer for the families and boyz....

Happy Friday* I'll be back posting regularly now!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

ENLL All Stars *W*

Howdy do!
So busy lately I haven't had a chance to blog about anything!!
So heres the scoop...
I finished my clients house that I was working on and it's sooo darling,a fabulous home. {To view this listing...on the right of my blog, is my Coldwell Banker Previews picture. Click my Real Estate photo and it will take you to it, follow the prompts,the virtual tour is there too}.

My son is on the 12 year old Baseball ALL STAR team and we have been so busy with practices everyday and winning our last tournament!

My son had the mound for the start of a game and it was so exciting to see him up there... He was thrilled to contribute to a WIN for his team!

We just won section 6 and It is the furthest ENLL has ever gotten in the history of ENLL.. So the coaches,players,parents and community are super proud of these young ball players.

So I decided to share a few pics of my son on the mound and his number is #22 game hat.

This afternoon we travel to Fountain Valley, Ca {about a hour away} for the start of the next series!
Keep your fingers crossed! I've got mine crossed for a *W* tonight!
I hope your summer is fun and filled with the things you enjoy!

P.S. Thanks for the good wishes for my son's team you have sent. I have shared them with him..
Also I received a few asking me was I ok because I haven't been posting very much!
AWE... I am great just haven't had the time with baseball, my house, working etc. etc.!!
I will get back on track cause I soooo enjoy and love my blog and yours too!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just right**

Hi everyone,
Hope your week is going fantastic.

I finally got the sconses for my oldest sons bedroom. I know I have been patiently waiting right, I just couldn't find what I wanted. When I spotted these lights I thought perfect!! I'll get them them ordered!!! Guess what, I just got them, 6 months later....
I knew they would be just right and they certainly were what I hoped for.

I'm sure my son will be thinking.. Oh cool, mom finally got something over that metal plate on the wall!

I can't wait to show you a house that I will be starting on tomorrow. Tonight I have my car loaded with beautiful flowers that we will be using.
My design tip* don't be impatient for items when you're doing a project. It will be more work to find it and it and well worth the wait.
Sweet dreams...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Some Happy Little League CHAMPS*

OUR youngest son is on the 12 year old little ENLL League All Star team. He is very excited to be a part of a great group of players. The team has been playing consistently very well!
We have played 7 games and won all 7. Yesterday... they had a big game and it was a *W*
Our team won the District #31 Championship!

So cute... The boys were on the local San Diego sports news and we {Players and Families} all gathered around on two TVs at the coaches house to see the interview! Today this team photo with the banner was in the paper!
It is so fun to see them play and have so much fun as teammates and friends.

There are parties and then there are parties and then some more parties! A fabulous group of parents and all so proud of our ENLL Little Leaguers!

So today is a day off from the coach and on tuesday it's back to Baseball business.

Here are some pics of the CHAMPS! A Chocolate Celebration Cake course... you have to celebrate with a cake so my husband and I stopped off on the way to the celebration party to get this one for everyone!
Happy Monday!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer poolside!

Yesterday I came home slipped my dress and heels off and got right into my uniform white t and shorts!
It has been so nice here in So.Cal. feels like summer, a tad humid though...

I made passion fruit sun tea when I left this morning, so It was ready to serve. I always rim the glass with Raw sugar for that extra sweetness! {that's the southern girl in me}!
The house was quiet so I sat out by the pool with my sweet ice tea in my favorite Ralph Lauren glass, some cold watermelon with chocolate mint from my garden!
I felt like it was summer! Rarely do I ever sit down to relax, I am always going but it was sure nice! Maybe I will try it again!!!!

Hope your weekend will be Fabulous and you get a moment like this.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I pledge Allegiance...

I'm so proud and honored to say those words,it gives me chills every time.
Almost always the beautiful song "America the Beautiful" brings a tear...
I love love love the symbols, the flags, red white and blue decorations and the patriotism everywhere!
What so fantastic is.. I notice a lot more humble hearts and humanity on this day too!

I hope your day was filled with all of these!

Recognizing that our Freedom came at a cost. All the men and women who gave their lives for us to be able to celebrate our freedom everyday day as a country.
It is truly the utmost honor to be an American*

We celebrated at my sons 12 year All star Little league game for the last three days where our team had their 3rd WIN in a row! We enjoyed the day with all the families of the players.
It was when they took their hats off for the pledge of Allegiance... yep I got chills and a tear this time!!
After the game the coach had the team and families over to their home for swimming and we celebrated my son's friend Patrick's 12th birthday! He was so sweet as the whole team and families sang "Happy Birthday" as his mom brought a cake out with of course the coolest red white and blue and stars theme on it!! 4th of July.. what a cool birthday.

Here are some pics of my little All Star when he was younger!

picture #2 my little story!
You see the little red spot on my sons cheek? About 8 weeks after birth I noticed a couple red marks on his face and head. The doctor told me they were hemangioma s.
This one on his cheek had the perfect shape of a heart!
My mom said it was because he was kissed by an Angel!
After several laser treatments and time it is almost disappeared..
He use to point to the spot and ask What is this mommy? I used to tell him An angel kiss!!

I did a post back around Valentines day about the heart shaped rocks he always searches for at the beach for me.
Hearts.... He stole mine!!