Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage Silver find*

Morning Darlins...
Oh my...SoCal had a major winter storm last night... hail, rain and winds, I thought our master bedroom top floor was going to blow off !!!
Our local mountain area, Julian is covered in ***snow*** and the kids there get a snow day!

I looove to find monograms and initials which I talked about the other day...

I found this vintage silver little box it was open, then I closed the lid and saw that is was engraved with a *P* on the lid! I got chills..couldn't beleive it... So I thought I would share it this morning!
I wonder what it was used for?

Have a lovely day, stay warm, have some soup and a cozy fire!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

San Diego's Fabulous Bridal show*

Morning Lovelies*
Shout out!!!!!If anyone has a Bride to be in their circle than I hope they get to the San Diego Wedding Bridal Show today! It is from 12 - 5pm. downtown at the Omni Hotel 675 L Street San Diego.
It is going to be a beautiful venue... It is owned and produced by good friend Pamela Noxen.

This is her 25th Show!
I am taking a couple guests with me... My friends daughter Miss Heidi is a Bride to be!
It will be fun to see what the Models will be wearing on the catwalk this afternoon!

So if you live in SanDiego or OC get your inspiration started at the show!

Pamela is so sweet to make us VIP's..

Don't forget the awards tonight.... It will be a Glam day!!!!

Here is show link

Friday, February 24, 2012


Happy Friday Darlins... I hope your last weekend of February is Fabulous!
I Love monograms and I always have an eye out for them... Even if they aren't mine I love them!
I just think its such a beautiful display of craftsmenship and I love vintage linens, china, crystal, silver, wood anything with a monogram is so special. I use them everywhere too. At my beach house I had a pair of Belgium linen sheets that had the most beautiful MB monograms in pale blue. I used them for curtains in our master bedroom. Sometimes I was asked what does the MB stand for? HELLOO....... Master Bedroom!! Any way I loved them and when we sold the home the new buyer asked for them!

Photo} The *R* is a another beautiful vintage sheet from Belgium and I have it in our Restroom!
For me it stands for Romance and Roses!!! The rose is from my garden!

My design tip: Use beautiful vintage monograms for one of a kind statements, they don't have to be your initials, enjoy them for their beauty.
Happy Friday*

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beauty at a friends barn...

Awe...today we drove our Ranger over to a friends barn to their new little colt.
He was born on Valentines day! So tall already and his new fur so soft..... It was so beautiful to see the mother and her baby! My youngest son went in to the stall and the baby came right up to him!

Here are a couple pics. He hasn't been named yet!

Enjoy your day Lovelies hope you find beauty too*

Friday, February 17, 2012

My favorite map*

Happy Friday Darlins..
Hope you had a lovely Valentines... Mine was just right... A movie "The Vow" which was cute! After the movie our youngest son joined us for dinner at CRUST. It was perfect I was only missing my oldest. Though got a beautiful text first thing in the am from him!

In October of this year I went to visit my family in Wisc. and Illinois. I try to go every year, I love seeing my family and catching up! My favorite place because I grew up there and everything is so familiar and my memories are everywhere there.
I visited my old house on Crooked Lake and took some pictures from the street of my old yard at my old house, the boat ramp and the little sign that is still there! I Loved Loved Loved my childhood it was so much fun. Everything was centered around family and friends it was truly lovely.. Lots of our family gatherings with my Grandparents at their Lake house on Sand Lake just a couple miles away.
{See Map Sand Lake}.
My Heart will always be there... It's were my roots are, sooo special for me to visit. It feels like home!
A tiny little town Lake Villa in northern Il, just borders Wisconsin. Just beautiful....My family knew everyone and it was so fun! I wish my boyz had a Lake to grow up on!

I have lots of pictures that I will scan someday and share...

Have a beautiful day***

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

LOVE is in the air*

Happy Valentines Day Lovelies*
I hope your heart is filled with sweetness*love*& happiness today and everyday!

This is the day filled with remeinders to be a little more consious of expressing it...

My chance to express my gratitude for my lovelies who follow my blog and visit me here@at Casual Loves Elegance. Its fun to hear from such sweet bloggers around the world.
I'm still in awe of this whole blogging process!

