Saturday, November 14, 2015

Saturday's Designing with Vintage No.6 Vintage Garden House

Hi Darlins,

Happy Saturday! Welcome to Saturday's "Designing with Vintage" No. 6.

Vintage Garden House

It all began when I found this vintage structure.

 I fell in love love love with it
 had to bring it home.

The yard needed a focal point from the kitchen and front of the house.

We fenced the property and cleared the area for the foundation.

It was dismantled and put on a flat bed truck and brought here, we poured a slab and faced it with stone to set the structure on.

I was drawn to these vintage doors,
 they looked like the Front door I had designed on our beach house.

This cast iron fireplace was found in Ireland. 
 I had it powder coated white and used this in my retail store for many years.

This vintage cornice is off the face of an old building. 
I have it hanging inside just because......

At night we have soft light washing the face of the structure, it's so pretty with a dark sky.
Can you see the moon peeking around the back ever so softly?

This vintage structure adds the casual elegance I dreamed of for our property.

I hope your inspired to have a vintage structure in your landscape sometime.

A beautiful weekend to you,

P.S we're re-landscaping with the new stone walls so I will share that in the future, can't wait to show it finished!


  1. Hi Gail,
    Your vintage abode, casita, garden house, refuge Sancturay in your backyard, has always been a favorite garden feature of mine from the begining of meeting it. I know this is your special place as it would be mine if it were in my back yard :)
    I love the doors on it, a simple structure of wood and tin dressed up in vintage paneled lighted doors leaves one breathless in wonderment as to dreaming of such a garden getaway in our yards.
    Looking forward to you dressing it up for the holidays as you always do.



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