Friday, December 8, 2017

A Childhood Michigan Ave memory

Happy weekend,

The holiday's are my favorite time of the year to decorate, bake and host gatherings. Also I love to visit my favorite boutique shops and see them decorated for the holidays. I went up to the OC for business the other day and after I visited Roger's Garden in Newport Beach. Gorgeous displays, abundant evergreens and the timing was just perfect to squeeze lunch in at the Farm House restaurant.

On the way home listing to Christmas music I began thinking of...

A favorite childhood memory.
 One of my family's Holiday traditions I looked forward to was when we would all pile in the country squire station wagon, remember those? Ours wasRed w/ wood paneled sides. We would drive from our small town about 50 miles to downtown Chicago to see the Holidays decorations along Michigan Ave. Everyone got all dressed up, my Mom and I usually wore velvet! She would wear her beautiful fur and I thought she was so elegant. We would stroll the sidewalks listing to the carolers and eyeing all the toys in the windows amongst magical displays till our feet just about froze. Then we'd go inside the stores for a little shopping. Eventually we would make our way through the crowds until we came to a holt, we would fall into the long line and I would take out my crinkled list and practice it until it was my turn to see Santa Clause. After the intense wait to see him, we went to a special place for dinner in the city.  If we were lucky, we would come out of the restaurant to see some Christmas snow falling. 

  I'm certain those traditions of the Michigan Ave. holiday windows inspired me years back when I had my own retail store. Every year I went all out to make my store windows displays magical. Spending hours cutting evergreen branches from my yard, listening to Holiday music and making my own rustic fresh wreaths and garlands. It was fun to be creative and I enjoyed preparing the window displays for my customers and all who passed by.

I still love to decorate with fresh greens here at home.  I can find most of what I like from our property.

Our Vintage Garden Folly is my favorite place to decorate for the holidays and special gatherings. 

Someday I dream of making this a working fireplace, wouldn't it be cozy?

On my Insta Gram feed I posted a little video yesterday with this decor.

I Hope your weekend finds you right smack dab in the Holiday season, singing Christmas carols, dancing in the kitchen with cookies in the oven and making new traditions & dreaming of ones you'll always cherish.

Happy Weekend!

Monday, December 4, 2017

French Farm house reveal update

Hello Holidays

How are you? My goodness December! Let's catch up!
 So I haven't been traveling...
 unless I can count multiple trips to pick up tile, materials or scout vintage furnishings as travel!

First to catch you up, I'm documenting the progress of the French Farm House renovation with frequent photos and videos on Instagram, if you haven't popped over yet, I would love you to follow along there. 

This 7ft exterior custom made copper shroud was set in place on Saturday, it's a little jewelry for the fireplace chimney!

The exterior transformation from a horrible 70's Mediterranean to my vision of a French Farm house I imagined is giving me chills.

Lil back story...
Before we bought the property, I came here and sat on a rock down in the yard and studied the architecture and sketched my thoughts.  Despising almost everything about the houses floor plan, construction and style. 
 My husband said to me. "Don't look at the house. Think about everything that surrounds it, that's what I love". 
 It was that day, I imagined this french farm house. In my mind I had visualized the entire project done!
 I just needed my husbands approval. He really couldn't see my vision at that time,  but i feel he knew in his heart that I could do it. We work well together.. when I get my way!!! LOL

Friends it's been a renovation journey!

If you're inspired with the exterior changes then I can't wait to reveal the new interior spaces that are finishing up now.
This renovation truly is a labor of love, also French farm house firsts for me.
 I haven't had the privilege to visit the french country side to do my R&D.
 So I'm using all french feels I dream would be so and could utterly imagine...

I've been very focused on this renovation, it's my heart and my husbands, as well as I'm the GC with my Hubby. Every design decision is critical and my husband has a strict-NO changes policy with me!

With 2018 is in view, I'm looking forward to working with new clients for design & Real Estate.
Also I'm truly excited for 2018 to continue my development on more dream projects. I've learned so much and grown in many layers these last couple years, I believe that the more we know about ourselves the more we can grow our ways to share with others. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your visits and interaction with me.

I'm grateful for you,  Inspiring me with your heartfelt stories, blogs, beautiful IG accounts and social media.  

I hope your busy working on your dreams, 
utterly enjoying the moments & beauty that surrounds us all during this magical season.

I've missed you.... I hope you'll come by and follow me on IG. I will continue my blog of course!
IG is so fast for me to post from my iphone It's fun when I'm so stretched for time!

A beautiful week to you darlings,
Happy Holidays from me to you!