Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pretty little sea biscuit

Morning Darlins,
It is Autumn...
However, here in SoCal it's more like Indian Summer!

Last evening we took our dogs Mr. Lincoln & Miss Chloe down to the beach. 
They are having a difficult time in this heat with all their fur.

We were walking swiftly with dogs on leashes,

 I happpen to look down
faintly saw this!

Before I could reach down, a wave came and I thought I would never see it again...

The water receded
Well... there it was, right before my eyes waiting for me!!!

I was so excited, I have never found a Sand dollar before.

Pristine, delicate little sea biscuit!
I have one other sand dollar my son found in Nantucket! It is larger and a bit more puffy.

Gods creative fingerprints are everywhere.
I wanted to share this special treasure from the sea this morning!

Enjoy a beautiful day, who knows what you may find right before your eyes!


  1. Gail, if you have the heart to break it? Softly break it open to find a ton of little birds inside! Now truly that Gods amazing works of wonderment.

    Do gently take a hammer and crack it open and shake all the most amazing white, perfectly bright white birds that are stored inside of its shell.


    Sea kisses


  2. So pretty! I rarely find perfect sand dollars only broken ones. Great find, treasure it!


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