Saturday, October 25, 2014

Elements for cozy weekends

Morning Darlins,
Weekends are my favorite around our home.
 Somehow it feels like time is less structured, we aren’t watching the time so closely.
 Simply more engaged in really enjoying the moments. 

Though the to-do list is long during the day, it’s the evenings we look forward to. 
Enjoying those long dinners by the fire. 
Lounging in the mornings a little longer is lovely too. 
Baking with new recipes to try out on the family. 

Cozy elements inspire our spaces
 encourage us to embrace the time we spend relaxing in them.


Forgot your broom!!!

Photos for this post Pinterest

My Design tip: Dim lights, use candles and bring out softt textures. 
Let your senses guide your ideas of a cozy space.

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A beautiful weekend to you...

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  1. Love all your photos, so rich and intriguing

    Beautiful colder days to you my sweet friend.



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