Saturday, October 31, 2015

Saturday's "Desiging with Vintage" Halloween

Happy Saturday...
It's Halloween!

A fun day for many with scary festivites looming...

I hope you don't I'm keeping it short and just to a little Halloween decoratitng here at home from previous Halloweens.

Next Saturday, we will resume with No. 5

Paper stars garland strung beneath the chandelier.

Paper skeleton garland strung between the lights in my sons room.

Little skulls, magic cards and lots of candles in the entry.

Antique urn in the foyer with garland that sparkles in black glitter.

Birch trees with a few hairy creatures..

I Love gingham ribbon... do you?

Have a safe & fantastic day & weekend.

The good witch

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  1. Oh my! It's a perfect Halloween here, love the black and whites, the book page stars and the garland of skeletons strung spooky cool.
    Have a great night, passing out treats I am sure to delight the young and the old :)



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