Monday, June 8, 2015

Our family home board on Pinterest

Last week of school...Finals this week for my son. 

We will be soooo happy for summer vacation!!!

I finally put a new board on Pinterest. 
*Our Family Home*

All the content is from around our home.

I get asked quite often to show more of our home and my Casual Loves Elegance style. 
My family was asking me too, when I was in the midwest....
We want to see some pics from your house? 
Ok here you go!!!

I love Pinterst don't you?

I hope you enjoy looking around...
feel free to re-pin them to your boards if you wish.

Enjoy a beautiful week
 I will be posting on my trip from the midwest soon.



  1. Hi Gail, I don't have a Pinterest but have considered it... I do have FaceBook, blogger, and instagram and find it all to overwhelming to keep up with all this and daily life.

    I need to you look and see all your beauty, but I agree with all, and your family as to posting here too!
    Blogger is like a magazine page and please do list some of your home here as well, we would all love to see its unique beauty.

    See you soon.


  2. GOod morning Gail! Isn't it nice to be HOME? School has been out for me since June 2 and we are in Carmel, California right now, enjoying SO MUCH beauty. It has started to feel like home here as I learn the streets and where we are at!

    Thank you for visiting and leaving me a comment. YES, I am back. ENJOY YOUR DAY! Anita


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