Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ideas for organic styling

Morning Darlins...

On  my recent trip I went to some little quaint shops and a flea market.
As promised from my last post, I would show you style ideas using them!

Here is my vintage finds...
Crystal prisms, petite ironstone oval platter, a small lamp, a pair of ceiling mount lights,
chunky black wood frame, english marmalade jar, metal leaf flower holder with glass.

Here's my organic style ideas....

A vintage white ruffled edge plate, set in a plate holder, flash card, sitting in a piece of log from a tree we cut down.

Holding a big white peonies.

Fell in love with this beautiful black & white vintage english marmalade jar.
A flower vase or a wooden spoon holder on my stove.

Chunky vintage black wood frame with linen mat. 
Setting upon a wooden salvage house corbel in my dinner room with a family photo.

Petite vintage oval ironstone platter on sits on the tippy top, stacked with my other vintge platters.

Vintage metal leaf flower holder, holds a simple heirloom rose in my bathroom.

I would like you to click over to my Saturday's "Designing with Vintage "blog series 
for the rest of this post.
Thank you!!!

A beautiful Saturday to you,


  1. Gail,
    I meant to comment on your last blog post, sorry, just know I always follow along. You have recreated your flea finds and displayed them to reflect your creative thoughts and they look stunning, You and also me with words and flash cards!!!!

  2. Hi Gail,
    Once again I am visiting your flea market / shop finds and love that they are inspiring you. I love the black frame I am starting to want to add a bit of black to my home, and a when I see pieces like these here it pushes me closer to that vert design style of blacks.

    Thank you Gail for the share, i next want to see the ceiling lights hanging somewhere inspiring in your home.
    See you soon,


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