Thursday, April 29, 2010

See you at the Olivenhain Grove Sale!

We will be up early getting the finishing touches on our treasures!
for the "Olivenhain Grove Sale!!"
I 'm excited for a beautiful sunny day !
I think you are going to be delighted!
Sweet Dreams everyone!
I'll be the one with the red eyes!!!
PS. Follow the signs and pay attention to the parking plan!!!
Thank You****

Two more days! important Details!

Rancho Santa Fe Road takes you to Lone Jack Rd.
When you are on Lone Jack Rd. Watch for signs along the way that will guide you to a street that will be used for parking. It will be marked with Balloons, sign and a person.
They will route you for parking.depending if parking is full, they will tell you when you stop at the area posted.
Dove Hollow is going to have limited parking so we will be running a shuttle to pick you up.Don't worry, its only a couple minute ride ! Relax and have fun!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Counting down! three DAYS! to the party!

"Olivenhain Grove Sale". WE Can't wait! This event is almost here... three more days!!!
Mark your Calendar!
The event is 10-4 both days ****Friday April 30th and Saturday May 1st
Wear your walking shoes and bring your friends!

A few suggestions to make this a easier destination...

Please try to meet and car pool as much as possible as parking will be managed by helpers here.(husbands,neighbors)
Please only park where you are being guided to.

Courtesy will be expected and appreciated when driving slowly through this neighborhood and parking. We want to have a beautiful day but as always we ask everyone to be conscious of our neighbors.
Thank you!
10:00 am is opening of the sale.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

C L E at home***

We're one week counting down to the "OLivenhain Grove Sale". I have been so busy chatting up the fabulous and talented vendors {friends} that are participating. I thought I was finished when someone sent me a email asking me if I was going to be participating at my own sale? I forgot to post a little blurb about "Casual Loves Elegance", I guess I was focused on other things...
Yes, include me! My blog and the"about me"{Click photo on side bar} sum up what I'm doing! I don't have a store. I used to. It was called "Buckingham Mercantile" It was located in Cardiff by the Sea, Ca. I have a lot of collections to part with! I will love sharing as well as a lot of home vintage elements.
See you soon!
I'll share a couple items I will be showcasing...
These are photos of my design work. CLE Design 760*533*2825

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fabulous addition *** Lynn Russell***

~Designer I Admire~

Lynn Russell has mastered the look of “less is more”. With her talent of choosing exactly the right piece and placing it in exactly the right place. It is no wonder that her designs leave you with a sense of sophisticated calm. A Lynn Russell space is one that looks well traveled and well collected, yet feels comfortable and inviting. These are spaces you sink into and embrace with all of your senses.
Lynn will be here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale" showcasing her Fabulous Country take on design!! She will delight us with Heirloom linens, Swedish Furniture and Accessories, Ironstone, Creamware, to round out the Lynn Russell collection and the wonderful layers she draws from in creating her designs.

Lynn Russell * Antiques & Design * Los Angeles, Ca. 323-850-8689

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tippy top Fabulous!

A great mixture of industrial and primitive are the look Robin Slominski delights in collecting She will be here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale". She showcases her wares at Gerard Collection in La Jolla. Sorry no photo, you'll see her here.

All of the Fabulous friends I've been posting a profile about will be here selling at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale.
The photos are pretty and all but you will be pleasantly surprised when you see the Fantastic and Beautiful vignettes here. You will be inspired and come away with a infatuation for Vintage Style........

Thanks for keeping up! Next I will begin posting little sneak peeks of the behind the scene getting set up.

Pam's excited about all of you coming too, she will be chatting it
up on her blog
Thanks! Pam

White Ironestone*

Always on the look out for vintage white ironstone, quilts, silver pieces and those special finds. Pam Balla from White IronStone Cottage always loves to pack a extra suitcase just in case she finds a treasure or two... She will be here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale" You'll find lots of treasures that , yes will most likely be white....

