Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chalk paint test...

Morning Darlin's!

I have been anticipating doing the finish on all the new custom interior doors for the renovation.

I bought Anne Sloan's chalk paint on a trip to Scottsdale, I haven't had anything to practice on...
I have been sampling some paint sticks to come up with a process for my doors.

Just so happens...
 I cleared everything from my open kitchen shelves, 
they get a fine layer of drywall dust etc. with the construction.

thought hmmm...
before I put back everything,

I'm going to paint them! 
I will experiment with my new Anne Sloan chalk paint.
Importantly, to see what it was like to work with before I attempt touching my custom doors.

Here is a sneak peak..

L*O*V*E them...

I will share the B & A next time...

A beautiful Thursday to you...

Wanted: I need a new source for a fabulous wood worker, door maker? In Southern California. Please send me a private email! 

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  1. Will be looking forward to seeing what you've made more beautiful! blessings~~~Roxie


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