Saturday, August 15, 2015

Storage ideas for Silverware

Hi Darlins,

I hope this summer you've had at least a few
scoops of ice cream or gelato! 

The only thing better than ice cream is....enjoing it from a beautiful silver spoon!!

What if using silver more often was actuallly beneficial in maintaining it's elegant polish.?
Gently hand wash and dry using a soft cloth it's a must, 
it helps to eliminate the amount of harsh chemicals needed to keep them polished.
Tarnish occurs when silver is exposed to air for long periods and non use.

I like to store a few pieces close by in this white wood box in our kitchen.

I believe these beautiful pieces are meant to be used.

My larger sets are in silver cloth.
This box gets alot of attention!

Guests ask, what's in the white box? 

A Perfect fit in the repurposed glass cabinet.

More.... on this post at OMERO home. Saturday's "Desiging with Vintage"

My Design tip: Look for something vintage with character to store your silverware in. 
Line with felt or something soft.  

A beautiful Summer weekend to you, enjoy a scoop of icecream with a silver spoon!


All Photos: Gail Smith-Peterson

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