Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How I came to love french yogurt!

A beautiful wednesday to you!

Are you a yogurt fan? 
 Plain or flavored?

 Honestly, I wasn't a yogurt fan until a couple of years ago. all started when I read the book "French women don't get fat"

 I was inspired by the way those women in the book spoke about their yogurt, like it was magical!

Well, I don't know if it is... but since I read that book I seem to be loving plain organic yogurt.

I like it pretty though...
 fresh berries 
a drizzle of raw honey, mmm!

 French style is my favorite, this brand is especially good.
 "Saint Benoit"

Try it, maybe you will be a fan!

A beautiful evening to you,

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  1. Yes, love yogurt over here, and eat plain with berries, sometimes in a berry smoothy, with ice, berries, and plain yogurt, and a splash of organic pure apple juice and blended up really smooth.
    I must try this brand.
    Love your sweet serving set. It really makes enjoying a bowl of yogurt and berries that much more :)

    See you soon, looking forward to your homes reveal inside and out.



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