Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Olde fashion hand carved...

Mornin Happy Wednesday!

Getting a little closer, plumbing done, electrical done, drywall done. Not exactly exciting, but for me  I get so excited! 
Waiting to get all the elements and materials for my powder * Guest bath...
It is a tiny room that we made smaller from the original size... humble and sweet it will be! 
I have big plans for it!!!
My own renovations consist of vintage reclaimed materials or something I design & fabricated from scratch.
 Of course when it is a process where this applies.
Sunday I received this hand made carving sample that will be a beautiful asset to my doors.

I already have many of these doors in the completed boyz additon. I used a different workroom/cabinet shop.
So now I feel i am coaching someone to see my vision...YIKES, not easy!
 Thank goodness for iphones!

Here is a sneak peak pic of the carving...

This is a big sigh, it is coming together slowly, 
Can't rush hand made artisans!!!
 I can't wait to show you the door next.
 It is here, 
but my camera ran out of battery to take a pic!
Next time...
Have a beautiful day!

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