Monday, February 28, 2011

Post Oscar Chat*

Pour some tea and let's re-cap!!
So.... What did you think of last night Oscar's? I thought it was Lovely.
The weather was chilly but the skies cleared up perfectly!
In general I thought the Women looked Fabulous!! Some very pretty Gowns and The Men looked Dapper as well!

The show itself didn't blow us away though...A little too new age for us, I must say I like more Glam and a old Hollywood vibe. {That's just the talk around my house}!!!

My Husband said I was nominated for a Oscar in the Dinner category!!!
The Dinner was "Super tasty" turned out perfect everyone was happy..
For desert I had bought some Petite Bread Puddings, and some petite bottles of Pink French Lemonade for my son!!

Here are some photos:
The photo of me is from my Modeling archives!
In the dining room, French chair, Bread Pudding & Pink French Lemonade*
Hope your week is staring up Fabulous*
I have to see the King's Speech". I felt I missed out on the excitement without seeing it!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Films* Casts* ...The Oscar's

A Lovely night for Hollywood as everyone gets ready to be spotlighted and show the Films that made it on the Ballot this year.

I wonder who will walking away with a surprise Oscar !!
I look forward to seeing this every year..
I guess for me it's the equivalent to the Super Bowl for the industry!!

It is raining here in So. Cal and very chilly so I hope the heaters on the Red Carpet will be working well!!
We will be sitting in our preferred seats... by a cozy fire... and for the Dinner entree, I'm making Beef Burgundy, Farm vegetables and possibly a soup for the starter!! There will be candles but no Ice Sculptures!!!!
I hope you all get a chance to watch the Oscars.
I love the Fashion and of course the Film trailers are Fabulous!!

Here is a few shots of me with my {acting} family from the Set of a International Doral Campaign I shot years ago.
We were cast as a Family {a Dynasty-ish- Wealthy} I was the Daughter {in pink} These we my parents, my brother and other family.
The location was this Beautiful Mansion called "Dunsmuir" it was our set {Home}.. I fell in Love with the Fabulous Mansion and Estate..
It was pretty amazing for a commercial campaign we had a Blast!! The other actors were great fun!

Get cozy and tune in!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do we know her?

I have this really beautiful little oval dish with a chippy metal handle on top...
I keep it filled with French Lavender. Now it's sitting on this collection of platters

All vintage Ironstone some are Brown Transferware. I have been collecting for years and didn't realize what I was collecting!!! See I just loved the old white Patina of them and thought that they were so sturdy!

I love this dish {it's not old} the drawing was what was so pretty I had to buy it.
I wish I knew who the drawing was supposed to resemble! I love the chocolate Brown, unique!!
If any one has an idea who it might be let me know I've always wondered!!!

Hope your week is stacking up perfectly!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Desk Accoutrements*

Accoutrements**** These are some of my Desk top Treasures.
The Glass tray was from my Grandparents Desk it's very old. I remember my Grandmother sitting at her desk and writing letters and opening her mail. I love seeing it everyday!

Also there is my favorite pink note book "Keep Calm and have a Cupcake".
My zinc board with a photo of my MOM and of course a favorite movie stub from "Coco Before Chanel".

The lighting... a petite Vintage Wall Sconce... It is in a vintage ceiling tin on the wall above my desk!!

I love my desk area it keeps me organized as well as it's just for me****

Hopefully you have a place that you love to work from!!! I would love to see yours... Email me!!

My Design Tip: Surround your self with beautiful items in your work area and you will love spending time there and keep it organized.

Have a great Monday*

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Driving Miss Daisy ...

Only our Family calls it the Princess Car!! A Mercedes just like this was used in a Princess Grace {Kelly} movie many years ago so that is why we call it that...
I Love Love Love my car, I wanted one since I was 16!!!
I saw one at about 17 and never let the thought go!!!
I have had this one for quite a while... Since I was 17!!!! Ha. My little boy used to sit in his car seat in the back when we had the top down and wave to everyone like he was the Mayor!! People would be honking and I thought it was because they liked the car when it was him!

She's Beautiful and Drives amazing...It's a 1965 250 Se Cabriolet from Europe all original!! Someone recently was interested in buying her but we were a bit apart on the Price!!!

Have fun!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Three Loves*

I do hope you celebrated "Valentines Day" with your Love or Loved Ones!!
When I think of Valentines Day, I'm a Romantic at Heart..
My Boyz sent me Beautiful Valentine Wishes.
Mr. Hubby worked day and night and I haven't been able to talk with him!! In a couple days. I don't know if he even knew what yesterday was!! He left at 5:30 this morning again..
So.... here is where I say... Valentines Day is everyday for us!!!!!

