Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How I came to love french yogurt!

A beautiful wednesday to you!

Are you a yogurt fan? 
 Plain or flavored?

 Honestly, I wasn't a yogurt fan until a couple of years ago. all started when I read the book "French women don't get fat"

 I was inspired by the way those women in the book spoke about their yogurt, like it was magical!

Well, I don't know if it is... but since I read that book I seem to be loving plain organic yogurt.

I like it pretty though...
 fresh berries 
a drizzle of raw honey, mmm!

 French style is my favorite, this brand is especially good.
 "Saint Benoit"

Try it, maybe you will be a fan!

A beautiful evening to you,

Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday Musings

Happy Monday to you!

Did you  enjoy a lovely weekend?

Most of my weekend was spent out doors gardening & harvesting lemons.

Our roses started out slow, though the last couple years they are producing more beautiful blooms!

We took out some large trees so they must love the longer exposure to the morning sun.

Fresh cut roses...

On the front door

In the foyer in this antique glass mailbox, that I adore!

This smells amazing, i wish this was smell-a-blog!
I have a large French lavender in the foyer, it will be in the garden soon!

We had friends for dinner on Saturday & it was so lovely to see them here and catch up!

Each season has a uniqueness of it's own doesn't it?
For me Spring begins when I see blooms popping out on the flowers in our gardens 
I smell the scents from fruit trees and flowers they smell delicious...
longer days 
fresh breezes coming in through the windows, for me it's familar, it's Spring.

Hope you will find a moment to relax & truly enjoy the loveliness of Spring!