Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday*Summer*Swimsuit History!!!!!!

Today my other Favorite August Day....It's My Birthday!!!!
I have so many fun memories of this Day* My Summer Birthdays as a young girl seemed to be more fun because there were always so many people around. When I was living on the lake it was like the whole month was one big celebration. My Grandparents used to have a little family party at their lake house too. Everyone was treated to a birthday party there. We were big on Family get togethers. My Mom always made me a "Chocolate Birthday Cake" every year and I looked forward to that! I kept the tradition and do the same for my boys too.
I was a happy little girl and laughed at everything!!! It was a special time for me when my family spent time together. There were lots of laughter, games and silliness...I think that is truly what makes my memories so precious.
I hope you enjoy the pictures of my younger years and the last one was from my modeling zed card {pink}.
I promised a lot of Pink for August and I hope I delivered!!!!
Enjoy your Birthday and I hope your Reflections are Lovely and cherished too!

I wish Our Friend Paul a Fabulous "Happy Birthday" today too.
Love xoxo,


  1. Gail - Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!

    Love seeing all the old photos - just darling . . . especially the hair dryer as I remember it all too well!!

    And the wedding photos in the post below are beyond beautiful!! Truly!!!

    Absolutely love, love, love your blog!!! . . . liz

  2. Happy Birthday Girlie!!!
    Great seeing you too......Many Blessings your way!
    XO Sherry

    PS love the top photo...I think I had a bathing suit like that too...hahah


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