Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Garden Fairy?

Don't giggle when I ask this serious question...Is there such a thing as a garden fairy?
I just walked down to the south forty.... to turn on our  irrigation for our lemon grove. 
 I have to turn on all the rows.. I also check to be sure every tree is getting a drink.

As I was walking down through the rows of the trees I looked out towards the fence and saw this vine all over the ground with these large ? 

as I got closer...

What are these?

 Who planted these?

I must have a garden Fairy!

I RAN up to the house to get my camera and some accoutrements to photo with my ?
Any idea of what these are please let me know!
 I thought pumpkin, but their green, I don't see stripes so not melons?

Should I cut one open to see inside?

Have a beautiful day....enjoy life little surprises...
 y'all are a blessing!!


  1. Your blog has so many interesting topics. You are creative and show us such beautiful pictures. I love your blog Gail!
    Wishing you a beautiful day!

  2. They look like they may be gourds.


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