Wednesday, September 30, 2015's what we need.

Hi Darlins,

Today I have one word to I want to share...
It will mean something different to each of you.
Sometimes I have so much going on I have to remind myself to focus.

When I first bought this little stone like trinket a couple years ago I walked around our home placing it here and there and I decided I wanted it to be front and center somewhere. 
It has stayed here on the shelf in my kitchen, 
I see this little reminder to FOCUS everyday in fact, several times a day!
It brings me joy.
I read it & ponder what I should be focusing on at the moment, what or who needs my attention? 
It hones me in to focus on what's right in front of me.

We all have our plates full. That is the world in which we live.

But it's truly up to us to FOCUS on what matters most and it's usually right in front of us!

Sometimes is us, our heart, our family, a friend or our pet that needs our focus or attention.

I wish you the beauty to Focus on that which surrounds you.
Have a beautiful and joyful last day of September.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Autumn's !st day

Hello Autumn,
You're presence is always welcomed
 we love your crisper days & cosy nights.

Are you looking forward to earlier dinners
 the first fire of the season?

We are!

I bought two pumpkins yesterday...I'm in!


 Can't wait to test out a few new recipes!

Living room mantle

Living room, I love this pumkin!

Have a memorable week!

Happy First Day of Autumn Darlins,

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Barber shops

Hi Darlins,

Have you recently noticed the cool gentlemen's barber-shaving shops popping up?
It's a reflection of the past that I hope really takes off again.

 A cool way for our guys to sit in the barber chair and have a connection to their pops!
Showcasing vintage barber pieces can be an artful statement in a gentlemen's bath.

My Design tip: Framing your Grandfather's or pops shaving tools in a shadow box or vintage cabinet would be handsomely artful.

You will find this vintage Barber Pole at OMERO Home

Hop over to OMERO home Blog for my Saturday's "Designing with Vintage" series.

Enjoy this lovely weekend,

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Happy Saturday Darlins,

The season for Tailgating is here...

A fun tradition that everyone can participate in.
 Maybe you already have an "A" game tailgate ceremony that you can't wait to roll out. 
You've got the lucky thermoses, 
your famous game chili,
 secret spiced popcorn
your touchdown cookies. 

All you need is the perfect backdrop & accouterments to add the winning touch. 

This is perfect for Del Mar at the Polo fields...

Photos: Pinterest
Tailgating has been a beloved fan traditoin for years!

My Design tip: Have fun looking for vintage banners & penants of your team, hang them with vintage clothes pins.

Hope over to Omero home blog for the whole post today on my Series Saturday "Designing with Vintage"

A beautiful weekend to you,

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Autumn walk

Set out on a trail this Autumn,
 lace up those walking shoes,
 find a cool sturdy branch for a walking stick & pack a delicious picnic to take along.
 Explore a little
 a lot. 
Let’s appreciate nature’s beauty as it’s changing right before us.
 Embrace this new season together. 
Covet a few twigs or pretty leaves & bring them home with you to savor the season.

Natural wonders to explore around the world...

1. Central Park, NY
2. Tollymore Forest, Ireland
3 .Ramsau near Bavarian Alps
4. Yosemite Valley, California
5. Great Smokey Mountains, Tennessee
6. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
7. Zion National Park, Utah
8. Nicolet bay, Wisconsin

My Design tip: Nature's gifts remind us that were surrounded by beauty, a simple acorn or a leaf is a symbol of the season, Take time to gather a few for your home.

 A gorgeous first weekend of September to you, Happy Labor Day

Hnop over to Saturday's "Designing with vintage" Omero home.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcoming September's 1st morning.

Welcoming Septembers 1st morning..

...are you ready for Autumn 2015?

There's really not a single thing I don't adore about Autumn, how about you?

I wish one thing though...
crisper temps here in Cali!

Oh, how I do love Autumn Fashion, 
...wearing a plaid skirt & flips isn't excting or making a fashion statement!

I can't wait to start looking at all the boards for the season...
Here's my Autumn Pinterest board.

Let's take time to enjoy the season from beginning to end...

ONE more thing...
Thank you so much y'all for the Birthday wishes! 
So sweet of you & I love them all!