A fun observation someone shared with me was... that in the Royal Hand, I'm a King of Hearts. I don't know much more than that except it's extremely accurate... It actually gave me chills.
I always have found I endure through my heart..Perhaps, this describes how I've navigated through my life's journey and remained optimistic through them while believing the best will come out of everything!!


My Three Loves *FAMILY*
This was our Family photo taken from a sweet photographer :Colleen Morgan
My youngest was 6 months, his brother was 9 years!

Second* Natures Beauty. My youngest son found these on the Beach here.
He always keeps a look out for Heart shaped rocks for me!!!

Heirloom Treasures, I love them because I feel the past lives through us and I adore anything that was my family's!
This Heart Pin was my Mother's. I wear it every Valentines Day. Yesterday I wore it on my White T with jeans!!

Heartfelt wishes Valentines!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vineyard Farm Table* Love*

I've been Hunting for the perfect Vintage Outdoor Dining Farm Table...

Officially passed the comfort test from my critics.... {family}
It's perfect... I knew the moment I saw it my mission was over.
Honestly I do this a lot... Definitely my personality signature I guess you might say!!!
I look forward to locating it in the middle of our little vineyard!!!
What year will that be you ask? I'll have to get back to you!!! Stay tuned!!

Seriously... I Happily forgave the flowers and chocolate for Valentines for this!!!!
Who says you can't get one of these for Valentines Day.....
{Photo from in the store} It's in a truck on the way here....

My Design Tip: Patience is key for finding everything... A Home, Furniture, Accessories.
It is out there .
{Don't settle}. It will be worth the wait... Even Love*

Lots of xoxo,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beautiful Spring Blossoms*

I must be having Spring Fever... Our weather is gorgeous here in So. Cal. The signs of Spring are everywhere!!! Some of our fruit trees branches are filled with beautiful pink and white flowering blossoms.

{PHOTO} Our apple tree has these cute little baby red apples. The fragrance is so wonderful I wish you could walk with me here!!! I'm tempted to cut some branches and fill my vases..
{PHOTO} The Plum tree has mostly pink blossoms..

I thought I'd share these with those of you that are still in Winter, Hope it will bring you into a Spring Fever mood too!!!
Just know that Spring is right around the corner for you too.
I'll send some Warm weather wishes your way**
Warm Wishes*

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Our First Harvest*

Our first Harvest* We have been patiently awaiting this pick. Truly the fruits of our Labor!!!
When we first purchased this home we wanted to plant a Grove. Not only do we enjoy how beautiful they are to look at it we know we are producing organic Lemons for many others to enjoy!!
WE were able to get 4 1/4 crates. doesn't seem like a lot but it was. Our lemons were huge!! This will increase as the grove gets more mature. It is about 3 years old!!
This is what we love about living in this area Olivenhain / Rancho Santa Fe. We are just 5 miles from the beach but we have a dryer climate and more sunshine*

{Mmm.. Feeling like Zsa Zsa Gabor on Green Acres} Didn't you LOVE that show?

Here are some pictures that I took. I will have to find the pictures of the grove when we first put it in! It's amazing how tiny these trees were!

Have a Beautiful sunny day where ever you may be*
My Design tip* When your planning your landscape try to have some things that are beautiful, fragrant and edible. It's so rewarding to pick something that you have grown and it's wonderful to share with others.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

French Flavor*

How is your weekend?
I hope your enjoying it!!
A perfect gift! I opened this gift form my friend Pam, I love it! A French cook book!!
I'm anticipating my French Kitchen/Butlers's Pantry.. So excited to hear every hammer hit and power saws are just Fabulous!!!
This photo is of the contents from my cabinets!!! A lovely mess!!! We are officially dining on Paper*
I'll keep you posted on the progress...
I was invite to go to France from my friend! Do you think she was kidding!!! Wouldn't that be the perfect trip!!!
Ut oh being paged, don't want to slow down any progress!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lemon Hearts for your King*

Happy February First*
I love this month! Romance is in the air and Sweet treats are everywhere... I just found these petite lemon cookies with lemon glazed icing. {Delicious & so perfect to slip in my son's school lunch bag}!!! I plan to send some by post to my oldest son too,at college. I don't think he's too cool to get some cookies from his Mom for Valentines....He has to eat right!!!

Mmmm so adore Tea towels ... These are Vintage French with pink dots of detail. I have six of them! I have a little.... ok BIG.... love for vintage linens I have been collecting for years.

The little White Butter pat that the cookies are on is Vintage English Ironstone... I love it!
I have a collection of those too.....I'm letting you in on all my secret collections*****

OH!!! I recently received this fortune.. It is amazing how it relates to my life right now!
I save them... Do you?

Have a LOVELY rest of your Day*