Monday, January 16, 2012

Wellie wear*

Morning lovelies... It seems as if we have an extra day added to our weekend, kids are happy with a little more sleep and a rainy day schedule today!
We are spoiled here in So. Cal, but it did rain last night and is sprinkling this morning..
Leaving my house in a few minutes and anytime I can wear a little "foul weather" gear... LOL'
I Love it..
This pair of black wellies have seen better days..I have several pairs and I love them all!
Have fun if you're going out into some kind of weather, where ever you are! Grab some hot tea to keep you cozy!

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  1. Southern CA sounds dreamy right about now... even if it's raining. It is soooo cold here in Boston and with bitter winds. Brrrrrr. Not sure why I live here. xo


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