Sunday, June 3, 2012

     Sunday morning Blessings... They  are all around us and constant. I count mine every day, not just on Sunday.
Last October I went on my annual visit to the Midwest, I grew up there as a young girl.. I LOVE visiting my family and seeing the beauty and I call it a refreshing flush! {I will leave it at that}
It is my most special place to just *BE*  My family & my upbringing have taught me to stay grounded through my journey... a blessing that I honor and have held dear. They know me and appreciate that I am the same small town girl!

While I was there we went to the NA-DA Farm Sale.  I have enjoyed Ann-Maries blog she's on my Blog roll. (Link below) we emailed back and forth I told her I was coming.. She was so sweet and greeted us with a big smile & a welcome hug! 
What I treasure most that I bought was the burlap GOD BLESS sign that her husband made. IT wasn't really for sale but she made an exception! I was grateful! I LOVE IT! I think I know where I will hang it!
The Vintage black frame also came from there. More items I  will show you later!

                                                               *Simple Blessings *


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