English GardenStone***

This is a favorite time of the year for all of us Gardeners...Well, I'm so excited about the Fabulous Garden Statuary and unique garden vessels urns, fountains that English Garden Stone has. So Fabulous just like you see in Europe.
They will be here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale". Don't worry about carrying these large pieces we'll work it out!!!
5121 Santa Fe Street Ste. C San Diego, Ca.92109 619-565-5222

Sweet Confections***

Who doesn't love a sweet confection!!! Specialty caterer Erin Kuba of Kuba Kreations will be here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale" she will be selling some of her sweet irresistible goodies. It will be perfect you can shop and take home desert for after dinner....You won't miss her, she'll be the vendor with the line!!!!!
Her company is ENKcaters 858-245-8021

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Romantic Counrtry....

Dyanna Cooley will be bringing her vintage coin purses, home decor accents...She has a great eye, you'll love her things..

Timeworn treasures that have a romantic country feel from Sara Vanderwork from her blog is
They will be here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vintage upholstery**

Marie Vollaire with her vintage upholstery specialties, she does beautiful custom work too... Who doesn't need a Crown chair! She will be here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Robyn Wexler joins us!

Robyn Wexler, who owned Magnolia Creek & Co. in Encinitas for 12 years, has now transitioned into working freelance in the fields of floral design, custom interiors, event planning, and personal shopping.

For Robyn, there was never an end to her shopping expeditions, so she is very excited to share with you her gorgeous treasures. She will be here at the "OlivenhainGrove Sale", looking forward to seeing her beloved clientele and making new friends.

Vintage sewing notions*

Be inspired to create new projects with Linda Beliveau's collection of vintage sewing notions,buttons,lace,buckles and more. is Linda's website.
She will be here at the"Olivenhain Grove Sale".

Mary Conway

Architectural Elements.... Garden accouterments, are the Vintage European Finds that are Mary Conway's specialties! She will be here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale" with her Fabulous arrangements.
Kim Dinardo-Smith from Kims Treasures, will be here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale" with Antique accessories, Fine Art,vintage costume and Estate jewelry. Kim has beautiful taste and will be showcasing some Fabulous Treasures....
P.s. She will be exhibiting at the Del Mar Antique show coming up Friday April 16-18.
sorry no photo available you'll just have to see here in person...

Tina Flynn will also be here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale". Tina specializes in Romantic artistic pieces, Can't wait to get a close look at her collection... You'll have to see her as well here . No photo available.

Pefect little Delights!

Fabulous smalls,Vintage monogramed Lampshades on unique cool bases are a few things Donna Johnson from Lolas BonBons will be tempting us with at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale'. Small pieces of furniture and vintage pillows will fit perfectly in your trunk.....

Don't forget to wear your comfy walkin shoes. We won't look at you from the ankles down !!!! So wear what your comfy walking in....

Sunday, April 11, 2010

These boots were made for shopping***

You better believe it!!! You will want to wear something like these at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale" Lisa Loria will be here with her Fabulous wearable art on Belts, Cowboy boots Jewelry and clothing... Painted by Lisa they are truely one of a kind...

Hmm... A painted Mural by her or her art on Cowboy Boots....
visit her at

Rustic Art...

Cathryn Rinkel re-uses vintage windows, doors and embellishes them with her favorite quotes and sentiments.Re-using old items is what is appealing to at Vintage Rustica she will be joined by her friend Judy Kirk who's tastes are also rustic and vintage she creates birdhouses out of old wood and they have a simple and primitive look about them...No photo available so you'll have to wait to the "Olivenhain Grove Sale''

Electric, Art, and Funky!!!!

Valentina Ferguson is one of those Gals,that you just know what ever she is doing it's going to be COOOL. Vintage with a mix of Funky retro. Or just maybe some handmade vintage accessories . Valentina is just a artist who loves to travel gets inspired by the places she loves...she will be here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale" with her latest finds!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcoming Christie Rapasy****

For over two decades, Christie Rapasy has been premiered as THE Romantic Floral Artist.
Her paintings became a favorite of Rachael Ashwell's and the rest is history!!! Her art work
is definitely something that remains timeless. Her passion is our gift, when she reminds us through her artwork of Romance and Beauty. Her most recent editorial feature was Feb.2009 in Romantic Homes magazine, where she's appeared before. You'll know your seeing and purchasing an authentic piece of artwork from her here at the"Olivenhain Grove Sale"

