Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer poolside!

Yesterday I came home slipped my dress and heels off and got right into my uniform white t and shorts!
It has been so nice here in So.Cal. feels like summer, a tad humid though...

I made passion fruit sun tea when I left this morning, so It was ready to serve. I always rim the glass with Raw sugar for that extra sweetness! {that's the southern girl in me}!
The house was quiet so I sat out by the pool with my sweet ice tea in my favorite Ralph Lauren glass, some cold watermelon with chocolate mint from my garden!
I felt like it was summer! Rarely do I ever sit down to relax, I am always going but it was sure nice! Maybe I will try it again!!!!

Hope your weekend will be Fabulous and you get a moment like this.

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  1. Such pretty photos and what a charming idea to rim the glass with sugar and the fresh mint and know how to live well.


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