Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lemony Delights*

Hope your weekend was perfect and you had time to enjoy some little delights..
When I brought my new roses home in the car their fragrance filled the car with a lemony aroma.
I planted one of them today and I'll plant this climber next weekend.

Oh my gosh I found this great dish soap that is Lemon citron. I also love this citron hand lotion.
Everything around me today was Lemony! I was using my vintage milking stool to stand on for picking the lemons,
I picked a huge basket of Lemons this afternoon, being in the grove was so wonderful... smelling the fresh scent of the Lemons all around me.
It is interesting that I love love love lemons but yet I am not real fond of the color yellow!
Though I do like a pale butter yellow tone....

Have a wonderful Monday morning!


  1. Hi Gail! I have been meaning to come by and tell you how much I appreciated your note you had left me awhile back - thank are so sweet!!

    I have used this product before and loved it! totally forgot about it -

    Did you know that we used to have a Tibetan Mastiff too?? He was in the genology line of Uriah -

    from Utah :)

    We loved him so much it hurt to see him leave this world.

    Have a great weekend!!!
    xo+ blessings,
    Anne Marie

  2. Than you Gail for your beautiful visit, and most beautiful comment...I love your music play list, "The House That Built Me" Gets to me everytime.

    I am going to so enjoy getting to know you!
    I too am So.Calif girl :)

    See you soon

  3. I think I have that soap from Target ? in lavender? So nice to enjoy the simple things :)

  4. I love those as well! They smell super yummy!


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