Friday, October 1, 2010

The "Good" Witch's Home...

Decorated yet? Ready or not it's here... Halloween, the kids wait for it and the parents well, just another reason for a party!!!
My style for decorating at Halloween isn't at all the traditional orange and black.

I just can't seem to get inspired by Orange anything... It's a lovely color.... I love Orange soups,Oranges,Orange flavored Frosting and Orange infused cookies and cupcakes..
OOPs.. I forgot one more thing.. I have loved watching my family carve the Orange Pumpkins!!
Anything else I must be missing out!!

Though I do love the Style I do at Our House... Black and White Old and Ragged *
Little Scary on top!
My design tip* The colors for your Holiday decorations is purely personal preference. The key is: making it fun for your family and guests! Embellishing things you may have around to create something unique is the fun part.

Have a Fantastic Friday Evening!

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