Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Farewell August - Senior year ahead

The last days of August...
My Favorite month is coming to a close..
A week of celebrating has left me grateful for the beautiful moments..I did manage to get some great family pics!
Beginning with our Anniversary, then a surprise visit for my birthday from our oldest son.
We had some great family time, walking on the beach with our dogs, dining out & being together.
Hmmm...I can't remember cooking at all last week!

Today is a bittersweet...

First day of school, Senior year! 
I know this year will pass quickly, he's our last one in the nest!

He was the face of my brand, as shown here in a post card announcing the launch of my store "Buckingham Mercantile".
He was about 6 months or so!

We adore his personality,
 his quick wit is charming 
 he is truly one of a kind!

*Happy First day of School*

Make it the best one ever!!!

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