Enjoy your beautiful day I hope its a bit more special... and filled with LOVE*

Monday, February 13, 2012

We will always love YOU Whitney Houston...

"The voice of an Angel "has been used to describe Whitney Houston... I would so agree. The world is saddened by her loss and prayers go out to her family and close friends.
What a talented women and a icon in the Music Industry.
I remember seeing the movie the body guard , having tears listening to hear sing " I WIll AlWAYS
LOVE YOU . It has been one of my favorite songs since. The Greatest Love of ALL, another favorite. When I was on the set early with a 5 or 6 am call{in my modeling days} I can't tell you how many times the music was playing her songs as specially her "Dance with Somebody" to get everyone awake at 6am... I would sit in the chair getting makeup and we would all compliment how beautiful and model like she was....
She was the voice of my era and I loved her songs as a young women the same age.

Let's keep her memory alive and listen to her beautiful voice here...
At the bottom of my blog just turn off volume on my playlist and turn click arrow on Whitney here!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Best corner for tea

Morning lovelies*
I get up early as most of us moms...actually I look forward to being the first one up. A few quiet minutes alone...the sun is coming through the windows and the moon is still visual behind the house. My dining room has everything stacked in it for our remodel.... I have a lot of favorite spaces in my home but at the moment their occupied!
There is one little spot though that doesn't have boxes or appliances in it. It is in a corner of my dining room with a little vintage french table and one of my many English vintage farm chairs.
Love to have fresh roses from my garden and candles. Sipping tea or nespresso in my favorite vintage Bavarian china cup there all by myself.. in the morning! I can see the back yard view, the front yard and all over the house!

Here are some pics of my morning, fun to share my little corner with you!

Do you have a favorite little cozy spot that you love to sit and have tea, read a magazine or just look out the window by the fire and ponder what to make for dinner?
I would love to hear !! Please leave a comment if you wish!

My design tip:Personalize spaces for all the family members to enjoy together as well as defining a few spaces to indulge each family member. Just remember to have style continuity.

Have a beautiful day*

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A friends beautiful launch*

Love***Romance *** and Weddings are the fairytales women dream about!!
It's where our vison, style and our imagination all come together for one special day.

My post tonight is truly an honor. I am excited to share and introduce you to my wonderful dear friend for over 20 years..
Pamela Ann Noxen
Pamela is the founder of San Diego Wedding.com
CEO, producer "The Wedding Party Bridal Show"
Owner, designer "Pamela's Parasols"
Editor in chief San Diego "NUPTIALS"
Her vision, creative force, buisness sense and over the top talent has touted her SanDiego's Ultimate Wedding Expert. Pamela is reguarded and admired in her industry for her spectacular bridal events here in Southern California. She's consisitantly on the forefront of wedding styles and trends.

Her venues are beautiful...If your planning a wedding you have to attend...The next show will be Fabulous!
Sunday February 26th, 2012 @ The Omni San Diego Hotel.
She's celabrating her 25th show!!

I can't wait to go to this one..

Just another day at the office ...No....
I'm Soooo excited to share this exciting news... she has just launched her first E-MAGAZINE titled San Diego NUPTIALS.
The Premier issue is on line now! I have read it cover to cover....Beautiful photos, articles, destinations, sources and ideas.... Oh my just Fab... Love it..

I am so proud of Pamela, she's amazing and I wanted to share her talent with you. I love entrepreneurial women... they are the back bone of our buisness world!
Search her web sites and see what you've been missing!
click the link.

Thank you Darlins**

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I heart U

Since I was a little girl I always have referred to this as The Heart Month*
Do you remember...all the parties with conversation heart candy, pink and red heart decorations? I use to spend hours making cut work hearts for my family!

Mmmm and the baking.. I love to make heart shape cookies and cakes. I'll be skipping the baking this year without a oven. I can make cookies in my new Breville convection! It will have to do..Looking forward to next year!!!

My youngest son has been finding heart shape rocks at the beach over the years and gives them to me. He says when he see them he thinks of me... Awe he's a keeper!!!
Also the pretty vintage Heart pin was given to me from my mom. I can remember her wearing this and I loved how she had beautiful pieces she wore for holiday's.
Have a pretty day!
I Heart U,