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nature Inspired Shimmer**

Kerri Smith inspirations come from Nature. Her jewelry and Altered Art designs company is Arco Iris Creations, it means "rainbow" in Spanish. Her work is a beautifully organic,warm yet simple array, just like a rainbow! Her displays are comprised of natural elements such as Manzanita and quartz that she finds on her property in Rainbow, Ca.
She will be here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale" with her natural creations.
www and

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Garden Bench with a Asian flair*

Circa a.d. is noted for it's unique home decor and collectables. Rob a veteran Designer for San Diego showcase houses. He searches for fabulous textiles, vintage kimonos, antique silk ikat robes and other unique accessories with asian influenced flair for his clients. Rob fills a special niche with his clients, they know they will be delighted with the treasurers he finds for them.
His work has been featured in national publications. Better homes and Garden, Red book, to name a few.
Hmm....I can't wait to see what Rob will have for us at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale"
Showing at

With love, from M.O.M.

Local handmade goods from Bethany & Tere Jensen will bring basics to Next Level...The laid back Cali look of M.O.M. is practical and playful...Reminiscent of our childhood closets!! Made with vintage Fabrics and even the srcaps given a new life as a little necktie, apron, dollies, even little rugs... She will here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale" you'll re-think dressing you kids!!!

Visit her shop at: 1055 S. Coast hwy 101 # A Encinitas, Ca. 92024 ph. 510-761-1406
(across from our favorite, Hansen's Surf shop)!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vintage Diamond Wedding necklace and Fabulous Cameo***

Can you image the pieces of jewelry from the "Duchess of Windsor"
T.C. Leary from TLC Estate Jewelry speaks of the personal collection from Geneva, Switzerland in 1987 being her most exciting estate to have an experience representing.
Also Mary Pick ford and Raymond Burr two hollywood celebs had amazing collections too.
T.C Leary is GIA certified and a professional appraiser with 30 years of being in business.

Another fabulous vendor that will be here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale", an expert for any thing you need....She 's most fond of diamonds because they capture a moment that lasts forever....So TRUE, I NEED A MOMENT!!!!!
Contact info:

I hope your'e loving all the vendors being profiled! I'll be posting all of them so just stay tuned,Mark your calendar, Friday April 30th and Sat. May 1st, check the side bar and older posts!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Intriguing Beauty**

Darlah Mulloy **Le Muse**
Everything you see will capture your attention with oodles of delicate sparkles and BLING!!! Her Antique furnishings and beautifully accessorized objects are amazing . The special treasures she makes will be heirlooms in the future.... wait till you see her French Paper goodies you'll be in Love with Le Muse here at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale". Contact -760-310-5500.
Can you imagine how beautiful Darlah's creations will sparkle among the Lemon Trees!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Clothed in Vintage Linen***

Spring,White and Vintage what Shirley Castellanos is so recognized for.
We welcome her unique, one of kind clothing and crisp cottage adornments to The "Olivenhain Grove Sale."
The Cottage in the Garden is wonderful blend of pairing special hand chosen Vintage linens and cutting and sewing them into soft and comfy timeless garments.
Shirley 's collection is timeless. For all of us who want to pull on a pair of vintage bloomers and a white t and go for a barefoot walk on the beach it doesn't get any comfier!! She offers her beautiful one of a kinds at special events like ours so you'll want to load your french cart up here!!!
The Cottage in the garden is open by appointment only.
Please contact Shirley @ (619) 285-1944

Mammabellarte **

I'd like to Welcome Mammabellarte***
Rita Reade designs and creates such beauty with her found objects. She constructs and embellishes wood one of kind cabinets with vintage moldings, knobs, and metal findings.
Can't you just imagine a row of Rita birdhouses nestled in amongst the evergreens or roses!!!

Her jewelry get compliments everywhere it goes, I know because I have a piece or two!!!!
Also Rita makes beautiful solder art... She's European so that just one more of her Fabulous ties ..and has a Fabulous eye for making things beautiful and she even teaches classes !! Rita has a lot of passion for what she does and it shows!
You'll meet her soon at the "Olivenhain Grove Sale" and you'll say sign me up for everything!!!
Visit her at she will inspire you....