Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A PUPPY's LOVE, a hearts tiny band-aid....

It's official...we have named our new puppy!
We are soooo in love with this adorable little Saint Bernard puppy.
His name is...

He is a very busy and happy puppy... he just can drop and take a nap just like that! 
We had a beautiful sunny weekend so we gave him his first bath with us...

We have a lot of vintage galvanized buckets... this is the smallest!

Keeping him in the bath.... and not drinking the soapy bath water was fun!

After his bath he could come inside...
Saint Bernards are a very intelligent breed. 
LINCOLN has a lot to learn and big shoes to fill!

See.... at any moment he can drift into a nap!

Relaxing with a book and a nap were next for him...
Of course perfect timing for a set and wardrobe change!!!

Having LINCOLN has been a blessing and given our family soooo much already...
we adore him are so grateful to love him and cuddle him into our family.
 Miss Chloe our (Tibetan Mastiff) is doing well with him too, he loves her and follows her around!

You know we were on the fence about this because we are a dog family,
I can't even say his name without tears...
The last two years our hearts have been broken since the passing of our beloved St. Bernard Sir"Bentley".
My family knows we can never replace him or forget him.
The sweetest, most gentle and loving dog I have ever known...
"Bentley" will be in our hearts for-e-ver...RIP

Ok, have to get the tissue....
Have a beautiful day filled with all that you Love....


  1. Well, I think I'm in love with your Mr. Lincoln too. What a wonderful & poignant post, Gail. We are lovers of dogs too and know how difficult it is to lose a member of our family. Mr. Lincoln looks like he's right at home and I know he feels the love surrounding him. Good job !!

  2. Ok get the tissue out again... Thank you so much it was a tough one to post about...We lost Bentley to a tragic accident and we have been struggling over the loss of him too soon...I'm glad you were able to leave a post, makes me smile... Thank you!

  3. Oh he is divine!!! What a handsome gentleman! :) I know how much it hurts to lose a furry baby but so much join to welcome another. You have so much love ahead! :)


  4. Hugs back, Thank you we are having fun and looking forward to the journey one snuggle at a time!
    Sweet of you to comment!

  5. He is way too cute and the pictures you took are adorable!


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